November 11

The BUZZ ~ 11/13-11/17

It’s Almost Turkey TIME!

We have one full week left before our Thanksgiving break.  Let’s make it count!  Please continue to make sure your child arrives to school on time, is well fed, and rested so that we can use these last 5 days to the fullest.  The children are finishing up their veteran letters this week.  I’ll show them how to address the envelopes, and the letters should be in the mail soon.  Thank you for giving me names and addresses.  I know the letters will be after Veterans Day, but I think they’ll all still be pleasantly surprised.

EUROPEAN EXPLORER PROJECTS:  Projects are due this Friday, November 17th.  Please be sure your child isn’t waiting until the last minute.  The only additional homework this week will be to study their spelling words and math facts for their tests on Friday.

THANKSGIVING LUNCH:  3rd grade’s Thanksgiving lunch is being served on November 14th.  You are more than welcome to come enjoy some turkey and dressing in the cafeteria with your child that day.  If you’re planning on coming, please prepay by either sending in the money in a labeled envelope or by paying online: Thank you!

Did you know that more than 45,000 kids experience homelessness each year in GA?  This is National Homeless Youth Awareness Monty.  The PMES Lighthouse Team wants to do something about helping those children in need.  They are parnering with the CCYA and sponsoring an event called, “The Pajama Pant Challenge!”  This Friday, if students donate a $1, they may wear their pjs to school.  It’s a win-win!  Kids wear their pajamas and we help kids in need.  All proceed benefit The Center for Children & Young Adults.

READING:  Poetry Review

WRITING: Publishing the HOW-TO writing & veteran letters

GRAMMAR: More Verbs!

CURSIVE: Gg, Hh continued

SPELLING: Week 14: Adding -ing

SOCIAL STUDIES: European Explorers!

Important Dates Coming Up
November 14 Thanksgiving Lunch K, 2nd, 3rd
November 14 Menchie’s and Moe’s Night
November 17 Explorer Project DUE! PJ Day with $1 Donation

November 9

Square One ART!

Square 1 Art orders are due Friday, November 10th! They make great gifts for grandparents and other relatives. Funds raised will be used to purchase materials for the art room. Online ordering is fast and easy!



Laura Purcell EdS

Art teacher

Pickett’s Mill Elementary

November 5

The BUZZ ~ 11/6-11/10

Veteran’s Day is coming up fast.  It is this Saturday, November 11th.  Our school is hosting a Veteran’s Day program on Friday, November 10th at 8:30am.  Please feel free to invite veterans  you know!  Students will be wearing red, white, blue or camouflage that day to honor the veterans.

VETERAN LETTERS:  Also, this  time  of year, I have the students write a letter to a veteran.  Many have already written “thank yous” in class to be given to our guests on Friday.  However, as a class, I have the students write and mail letters.  This is where I need your help!  If you have a friend or family member that is a veteran, could you please share their name and address with me?  We make a list of all of the veterans and then the children choose which one they’d like to write.  Last year, many veterans wrote back, and it was a pleasure to hear how thankful they were for receiving a note from a child.

THANK YOU!:  Mrs. Dimsdale provided fun supplies for a quick craft and a great Halloween back drop for photos last Tuesday.  Thank you to Mrs. Simmons for taking pictures of the children that day.  Finally, thanks to Mrs. Foley for putting it all together.  I can’t wait for you see them!

REWARDS!:  Our class was the highest fundraising class in third for our recent fundraiser.  I received a $25 gift card and the children got a Popsicle party. The class also gets to create a music video!!!  I’ll share the details when I find out all of the information.  Thank you again for supporting our school!

CLASS DOJO:  Have you checked it?  Are you seeing the points your child is earning for following directions and being on task or perhaps points being taken for controlling talking?  Please be sure to check it to see how your child is behaving.  As always, thank you for your support.

STUDENT HOLIDAY:  Please be aware that students are out this week on Tuesday, November 7th.

READING:  Non-fiction Text Features, continued

WRITING:  Publishing our “How – To” pieces

GRAMMAR: More VERBS / Prefixes, Suffixes & Root words

CURSIVE:  Gg, Hh cont.

SPELLING: Week 13 (-ch / -tch)

MATH: Area / Perimeter / Word problems

SOCIAL STUDIES: European Explorers!

