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“I loved today’s target class. My favorite thing of today was woosh, bang, pow! Smart snips is when we cut different shapes and we did something like origami. The bow was the hardest! My favorite part of the Asia map was labeling. China was the biggest! My favorite part of kid chess was playing and learning about it. I learned how to play chess. We did brain breaks. The games we did was woosh bang pow and family photos. We wooshed with our hands, we showed our muscles with a bang, we pretened we had a bow and arrow. Family photos, we pretended we were families and we did different poses like we were in photos.


Remember to do your homework!


Great Daaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve started our switching of the classes !!!!!!! I really hope Ms. Baker enjoyed her second H.O.E. class. I really think most  of our class enjoyed H.O.E. today because I heard a lot of “yay’s”.  I loved it. Then, we switched. I loved our lesson with Mrs.Robertson and ( for those of you who didn’t know )  she got a hamster!!!!!!

Then 11th invention was awesome!!!!! There was a lot of different ideas! (Although the toilet was most common.) The circle diagram was also really fun too. I didn’t get to do InVenture last year so all the ideas she showed us really inspired me.

We also learned a lot about empathy. I hope everyone understands it. Parents please don’t protest when kids start interviewing you, it’s their homework! Also please tell other people they might want to interview. Be prepared to answer questions like: If there was any global problem in the world what would it be? How do you think you can make a difference? And what thing/invention could solve this problem? They will need to ask 6 adults so please give advice!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Donaca (5th)

2nd Grade


“My favorite part of target was doing the broken board. The broken board is where you solve a chess board piece that was jumbled. It was so much fun .”

-Sakshi (2nd Grade)

Second grade was such a blast today! We were able to get a lot of work finished. For homework, students will need to do their best to compare Shatranj vs. Modern Chess. We went over the actual person, or animal each piece represents in class. For instance, a Rook is representative of a crow like bird. The kiddos discussed how the pieces looks like a watch tower and they compared it to the bird. (It was a great discussion!) Just have them try their best to complete the matching! It is ok if it is wrong.




Second Grade

I am absolutely thrilled to have my 2nd grade class on Tuesday!

Please let your child know that I will be picking them up from his/her homeroom teacher on Tuesday. Many students do not know where my classroom is located. After this Tuesday, they will then report straight to me on their target days!

Supplies will be the exact same as what was needed in Mrs. Robertson’s class. 🙂

If you have any questions, please let me know!

week 2

WOW! What a great day its been! We did a super cool game called machine where you made a sound and movement over and over. We kept adding people to make a complex machine!

We learned about empathy and how important it is to have empathy for others through an AMAZING piece of art! I think all of us enjoyed it! Then we read The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind and watched video about William, the boy who harnessed the wind! we also shared our SCAMPERs which were all so cool!  We were busy but we sure did have a great day! 😉

Reminders for next week: please get your tally signed, do your homework (Empathy Journal), and please BRING YOUR NOTEBOOK/SUPPLIES !

Happy Weekending

From your guest blogger,

Marin (5th Grade)



Hello everyone!

We will be splitting up the 4th and 5th grade classes this year in order to have Target on the same day!

4th Grade

  • Mawn- Baker
  • Gillett- Robertson

5th Grade

  • McAlpine- Baker
  • James- Robertson

However, we will have the same supply list and we will be doing the same units! The supply list is on the back on the welcome letters that went home yesterday. I am posting this list below!

If your child will be coming to me, please fill out this survey below by clicking on the peach “Information Sheet” link! You may do so on your mobile phone or a computer.

Information Sheet

Supply List Rising 5th Grade Target Students: 

  1. Five Star Five Subject Spiral Notebook (No Binder this year, make sure the cover is plastic so it will last longer) 
  2. Glue sticks (We are doing an interactive notebook, so we will be using quite a few glue sticks) 
  3. Pencils/pens of any color 
  4. Pencil Pouch or organizer 
  5. Expo Markers 

I am so excited for next week!