Websites for students

Cobb Digital Library

Cobb Digital Library is a shared set of databases (brainpop, pebblego, etc.)  for Cobb County Students. It also now contains ebooks that can be ready on any device that has internet.  Please see Mrs. Brown for log in information.

39 Clues

This is the website campain of the books. While reading these books you can find 10 of the clues in the book, but you will need to go online to see the rest of the clues.

Spirit Animals

This website is a companion to the Spirit Animals books. 

Author links

Diary of a Wimpy Kid site

Dan Gutman- author of My Weirder School series

Magic Tree House

Dave Pilkey-author of Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta

Debbie Day-author of Bailey School Kids

American Girl Books 

Internet Safety for kids 

St. Patrick’s Day webquest

Please go to this website and follow the directions.

Earth, Sun, and Moon webquest

Please go this website and follow the directions to learn about the Earth, Sun, and Moon.

Dr. Seuss Webquest

You will use the following websites to answer the questions I gave you. Go to this website to answer questions 1-7.  Use this website to answer 8-10.

Second Grade Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest

To do this webquest you will need to use the Cobb Digital Library. Once you are logged in go to:


-Second Grade

-Pebblego Biographies

-Type in Martin Luther King Jr.

Then read the article and answer questions 1-6.

Please use this site to answer numbers 7-12. You will need to read the entire article to answer the questions.

If you get done early you may explore the Cobb Digital Library.

2nd Grade Jackie Robinson Webquest

Please use this website to answer you questions.

3rd Grade Georgia Regions

Please log into the Cobb Digital Library and use the Georgia Habitats Group.

You can also use these websites


Coastal Plain




Second Grade Life Cycles Webquest

Go to this website and wait for further instructions.



Bear Paw on Reading Forms

We changed our red hot review forms from previous years to better align to Cobb County’s curriculum. Students are encouraged to fill out this forms after reading a book. There are two forms for grades 2-5. One form is for nonfiction books and the other form is for fiction books.  Kindergarten and first grade students will only have one form.

Kindergarten and First Grade Bear Paw Form

K and 1 Form

Fiction Bear Paw Forms

2nd Grade Fiction

3rd Grade Fiction

4th Grade Fiction

5th Grade Fiction

Non Fiction Bear Paw Forms

2nd Grade Non Fiction

3rd Grade Non Fiction

4th Grade Non Fiction

5th Grade Non Fiction

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