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Welcome to the Collaborative Learning Center. Ms. Anita Foster is the Teacher Librarian in the CLC. She is here to help students, teachers, staff, parents and our Awtrey community at large. Meeting weekly with teachers to collaborate on lessons and units, Ms. Foster also teaches lessons and creates units for teachers to utilize in their classrooms with resources from the CLC and digitally. Ms. Foster has been at Awtrey since 2009 and has helped move the Awtrey media center towards the Learning Commons model.




Assisting Ms. Foster is Mrs. Brenda Eidson, who has served as MediaParapro previously in two other Cobb County schools before joining Awtrey in 2011. She assists students, teachers, staff and parents as they visit the CLC. She also helps maintain the day to day material circulation management of the CLC.



In the mornings and on days when she doesn’t have duties elsewhere in the school, we are pleased to have Mrs. Mary Felts helping us in the CLC. Mrs. Felts has a long history of community work as a storyteller to some of our students as they learned to love reading. She is a constant source of knowledge when it comes to books and book suggestions.



Collaborative Learning Center Philosophy

The Awtrey Collaborative Learning Center will provide students, faculty, staff, and parents with access to information in a variety of formats to meet their diverse needs. One of the media specialist duties is to ensure that the learning community is aware of and adheres to copyright laws. The media center staff will promote intellectual freedom and will protect each patron’s right to read self-selected materials. To enhance the Learning Center’s role in student achievement, the media specialist will create an environment that supports student learning and collaboration. The media specialist will collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate information literacy skills into meaningful contexts. The media specialist will be proactive in connecting the Collaborative Learning Center’s program with the local learning community and beyond to encourage lifelong learning.

Awards and Recognitions

2014 – Awtrey CLC was named a Cobb County Learning Commons Concept School
2016 – Anita Foster was named Cobb County Media Specialist of the Year
2018 – Awtrey CLC was named Judy Serritella Exceptional Library Media Program for the state of Georgia through Georgia Library Media Association
2019 – Awtrey CLC was named a Cobb County Library Learning Commons Certified School
2020 – Awtrey CLC was named Judy Serritella Exemplary Library Media Program for the state of Georgia through the Georgia Library Media Association
2020 – Jeff Crawford received the Distinguished School Administrator Award for the state of Georgia through the Georgia Library Media Association




Contact Information

Phone: 770-975-6615
Fax: 770-975-6617

3601 Nowlin Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144

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