Important Dates

11/7: Student Holiday

11/10: Veteran’s Day Program

11/11: Small Fry Trout Release

11/14: Thanksgiving lunch for K, 2, 3

11/15: Thanksgiving lunch for 1, 4, 5

11/17: Pajama Pants Challenge







October 30

The Buzz ~ 10/30 – 11/3

Yay!  It’s going to be a great week.  Please remember that on Tuesday we have our very first Character DAY!  Children and teachers will be dressing up as book characters to celebrate the love of reading.  I can’t wait to see the imaginative costumes!

HOW-TO Help:  Your child may have chosen an unusual topic for their How-To paper.  They may need your assistance for coming up with all of the steps involved.  For instance, I know one topic is “How To Make Mashed Potatoes.”  I just want to be sure that the children know all of the steps to their recipes!

~ Weekly Curriculum ~

Reading:  Non-fiction text features

Writing:  How- To writing

Grammar: Vivid VERBS!

Cursive: Gg, Hh

Spelling: Week 12

Social Studies: Explorers!

October 31 Book Character Day
November 2 Fine Arts/PTA Night
November 7 NO SCHOOL
November 10 Wear Red, White, and Blue or Camo
November 10 Veteran’s Day Program
November 10 Trout Release
November 10 Skyzone Night
November 14 Thanksgiving Lunch K, 2nd, 3rd
November 14 Menchie’s and Moe’s Night
November 17 PJ Day for $1

October 23

The BUZZ ~ 10/23 – 10/27

THANK YOU!  I have many reasons to be thankful.  I am appreciative of all of the  amazing donations you have given to our school’s big fundraiser.  Our class has been in the lead during the entire campaign.  I’m not sure of the results yet, but we will find out soon. I am just so thankful for all donations you’ve provided to help our school continue to be a wonderful place to learn.

I am also thankful for meeting with you and your child this week.  I enjoyed listening to them explain their progress and show off their hard work.  Our portfolios aren’t finished!  As the year progresses, the children will take home papers to share with you and then bring them back to highlight in their portfolios.  I hope you had fun going over the memories from their primary grades.


Want to learn about gifted eligibility? Click on the link below to learn more!





This is a reminder that homework is given out on Friday is due back on the following Friday.  This week, the children will be gathering items to create their own Main Idea bags that they’ll present on Friday.  Also, please know that I’ve sent them home with their Social Studies books.  They are to read about the productive resources and should be ready for an assessment on Wednesday.  Thank you!


READING:  Main Idea continued, Non-fiction text features

WRITING:  Paragraph writing / How-To writing

SPELLING: Week 11 on

GRAMMAR: Using Verbs!


MATH: Multiplication / Multiples of 10 & word problems

SOCIAL STUDIES: Productive Resources

SCIENCE: Beginning Fossils!

Important Dates Coming Up
October 23 Pink Out
October 23-27 Red Ribbon Week
October 23-27 Boo Gram Sales
October 24 Zaxby’s Night
October 31 Book Character Day
November 2 Fine Arts/PTA Night


October 16

The BUZZ ~ 10/16- 10/20

Who’s ready for conferences?

I am!  I’m looking forward to seeing you an your child this week for our student-led conferences.  This is the time  for them to share their goals with you and show off their hard work. Please let me know if you have a conflict with your conference time this week, and we can always reschedule.  I am flexible!  I am excited to share their growth this nine weeks with you!  Don’t forget to bring your student with you to your assigned time.  I will post the schedule for each day on a board outside of my room. I will do my best to stay on the assigned schedule.  Thank you!

EARLY RELEASE ALL WEEK!  Car riders will be released at 12:20pm and bus riders at 12:25pm.  There will be no after school clubs this week.

REPORT CARDS: Your child will share their report card with you the day of the conference.  If you have any questions about anything, please be sure to let me know.

BOX TOPS:  Save them!  Bring them! We want them! It’s grade vs. grade time, and third grade wants to win.  Thank you!

CHALLENGE: Is your child ready to do more for homework?  Does your child finish everything quickly?  I have an at-home challenge for the students.  This is strictly optional!  Mrs. Rooke is sharing her “Connect the Dot Challenge!”  I have packets copied and ready to send home tomorrow.  Basically, there are 100 questions to answer before the end of the school year.  If your child answers all questions, they receive a prize…a GOOD prize!  I know some are ready for the challenge!  Let me know if you have any questions.

SURRENDER THE BOOTY!:  Thank you so much for donating to this  fundraiser!  We are almost at our $30,000 goal.  I cannot wait to see the administration kiss a REAL pig this week for reaching our $20,000 mark.  Let’s keep up the giving!

