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Reading Challenge Update

WOW! What a week! Our students have been reading and logging their minutes like crazy…and I love it!

Since August 1st our students have logged 669 hours reading! They’ve logged 43,256 pages read!

#AwtreyReads has never been more true!

And here are our top readers:

Ella May still holds the lead with 105 hours and 7,214 pages read!
Steven Miller has 86 hours reading with 7,947 pages read!
Emma Beckman has 84 hours reading with 5,874 pages read!
Colin Poarch has 50 hours reading with 3,446 pages read!
Andres Ferreiro has 45 hours reading with 2,445 pages read!
Charles Martin has 30 hours reading with 1,800 pages read!
Jackson Felts has 27 hours reading with 1,112 pages read!

Awesome job ladies and gentlemen! I’m so proud of all of you! There are others, but these students have already met the 1st Quarter Reading Royale challenge…a month early! Keep reading and logging your books!

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