Summer is here and we will start running next week. Here is a link to the ” West Cobb Stampede website” that provides details about practice times  and locations. In addition you can email Mr. B at

[email protected] if you have questions.

I hope you will join us this summer.


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Remember the animal test tomorrow.

Here is the powerpoint from today.

Animal treenew


If you ordered a yearbook, it will be distributed in homeroom on Tuesday, May 19th.  There are about 50 extra books that will be for sale after homeroom that morning.  If you wish to purchase one of these books, please bring $45 cash with you to school on Tuesday, May 19th.   If we do not have enough extra books for each student who wants one, we will draw names of those who are interested.   If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Goelz – [email protected].

Warm-up: How many birds are flightless?

The notebook is due Thursday. Here is the list and alternative assignments

1. Monster Frog Genetics Lab/  Alternative Section Review 125

2. Finicky Frog Alternative Section Review 155

3. Thumbs up Lab Alternative Alternative Section Review 173

4. Genetic Remediation  Alternative Section Review 179

5. Geologic Time  Alternative Section Review 199

Please help us with the Olympics.

Here is a link for volunteer sign up

Olympic Volunteers

List 5 adaptations for birds

Remember your materials for making your bird.

Warm-up: What is a bird?

Remember all of your supplies for the bird project tomorrow.

Time is running out. Sign up for our 5K race here.

Maverick 5K

Warm-up: What is the genotype ratio of a heterozygous red frog and a green frog.

Today we worked on frog genetics

Warm-up: List the steps of the cell cycle

Aquarium Group Sign up

Testing starts tomorrow. Remember pencils,water,snack

No Homework

Warm up today  How is a plant cell different than an animal cell?

Quiz friday over these cell functions

Cell Membrane








Cell Wall




Sign up for your field trip group here.

Tennessee Aquarium Group List


Did you know that the Book Fair raises money for our school’s Media Center program? It helps fund all of our contests and events, as well as provides us with books for giveaways. Book Fair proceeds also help us buy new furniture and student supplies.

Check out this website to shop online or preview some titles that we’ll be carrying.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday, March 26-PREVIEW ONLY-8:20-4:00

Friday, March 27-PREVIEW ONLY-8:20-4:00

Monday, March 30-SALE-8:20-4:00

Tuesday, March 31-SALE-8:20-4:00

Wednesday, April 1-SALE-8:20-6:00

Thursday, April 2-SALE-8:20-6:00

Friday, April 3-SALE-8:20-10:00am

Special Promotions:

As Mrs. Harpin discussed on the morning announcements, we are attempting a 3-pronged incentive approach.


Photo Mar 26, 10 46 21 AM

Donate $0.50 for a Chance to WIN!

If your sucker is marked with any of these colors, you win a prize!

RED-Mystery Prize & sucker

GREEN-$5.00 book fair gift certificate & sucker

BLUE-$1.00 book fair gift certificate & sucker

ORANGE-$0.50 book fair gift certificate & sucker

BLANK-a free sucker!


For every $5.00 that you spend at the book fair, you’ll receive a ticket to enter into our Prize Pack Drawing.

Photo Mar 26, 10 13 17 AM


Mrs. Harpin is willing to do something embarrassing if you guys meet the goal of at least $3000.00 spent at the book fair. She is open to most suggestions. Check her blog for a poll to vote on which embarrassing thing you want her to do.

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