Warm-up: Describe the two types of circulation

We will have a quiz tomorrow over the human body systems. The systems included on the quiz are:








Warm-up: List three organs of the circulatory system.

New vocabulary

  • Pulmonary Circulation 609
  • Systemic Circulation
  • Hypertension 610
  • Platelets 613
  • Lymphatic System 616

Remember your supplies for our Body System Project

Warm-up What is the purpose of the circulatory system?

Use this link to help with research

Human Body Research

Homework: Finish your Huma Body Research

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Warm-up: Which system controls the body with electrical signals?

Homework: Finish the Body Systems worksheet.

See an answer key here.


Warm-up: What system is involved with movement?

We introduced new vocabulary today.

Here are the 10 words we will have a quiz over this Friday.

  • Joint
  • Cardiovascular System
  • (also called Circulatory system)
  • Tendon
  • Ligament
  • Integumentary system
  • 6.Artery
    1. Vein
    2. Peripheral nervous system
    3. Skeleton muscle
    4. Smooth muscle

If you have missed any of the Human Body Power body systems2014point here is a link to it.

Human body Systems

What system controls the body with electrical signals?

Today we took the skeleton quiz. Tomorrow we will finish the body systems graphic organizer and the the Chicken wing lab

Homework: We will have a vocabulary quiz this Friday. We will go over the new five words tomorrow

_______ and ________ work together to help you move.


We finished our review for the skeleton quiz. The quiz will be on Monday

I have attached a picture of you can’t find your study guide


List 7 facts about the skeleton system

Homework: Bring a spiral notebook on Friday for the human body unit

We will test over the bones we learned today on Monday


A group of cells working together is called ___________?

We started our human body unit today. It’s Tuesday so we had new vocabulary today. Here are the new words

  • Cardiovascular System 582
  • Integumentary System
  • Tendon 589
  • Joint 586
  • Ligament 586

Remember we have a test tomorrow over the cell. Here are the answers to the study guide


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