Warm-up: What are the traits of something alive?

Today we looked at all kinds of different items under the microscope.

Monday we begin our cell unit.

No Homework

Warm-up: What is combustion?

Today we took the unit exam.

Remember your materials that we will look at under the microscope.

The seventh grade party is Wednesday, November 5 from 4:15 to 6:00 p.m., on the patio.  DJ Dan will be there with music and games, and there will be pizza, drinks, and dessert.  Cost is $5 per student and tickets will be on sale on the 7th grade hall on October 30 and 31st, and November 3, from 8:50 to 9:15 a.m.  If you purchased the PTSA package, you do not need to purchase a ticket.  This event is a lot of fun, and a great time to hang out with friends!  Volunteers for set up before the event, serving during the event, and clean up after the event are needed.  Dessert donations are also needed.  Please contact Kelly Duncan,[email protected] to sign up.

Give two examples of sybiotic relationships.

Ecology test tomorrow. Please look over your two study guides.

Answers to the small study

  1. Producers in the food web would not produce energy which would impact the entire food web
  2. Producers/Plants and some protists
  3. 3. Lowest level which equals the producers
  4. Adapt to changing salt levels
  5. See the map on this page
  6. Biosphere Ecosystem Community  Population Organism
  7. Decomposer
  8. Consumers breathing, combustion in any form
  9. Competition within populations
  10. The sun

Warm-up: What is the name of trees that drop their leaves in the winter?

Today we learned how to use a microscope.

Quiz Friday over vocabulary words. See yesterday’s blog for the list of words.

What type of organism uses CO2 and sugar to make energy?


We will have a quiz Friday over the following words.



Cellular Respiration






Chemical Reaction

Carbon cycle


Nitrogen Cycle

Coniferous Tree

Deciduous Tree




Warm-up: What type of organism uses CO2 to make energy?

Today we completed the “Traveling Nitrogen Lab”

HW We will quiz over vocabulary words 26-36 this Friday

Warm-up: Describe the nitrogen cycle

Today we learned about the nitrogen cycle.

Remember,if you want to retake the relationship quiz you may,but you must show me the Relationship worksheet.

Here is a link to the study jam video on Nitrogen Cycle

Warm-up: List the three symbiotic relationships.


Quiz tomorrow over symbiotic relationships and the three graphs we discussed today.

Warm-up: What is a heterotroph?

Today we introduced 5 new vocabulary words. We also started the ecology WS that follows along with the Lion King.

Warm-up: What is an autotroph?

Today we graphed our data and gathered even more data about the fox and mice.

HW Make sure your graph and new data sheet are completed

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