Today we completed our metric Olympics lab activity and tomorrow is a bess beatle lab.

I scanned all of the notes for Monday’s final. You will find them below

Vertabrates  the notes are found at the bottem of the page. A portion of the page was cut off. Know the difference between endothermic ( warm blooded)  and ectothermic ( cold blooded) animals






Hope these help.

Yearbooks will be delivered during homeroom on Monday, May 19th.  There are a limited number of additional books available for purchase.  To purchase one of the additional yearbooks, please have your student bring $40 cash to school on Monday and listen to the morning announcements for instructions on purchasing a yearbook.  Personal checks cannot be accepted.  If you have questions, please email Mrs. Goelz @ [email protected].

Tomorrow we will have our academic bowl

Update on the final. I will scan all of the worksheets for the final tomorrow and post them on my blog tomorrow.

Warm-up: What makes a fish a fish?

Remember we begin Olympics on Monday. Please wear your Olympics T-shirt

We will have our final Monday May 19

It will cover

Invertebrates notes

Bacteria worksheet

Fish and Birds notes

Cell cycle woeksheet

Warm-up: List three water biomes.


Remember Stars and Strikes is tomorrow. You may bring extra money.

No Homework

No Homework until after the CRCT

Tomorrow the CRCT Testing begins. Each student needs to bring 2 -#2 pencils, no mechanical pencils are allowed to be used on the test. Students must also bring a fiction book to read. Students are not allowed to have any technology related device in the classroom during testing ( phones, i-pods, kindles, watches that beep, ect…)

Reminders: Tennessee Aquarium and Stars and Strikes field Trip forms are due no later than Monday, April 28th.

Links for the Leap into Cell Structure

Cell division in frog embryo

Why frogs are green

Antifreeze like blood

Today we continued our Frog review of the year with a cell scavenger hunt. We will quiz over the green frog cell review sheet on Tuesday.

Frog dissection on Monday

List the levels of classification


Here is a review powerpoint for the quiz

The quiz will also cover the levels of classification


6 Kingdoms

Warm-up: Describe a scientific name.

We will have a quiz Wednesday over classification and spiders

Warm-up: List three types of fossils

Homework: Quiz Thursday over Geologic time scale

Warm-up: If white colored monster is dominant over a blue monster,why can’t you have a heterozygous blue monster?

Quiz Wednesday over pagers 194-200 in the text

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