Last Day of Hoya Block – Fall 2017

Great work this semester on your SAT/ACT Prep.  Don’t stop now!  Keep working toward your goals.  There is plenty you can do to be better prepared for the tests.  Look at College Board and ACT websites for more practice and helpful hints.

Here are solutions to the pre- and post-test.  Good luck!!

PSAT solutions Section 3 Non-calculator

PSAT solutions section 4 Calculator

ACT Review (October 18 – 19)

We are looking at the format of the ACT this week.  There is an ACT administration on October 28 and December 9th coming up.

This Video gives an overview of the ACT.

Here is a Study Guide that contains a complete practice test with answers and scoring instructions.

Click here to do short sets of practice problems in any subject for the ACT.  There are several sets for each subject.

We will be using the following handouts in class:

Content Covered by the ACT Mathematics Test

ACT Math Hints and Practice (part 1)

ACT Math Hints and Practice (part 2)

Attention Juniors!!

PSAT REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Be sure to sign up for the PSAT by October 6. Payment of $15 made payable to HHS may be turned in to the Freshman Academy Office. You will also receive a PSAT practice booklet to help you prepare, so register EARLY! Students will take the PSAT on Wednesday, October 11.

Juniors qualify for the National Merit Scholarship by taking this test. The PSAT results give students access to resources through a free College Board account online score report. Students can use the online score report to look beyond the numbers for insight into strengths and weakness by question context area and level of difficulty. This report also provides a performance summary for each section. This free College Board account also provides the following resources: a personalized SAT study through the online score report, AP Potential feedback, a personality profile that suggests majors and careers to explore, and a college/major/career search on BigFuture.


Get Your Accounts Set Up

Get your accounts set up now so you can start using the practice materials available and also be able to quickly register for the SAT or ACT when you decide to take one.  Here are some helpful hints:

  • Sign in to CollegeBoard. If you don’t have an account, take the time to create one that you will use and remember. If you have forgotten your login, don’t create a new account.  Multiple accounts can cause problems later on when retrieving your scores or applying to college.
  • Go to Khan Academy and create an account or login with your current account. If you need to create an account, don’t use your Facebook account to sign in.  You won’t be able to use it at school on computers.
  • On Khan Academy, follow instructions to link your CollegeBoard account to Khan Academy. Explore the site to see what options you have to prepare for the SAT.  Look for your PSAT scores, if you have taken it.
  • You may do practice tests on Khan Academy or do smaller lessons to help you prepare. Make a plan that you will follow.  It is a good idea to follow the plan that Khan Academy sets up for you if you have your PSAT linked and/or you take a practice test online.
  • Go to the ACT website to create an account for the ACT. The ACT does not link to Khan Academy, but content is similar on both tests.  As you work to prepare for the SAT, you are also better prepared for the ACT.  Practice problems are available on the website to help you for the ACT.

Welcome to SAT/ACT Math Hoya Block!

Let’s plan on working hard to make a great score the next time you take either the SAT or ACT.

All Juniors should plan to sign up for the October 11th PSAT given at Harrison!  You can sign up for it and pay in the main office.  This is a great way to see how prepared you are for the actual SAT with a much lower cost.

I am looking forward to a great semester!