Week of November 13 – 17

Monday – Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Notes and video below

Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions CW/HW

Tuesday – Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

  Simplifying/Add & Subtract Rational Expressions CW/HW

Wednesday – Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators Notes and CW/HW

Thursday – Review Rational Expressions Review for Rational Expressions Test

Friday – Test Rational Expressions

Week of October 23 – 27

Monday – Review of Solving by Factoring and Roots CW and HW

Tuesday – Finding Roots of Polynomials given a Root What is a ROOT of a Polynomial Function Interactive Notebook Pages

Finding Roots, Given a Root CW/HW

Wednesday – Finding Roots Using Technology Finding Roots of Polynomials w calc

Thursday – Review- Roots and Factors of Polynomials

Friday – Writing Polynomials given Roots Writing Polynomials Given Roots CW/HW

We will postpone the quiz until Monday.  Cumulative Test will be Wednesday.  We will review in class for both.

Have a great weekend!

Week of October 16 – 20

Monday – Long Division of Polynomials, continued Video and Notes

Long Division of Polynomials Part 2 CW/HW

Tuesday – Synthetic Division Notes

Synthetic Division CW/HW

Wednesday – Finding factors given one factor of a polynomial

Factoring and Division Review , Classwork and Homework

Thursday – Review for quiz (Be able to factor and divide, plus find factors of a polynomial given 1 factor)

Friday – Quiz (Long Division, Synthetic Division, Finding Factors)

Week of October 9 – 13

Monday – Review of all Advanced Factoring Review of Advanced Factoring CW/HW

Tuesday – Quiz on all Factoring (GCF, Trinomials, Difference of Squares. Sum/Difference of Cubes, Factoring 4 Terms) Dividing Monomials Intro (homework)

Wednesday – Students will be involved in testing in the morning (PSAT, ASVAB) or Senior Summit

Thursday – Long Division of three digit numbers Notes and Video below Long Division Part 1 and  Long Division part 2

Friday – Begin Long Division of Polynomials Video and Notes


Week of October 2 – 6

Monday – Factoring GCF Review Factoring Review (front only) Notes

Tuesday – Trinomial Factoring Review (back of yesterday’s worksheet)

Wednesday – Factor by Grouping using the Box Method (Video below shows trinomial factoring but we will use the box method at end of video.) Notes and Classwork/Homework

Thursday – Factoring Sum or Difference of Cubes Video and Notes

Friday – Review

(Quiz will be Tuesday next week.  Have a great weekend!)