Summer Reading Challenge

Data shows that students who read over the summer gain knowledge and those that do no read slide backwards and begin the next school year at a disadvantage. Beat the Summer Slide by reading and logging your books over the summer. We challenge every student to log 1,500 minutes reading. This is a little over 20 minutes a day (you can do anything for 20 minutes…so this should be easy).

Now for the good stuff… we will be giving out prizes for our top readers in each grade level…and the grade level that logs the most minutes will earn a special celebration!

This year we are using a new system to log your books called Biblionasium. It is basically Good Reads for students. We have step by step directions on how to login, add a book to your shelf and log minutes reading that book. Summer Reading Challenge Guide

The direct link to login books is

We will also be open every Tuesday in June from 10:00 AM until Noon for you to visit, hang out with friends and check out books. Look for more information in our Summer Fun in the CLC post.


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