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October 20, 2017 still working on inventure

Today we focused on Inventure. We were working on researching our designs to support our ideas. Other groups were either trying out a prototype or figuring out their logo. We also started working on our pitches. In conclusion, our main focus was InVenture today. Have a wonderful weekend!

-Mirella (5th Grade)

Great Daaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve started our switching of the classes !!!!!!! I really hope Ms. Baker enjoyed her second H.O.E. class. I really think most  of our class enjoyed H.O.E. today because I heard a lot of “yay’s”.  I loved it. Then, we switched. I loved our lesson with Mrs.Robertson and ( for those of you who didn’t know )  she got a hamster!!!!!!

Then 11th invention was awesome!!!!! There was a lot of different ideas! (Although the toilet was most common.) The circle diagram was also really fun too. I didn’t get to do InVenture last year so all the ideas she showed us really inspired me.

We also learned a lot about empathy. I hope everyone understands it. Parents please don’t protest when kids start interviewing you, it’s their homework! Also please tell other people they might want to interview. Be prepared to answer questions like: If there was any global problem in the world what would it be? How do you think you can make a difference? And what thing/invention could solve this problem? They will need to ask 6 adults so please give advice!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Donaca (5th)

2nd Grade


“My favorite part of target was doing the broken board. The broken board is where you solve a chess board piece that was jumbled. It was so much fun .”

-Sakshi (2nd Grade)

Second grade was such a blast today! We were able to get a lot of work finished. For homework, students will need to do their best to compare Shatranj vs. Modern Chess. We went over the actual person, or animal each piece represents in class. For instance, a Rook is representative of a crow like bird. The kiddos discussed how the pieces looks like a watch tower and they compared it to the bird. (It was a great discussion!) Just have them try their best to complete the matching! It is ok if it is wrong.