Are you Linked???

College Board and Khan Academy are working together to help you reach your SAT goals!  To take advantage of these benefits, follow these steps:

  • Set up a College Board account here, if you haven’t already.  This will be an account you will use to sign up for the SAT, check scores for SAT and AP tests, research colleges, and much more.  If you already have an account, don’t make another one.  You will need your parents’ email address to set up your account too.
  • Go to and click “Start Practicing”.  You will be prompted to set up your Khan Academy account.  Use the same email address for both College Board and Khan Academy accounts.  Once this is set up, you will receive a “Request for Approval” to link the two accounts. Click “Send” to allow it. Now Khan Academy can see results from your PSAT and personalize your practice to maximize your potential for success.
  • Join my class!  Use the Class Code SZNWA9QV or search for Jeannie Balentine as your coach.  I have set up a class called Balentine’s Hoya Block Spring 2018: SAT just for our Hoya Block class.  I would love to see your progress as we work through the semester.
  • Use your Hoya Block time in the lab to browse Khan Academy and try some of the lessons that are personalized for you.  I have assigned some videos and lessons to the class but you can work on any part of the course that looks helpful.
  • You can also watch this video to see how to link your accounts.

March 21-22

Wednesday – Today we are working on a practice ACT math section.  Students can check their answers here.  Remember you may use calculators on the entire section and you have 60 minutes for these 60 questions.

Thursday –

February 7 – 8

Wednesday – Today we are scoring the pre-test.  If you took the pre-test in class last week, you will see what you score would be if you took the SAT now.  We hope to see a lot of growth over the next few months.  If you did not take the pre-test, please be sure to do it soon so that we can compare it to the end of the course.

Introduction to the SAT Math Section

General Math Strategies for the SAT

Formulas Given on SAT

Thursday – Khan Academy – Controlling Careless Errors

Practice Plugging in Answer Choices

Blog Post “Plugging in Answer Choices”