Week of October 8 – 12

Monday – Long Division of Polynomials Notes for Interactive Notebook

Video and Examples and Notes

Tuesday – Synthetic Division Video and Notes

Synthetic Division Graphic Organizer

Wednesday (3rd)/Thursday (1st) Due to PSAT testing Wednesday and Early Release Day Thursday,  your class will only meet one of the two days.  More practice of both kinds of division.

Friday – Quiz or graded assignment


Week of October 1 – 5

Monday – Factoring Review Factoring Review Guided Practice and Factoring Review CW HW

Tuesday – Factor by Grouping Factoring Polynomials with 4 Terms CW HW

Wednesday – More Factoring by Grouping Video Factoring 4 Terms Daily Check (to be turned in)

Thursday – Factoring Sum & Difference of Cubes Video and Completed Notes for INB

Factoring SumsDifferences of Cubes CW HW and Review of Advanced Factoring

Friday – Quiz Factoring