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Who is GWC?


If you have not guessed, he is George Washington Carver. Many people today know George Washington Carver largely from the myths that have grown around him…none of them true. The fact is, he did not invent peanut butter; it had existed in many cultures for centuries. Neither did he create 300 new products from peanuts – though he created some, and collected many others.

The truth about Carver is much more interesting than the myths. He was a man with a fascinating life story and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, who overcame tremendous odds to become one of America’s most versatile scientists. He was a trail-blazing proponent of sustainability, who believed that “nature produces no waste” and neither should man. He was a humanitarian whose primary goal was, as he put it, “to help the farmer and fill the poor man’s empty dinner pail.”

In a nutshell, GWC was a scientist innovator, inventor, teacher, and agriculturalist! We will be diving into GWC’s historical contributions this semester. It’s time to put on our inventor’s cap and do some thinking OUTSIDE the BOX!

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What happened to Amelia Earhart’s plane ?


Amelia Earhart Web Quest

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Digital Citizenship


Teaching proper digital citizenship is important! This video is a great example WHY our students should know what is acceptable and not acceptable to post online.

To engage in the Digital Citizenship games click on the highlighted words and explore!

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First Grade STEM Activity


What does the Arrow, Dart, Stealth, Moth, and Ring all have in common? They are all different types of paper airplanes, whose structure effects flight. The students first had to research inquiry questions involving paper airplanes, then they had to us eth technology to guide them through the construction of each plane. My visual learners learned rather quickly to READ the details on the left side of the screen otherwise their planes did not look like they should have. Amelia Earhart would have been proud of us if she was in our classroom!

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Shark Tank (Bahrville Style)


As we are approaching our design portion for InVenture, the students had a “taste” of what it may be like presenting their invention with a well rehearsed pitch. This was a mock trail for presenting their SCAMPERED ice cream cone to a panel of Addison’s four sharks. It was an EXCELLENT learning experience!


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Amelia Earhart’s passion for flying is well displayed through our projects


Engineering, originality and elaboration was well displayed through our flying projects.

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Pablo Picasso STEM Sculptures


It was an engineering day in Bahrville as my geniuses designed and constructed a Pablo Picasso Sculpture. They had a budget of $20 and had to construct a sculpture standing 18 inches high, 4 inches wide, and have at least three 3D objects presented. It was not an easy task, though they shined with their teamwork and originality.

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STEM with Paper Planes


Have you ever wondered…

How far can a paper airplane fly?

Are paper airplanes just for fun?

Can you make your own paper airplane?

We will be using this Wonderopolis website to help us develop a better understanding of paper airplanes and their flights.

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Roll a Picasso!


We are highlighting our DIVERGENT thinking and creating a masterpiece just like Pablo Picasso! Using the attached picture, students will draw the Picasso they roll! There are only 5 rolls, but a lot of fluency and flexibility with the placement of each facial item. Be sure to use vibrant colors for the blue period has ended- “Whew!”

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What type of engineering would you like to be? Padlet Response


Before you make your post to the Padlet be sure to follow these simple tasks….

  1. Research the engineer you are interested in. You will need to provide the name for the type of you are interested in.
  2. Briefly explain the type of job your engineer does.
  3. Lastly, share WHY you chose this type of engineering job.
  4. Look at my example to assist you with this activity. Be sure not to copy someone else’s choice for an engineer.
  5. Click here when you are ready: Engineering Padlet
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