Just a reminder that the 8th grade concert is this Thursday May 3rd

The 6th and 7th grade with show choir will perform Monday May 7th

6:30 in CMS theater

Chorus Concerts

8th grade on May 3rd at 6:30

6th and 7th grade on May 7th at 6:30

Students are only allowed to stay after school if they bring in a note or parents send an email prior to concert day.   Concert information forms were given out in class and should be returned asap!!!!!

Concert attire should be worn.  Khaki pants, chorus shirts and black shoes. No jewelry or colorful/distracting hair accessories.


Here is the recording of the scales.  6th grade can stop after the minor scale.

Major: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do Ti La Sol Fa Mi Re Do

Transition: Do Ti La

Minor: La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Sol Fa Mi Re Do Ti La   (STOPPING PLACE FOR 6TH GRADE)

Transition: La Ti Do  (high) Do   (low) Do

Chromatic:  Do Di Re Ri Mi Fa Fi Sol Si La Li Ti Do   Do Ti Te La Le Sol Se Fa Mi Me Re Ra Do



Whats happening in the chorus class this week?

All classes are working on their music for their spring concerts and preparing a group performance.  For group performances students can decided to perform an approved song of their choice a cappella or as a music video.   

Concert dates are May 3rd for 8th grade and May 7th for 6th and 7th grade and Show Choir.  Show Choir will also perform at Rising 6th grade night on May 8th. 


Reminder for students going to Disney:  There is a mandatory parent meeting on April 24th at 6:30 in the theater.  Students must attend and sit with their parent


What is going on in chorus

7th and 8th grade have worked so hard and received a lot of great and very helpful feedback after their performance evaluations.  We are now getting ready to begin music for the Spring concert.

6th grade has been working on operas and learning about improvisation.  They are also back at the pianos for a little while.  We will begin their spring music very soon too.


If there are a few parents that would like to volunteer to help with a little housekeeping in the chorus room, I would love to talk to you.


Email me and let me know when you are available to help out.

[email protected]


Summer Camps

Here is a little information about a summer camp I found out about this week. This one is at Campbell High School.

I also have a flyer in classroom about summer camps at the Mablehouse in Austell.

I am not connected to any of these camps but I am always willing to help students find one if they are interested.   Let me know if you have questions

8th grade music suggestion

If you are interested in being a part of the music suggestion team, let Mrs. Clark know that you are staying after school on Tuesday or Thursday  (or both days) this week.

This group of available students will help develop the list of songs for the 8th grade classes to listen to in order for songs to be determined for the spring concert.    Basically they are not picking the songs they are just helping make the list go from “all the songs in the world” to “here is what we can sing”

All students need to be picked up no later than 6:00