Keeping Our Students Safe Online

As students break for the Winter Holidays, we wanted to make sure they had this lesson to remind them to stay safe online.

Online Safety Presentation

We highly recommend parents talk to their students and have an open communication and set rules and guidelines to keep our students safe online. This presentation was downloaded from The Center for Missing and Exploited Children┬áseveral years ago. And I’ve taught it to Awtrey students for several years. But the best way to keep our students safe is for parents to have a safe, non-judgemental open dialog with them about these topics.

When I was younger we did not have cell phones, but we had rules…
1. Don’t answer the phone when home alone
2. Don’t answer the door when home alone
3. Never talk to strangers
4. Never get in the car with someone you don’t know

But what rules does your family have to keep them safe from predators online (and in video games)?

Here’s some examples of rules you might want to consider…
1. Do not friend someone online that you don’t know in person
2. Do not play in a video game party or communicate in video games with people you don’t know in real life
3. Do not friend or follow people on social media that you do not know in real life
4. Do not meet anyone that you do not know in real life
5. Do not post anything or send pictures that you wouldn’t want your grandparent to see
6. No devices in your bedroom (phone is charged in parent’s room at night)
7. Parents are the only one you can share passwords with and they must have your passwords and unlock code for your phone/devices.
8. Parents may ask for your phone/device at anytime and you must hand it over immediately.
9. At no time can you put your phone on airplane mode (you will understand that when you read about Life360)
10. Parents must approve for you to get a social media account (Fed Law says no one under 13) and you must friend parents

Here are some apps for parents to consider using:

TeenSafe lets you see your child’s text messages even if they delete them. This is a subscription with a fee, but if you go through theNational PTSA website you get $5 off a month, if you sign up saying you are a member of the Awtrey PTSA, they get $5.

Life360 will let you know where your child is (as long as they don’t have their phone off or on airplane mode). You will get notifications when they leave and arrive home and notifications when they leave places they have visited. This app is great for when you have a driver. This subscription is free, but they have several add-ons you can pay for such as when you do have a driver, how fast they drove.

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