Fire Safety App

First graders learned about fire safety today. The apps we used are Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms and Sparky’s Birthday Surprise. These are free apps that you can download on your own devices. The apps contain ebooks and games to promote fire safety. The students loved them!

Learning is happening in the Learning Commons

Well, somehow, it is already October. So here is  a quick run down of the lessons that students received in September.

Kindergarten students learned how to use a database called Pebblego. They explored animals, and all things related to fall. All students should have brought a letter home explaining to parents how to access Pebblego from home. They also had stories read out loud to them and discussed story elements.

First grade students were introduced to Brain Pop Jr. and Pebblego where they learned about the water cycle and Benjamin Franklin. They also had stories read out loud to them and then filled in a story map that discussed setting, characters, and plot. Students also discussed character traits.

Second grade students were also introduces to Brain Pop Jr. to learn about matter. Students were also shown how to access and read ebooks from the Cobb Digital Library.

Third grade students worked on dictionary skills and research skills relating to rocks.

Fourth grade students worked on research skills about the Founding Fathers and different Native American tribes.

Fifth grade students worked on reading comprehension skills- main idea, theme, summary, and making inferences. Students were also introduced to the concept of primary vs. secondary sources.

Be sure to ask your students about what they learn when they come visit the Learning Commons.