Parent Resources

Parent Resources to Encourage Reading

Do you have trouble getting your middle school student or teen to read? Here are some resources that might help in this struggle many parents face.

10 Things Parents can do to Encourage Reading in Middle School

Resources for Parents of Reluctant Readers

Getting Into Their Good Books

Why Boys Don’t Read

How to Access Awtrey’s E-Books and Audio Books

Did you know that Awtrey’s CLC has a collection of over 300 eBooks and we are starting to add electronic audio books? Follow these simple steps to access these awesome resources:

  1. Follett BryteWave App – Download on your devices
  2. You will need a URL the first time you login. Here is the URL.
  3. Sign In using your student’s Destiny Quest login. (The student set these up and even though we told them to use their lunch number as their ID and their birthday – six digits – for the password, it is often not set up that way. Mrs. Foster or Mrs. Eidson in the CLC can reset that for them if they don’t remember.)
  4. Look for the awesome books we have for you to read online or check-out from our collection.

Here is an awesome tutorial video that I found on YouTube showing you how to use BryteWave.


We will continue to add more resources and information to this page for parents.



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