READING: Main Idea

WRITING: Begin our “How To” writing


MATH: Multliplication

SOCIAL STUDIES: Productive Resources


October 20 Surrender the Booty Ends
October 16-20 Box Top Contest
October 16-20 Book Fair
October 16-17 Reflections Projects Due
October 23 Pink Out
October 23-27 Red Ribbon Week
October 23-27 Boo Gram Sales
October 24 Zaxby’s Night
October 31 Book Character Day
November 2 Fine Arts/PTA Night



October 9

The BUZZ ~ 10/9 -10/13

We had a great week last week.  We started with a wonderful trip to the Vulcan Rock Quarry on Monday. Thank you to those who helped me supervise the group and serve lunch.  I think the children had quite the experience observing the trucks, conveyor belts, grinders, the money hole, and of course… the Rock Man video.  I believe the best part of their trip was rock collecting!

STUDENT LED CONFERENCES begin next week.  Please sign up for a 20 minutes slot next week.  The students will be sharing their goals and their accomplishments.  I look forward to meeting with you and your child!

SURRENDER THE BOOTY! Woohoo!  Third grade is leading the pack in donations.  The other good news?  Our class is in the lead!!!  Thank you so much for the donations that came in last week.  If you haven’t donated, there is plenty of time left.  Please remember that we will not have a Boosterthon this year, so this is the big fundraiser for our school.  Thanks!




Last week was public safety worker appreciation week.  Thank you to our very own Officer Miller for everything you do for our school.  If you see him, please tell him how much you appreciate him!!!




Reading: Poetry, Response Journal review

Writing:  Editing, Revising, Publishing

Spelling: Week 9

Grammar:  Possessive review

Social Studies:  American Indians

Important Dates Coming Up
October 2-20 Surrender the Booty
October 13 Movie Night 6-9pm
October 13 Book Fair Preview 6-8pm
October 16-20 Box Top Contest
October 16-20 Book Fair
October 16-20 EARLY RELEASE
October 16-17 Reflections Projects Due



October 2

The BUZZ ~ 10/2 – 10/6

Welcome BACK!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break.  Please read the previous post regarding weekly curriculum and school happenings. Let’s have a great week!


Field TRIP tomorrow! Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a disposable lunch if bringing, and come with a good attitude! We will leave school around 9:30am and be back to school around 12:30pm.


September 25

The Buzz ~ 9/25 – 9/29

Have a wonderful Fall Break!

FIELD TRIP!  Monday, October 2, we will go to the Vulcan Rock Quarry.  Please remember to send your child in tennis shoes and dress appropriately for the weather since some of our visit will be outside.  We will arrive at 10am and leave at 12:30pm.  You are welcome to join us!  You can meet us at the quarry or you can follow the buses to the site.  If your child is bringing a lunch from home, please be sure everything is disposable. All children are required to ride back to school on the bus after the trip.  Thank you!

SURRENDER THE BOOTY: From October 2 – 20th, Pickett’ Mill is running this direct donation event.  ONE HUNDRED % of the money goes directly to our school.  This fundraiser goes toward funding a full time STEM teacher, the Leader in Me program, and new technology for our school.  Please consider contributing!  All donations are tax deductable

CLASSROOM NEWS:  Our class is growing!  The HIVE welcomes Taylor Morrow!  This week we saw testing, super specials and Wacky Hair Day! It was a one crazy week, but we all survived and are thrilled to have a break this week.  I heard about all kinds of fun family plans this week. Stay safe and have a great break.

OPTIONAL READING CHALLENGE:  I gave the students a reading challenge paper on Friday.  If they complete the paper by coloring in a leaf for every 10 minutes they read over the break and bring it back signed on 10/2, they’ll get a prize!  Happy reading!

LEADER OF THE WEEK:  Thank you to Jenny Malinao for being a great leader.  The students have voted and our next leader will be Carsyn Ferris.  Way to go, Carsyn!

Reading:  Using context clues

Writing: The Writing Process

Cursive: Cc

Grammar: Simple sentences

Math: Division, 2 step problems

Heath: Nutrition

Social Studies: American Indians




Important Dates 
September 25-29 Fall Break
October 2-Saleeby to Rock Quarry
October 2-20 Surrender the Booty
October 4 Picture Retakes
October 5 Five Guys Family Night
October 13 Movie Night 6-9pm
October 13 Book Fair Preview 6-8pm