Warm-up: What is the genotype ratio of a heterozygous red frog and a green frog.

Today we worked on frog genetics

Warm-up: List the steps of the cell cycle

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Testing starts tomorrow. Remember pencils,water,snack

No Homework

Warm up today  How is a plant cell different than an animal cell?

Quiz friday over these cell functions

Cell Membrane








Cell Wall




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Answers to study guide

1.Sometimes they can evolve into a new species

2. Evolution

3. Genes create traits and traits can be passed to the next generation.

4. Natural selection can slight changes due to adaptations being selected and can possibly create new species.

5. They may have evolved from a common ancestor

6. A group of organism with similar characteristic that can mate and produce fertile offspring

7. Father evolution

8. Impressions of previous organisms

9. When offspring looks a little bit different than their parents

10. They had different beaks

11. A characteristic that enhances an organisms chance of survival

12. nothing


14. An organism  produces more offspring than can survive

15. They look the same


Warm-up: What is variation?

Quiz Thursday over these ten words

Cerebrum pg 660
Cerebullum 661
Medulla 661
Reflex 665
Retina 666

Natural Selection

Selective Breeding



Fossil Record


peppered moth



Warm-up: What is an adaptation?

Today we completed wooly buggers

Remember Aquarium Field Trip forms are due by next week

Remember the Maverick 5K May 2

Warm-up: What is a homologous structure?

Today we learned about adaptations by completing “A fashion fish”

We will have our next test on Natural selection next Friday


Tomorrow is the deadline for performing arts permission slips

You can download a form here  Performing Arts P Arts fieldtrip – 7th 2-25-15


Warm-up: How is a primary consumer different than a secondary consumer?

Here are the new vocabulary words

Naturalist pg 174
Fossils pg 168
Species pg 166
Relative Dating 195
Absolute Dating 195





As part of our PTSA Healthy Living Week, our featured event will be a McClure FAMILY ROCK CLIMBING NIGHT at Stone Summit Kennesaw, 2801 George Busbee Pkwy. on Thursday, March 19!


Warm-up: How is a trait different than an allele?

We took our genetics test today

Up next… Natural Selection

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