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Geography–Missing Assignments

Here are some of the assignments you all have requested. Turn them in ASAP! Remember…some points are better than receiving a zero.

5 Themes According to Sprayberry

Globalization Article Globalization One pager

Gapminder Activity

Travel Through North America Project

Natural Disaster Article

Water Crisis


Government–PPTs for Unit 3

Use these as we head through the branches of government. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help.

Ch. 5–Organization of Congress

Ch. 7–Congress at Work

Federal Bureaucracy

The Presidency in Action

Psychology–Portfolio Project

Here is the rubric and requirements for the project. Remember…you will either create a hard copy portfolio (on paper), OR a digital portfolio (such as PowerPoint or a Prezi). DO NOT DO BOTH!!! You have all semester to work on it. Please use your class time wisely and do not wait until Thanksgiving break to get started :)

Portfolio Project

Portfolio Rubric

Psychology–Unit 3 PPTs

Here are your notes for this unit. Enjoy!

Module 4–Prenatal and Childhood Development

Module 5–Adolescence

Module 6–Adulthood and Aging

Psychology–Unit 2 PPT Notes

Module 25–Psychodynamic and Humanistic Perspectives

Module 26–Trait and Social-Cognitive Perspectives

Geography–Unit One Study Guide

Use this to help you prepare for the test tomorrow. Good luck!!!

Unit 1 Study Guide

Psychology–Research Project

Here are the directions and rubric for your project. Please use your time wisely in class in order to finish on time!

Research Project

Research Project Rubric


Psychology–Unit One PPTs

Use these to help you review for your test…which is Friday, August 15. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the material. Good luck!

Module 1–Intro, History, Perspectives, Careers

Module 2–Research Strategies

Module 3–Nature and Nurture in Psych

Government–Unit One Assignments

Access your assignments below for Unit One. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the assignments.

Political Philosophers and Ideas

Political Thinker CD Activity

Unit One Vocabulary

Government Systems Chart


Click below for the course syllabus. Please look it over…especially the grading procedures and re-test policy. Good luck this semester!