Warm-up: Why do you look the way you do?

Today we wrote a summary story about the human body. Your human body notebook is due Friday.

Here is the TOC

1 Pin the organ

  1. Human body Skeleton
  2. Body System
  3. Joints Hunt

5.Human body systems

  1. Blood Graphic Organizer
  2. Video WS
  3. My bones ache
  4. Heart Graphic Organizer

10 Physical Exam

  1. Muscle Lab
  • 12. Study Guide

If you are missing an assignment you can complete a Section Review from pages 580-680

Warm-up: Skin belongs to which body system?

We will have our Human Body Test on Friday

Finish your study guide tonight.

Get a head start by completing the practice test


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Warm-up: Describe the endocrine system

We took our circulatory system quiz today. Your homework is to finish the mind map for the 8 body systems.

Warm-up: Which side of the heart pumps oxygen rich blood?

Quiz Wednesday over the Circulatory system.

Here are the answers to the WS

Heart 1,2,4,5,13,17

Artery  7,14,16

Vein  8,18

Capillaries 6,12,11

Pulmonary Circulation 3,9,10

Systemic Circulation  15,19

Warm-up: List the four chambers of the heart

We took our vocabulary quiz today and turned in our writing assignment over “The path of a red blood cell”

Homework: Finish the “Blood” worksheet. This will be checked on Monday

Warm-up: How is pulmonary circulation different than systemic circulation?

Remember your vocabulary and organ quiz tomorrow

Warm-up: List two advantages of a long digestive track.

Vocabulary Quiz this Friday alng with the major organs

Here are the vocabulary words for Fridays Quiz:

  • Pancreas
  • Mechanical Digestion
  • Chemical Digestion
  • Esophagus
  • Chyme
  • Liver
  • Gall Bladder
  • Medulla
  • Kidney
  • Nephron


Warm-up: Describe the two types of circulation

We will have a quiz tomorrow over the human body systems. The systems included on the quiz are:








Warm-up: List three organs of the circulatory system.

New vocabulary

  • Pulmonary Circulation 609
  • Systemic Circulation
  • Hypertension 610
  • Platelets 613
  • Lymphatic System 616

Remember your supplies for our Body System Project

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