Let’s Make Social Distancing a Bit more Bearable with READING!

Hello Barber students! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy through this time of separation from the school building. I also hope you’ve been enjoying all the different types of lessons your teachers have created for you and all the various ways of delivery. You all are very fortunate to have teachers like the ones we have in Cobb!

If you need help accessing any of the school’s technology, feel free to email me or Ms. Andrea and we’ll get you going! hanna.grimes@cobbk12.org or linette.andrea@cobbk12.org.

To add some fun from the Library Media Center, I will post different light-hearted challenges several times a week that I hope you’ll find joy in completing. The big reading challenge, “Let’s Read America!“, which began at the beginning of March will remain open until we return. For those of you who picked up the paper copy, you can continue filling that one out. However, if you’d rather do it electronically, click on this Form and enter your answers there. Prizes will be given, when we return, to all who enter 4 books! Happy Reading!

Virtual Media Meetups

Thank you all for participating each week in our virtual meetups! Talking with you all was the highlight of my week! Have a great summer break and keep reading!!

Weekly Challenges

Challenge #1   (3/22-3/28)- Create a FlipGrid video about the weirdest place you’ve had to go in or around your house to read a book or to get your school work done. Click HERE to get to upload or create your video. You can also scan this QR code to get submit.

Challenge #2 – From April 1-May 1-  it’s the 2020 Global Minecraft Challenge! All the information you need is in the Sway within the link.

Resources Galore!!

TutorATL– Need help with your school work? Get FREE tutoring with TutorAtl!

BreakOUT EDU Live Sessions – Do you like solving puzzles? Join in on the daily BreakOUT Live events to test your skills and possibly win prizes.

SORA- Free ebooks and audio books. Go to www.soraapp.com or download the Sora app onto your device. Click for directions: Sora Directions 2020

Reading Bowl Team Interest Form

Sway: Submit Your Links Here

Tech Tuesday Students,

Use this FORM to turn in your Sway. If you and your partner worked on the same Sway, only one of you need to fill out the form. Just make sure both of your names are included on the form.


Add a VIDEO and Your Powerpoint about 6th Grade

Sway Your Way

Today you will work in partners to create a Sway.

Choose any topic you want. The only rule is that your Sway must contain 3 different types of “cards” (text, images, videos, and documents) to show understanding of a topic. Some examples are demonstrating a math concept, telling a short story, giving a tour of a country or region, planning out your spring break, or explaining a topic you learned in science. The possibilities are limitless!

In addition to the brief information given by Mrs. Grimes, use the following links to help you create your Sway presentation. Be creative! Refer often to these DIRECTIONS for the basics. Don’t over think it!

Before the end of the period, share your presentation HERE.

This will be due by the end of next Tech Tuesday.

Here are some more links that could help you create an Awesome Sway:

Creating a Sway

Sharing your Sway

Adding Content to Sway

Designing and Sharing a Sway


Nearpod Lesson: Sourcing Your Information

Hello 6th Graders! Today we are going to learn about how to tell the difference between real, factual websites and fake/hoax sites.

Mrs. Newell’s class, join this self-paced lesson by clicking HERE.

  • Be sure to READ each slide, all directions, definitions, and websites.
  • Answer each question posed with THOUGHTFUL  answers ONLY!
  • LEARN as much as you can from this lesson to help you become better consumers of information!
  • ALL responses will be read by Mrs. Grimes when she returns.

When finished with the Nearpod lesson, practice your typing skills until the end of the period. Follow the login information below.

  1. Go to: www.keyboardingonline.com
  2. School Name/Code:  barb80
  3. Click Keyboarding Short Course icon 
  4. Choose your Mrs. Newell’s name
  5. Choose your name
  6. Type your password (your lunch #)