Warm-up: What is an autotroph?

Today we graphed our data and gathered even more data about the fox and mice.

HW Make sure your graph and new data sheet are completed

Warm-up: What is photosynthesis?

Today we started a predator prey lab.

Quiz tomorrow over Food webs. Be familiar with the following topics.

Reading a food web including the direction of the arrows.







What is the primary source of energy for food webs?

First level consumer

Second level consumer

Warm-up: List a second level consumer.

Today we finished our project on,” The only good wolf is a dead one”

Quiz tomorrow over words 1-25. See the Vocabulary Notecards for a list of the 2 words.

Warm-up: How much energy is lost at each level of an energy pyramid?

Today we worked on new vocabulary and introduced the cycles and turned in our Food web project..

Quiz Friday. You can find all 25 words at the Vocabulary Note card Tab at the top of this page.

Warm-up: List the three types of symbiotic relationships.

Finish your energy connection activity. The paper should answer the following:

How is energy transferred from one organism to another. Choose five of the following words and include them in the paragraph. The paragraph should have at least six sentences.



Warm-up: What is mutualism?

Wow we have made it to the Fall break. Have a great time away.

Homework: Look over your 25 note cards for the quiz on friday upom returning.


Warm-up: What is warning coloration?

Homework: Review notecards

Today we demonstrated our knowledge of Biomes with an activity in which we moved around and wrote down facts.

Limiting Factors


Carrying Capacity


Warm-up: Which Biome has the most biodiversity?


New Vocabulary Words



Warning Coloration


Defensive Chemicals

HW= Review all 25 vocabulary words


Warm-up: How is a food chain different than a food web?

Classwork: Today we worked on Biomes and the Dust Bowl

Homework: Finish up the Biomes activity. Also, remember we check warm-ups tomorrow.

Bring notecards to class tomorrow

Warm-up: Which level of the food web provides the most energy?

Quiz tomorrow over these words.







•Intertidal Zone
•Neritic Zone
•Benthic Zone


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