Week of 11/13-11/17

Book Fair is this week. We are going as a class on Wednesday. We also will have Adventures in Art (Wednesday) and Fit in Fifth (Tuesday) this week. On Friday, we are going to participate in a mock trial at the court house. I am missing a few permission forms. I will send another copy home tomorrow. Target is also on hold until the first of the year while target teachers complete new evaluations.

Reading- We are finishing up on Text Structure. We will have an assessment on this Tuesday. We will them move on to depth of knowledge questioning. Students should have their book club books finished and will be creating a project from their books this week instead of turning in post-its.

Math- We are continuing on with dividing whole numbers partial quotient and standard algorithm. We will do a Thanksgiving math project this week in class for a project grade.

Writing- We will have vocab this week. Students will finish their body paragraphs for their essays.

Social Studies- We will continue to heard our cattle up the trail. This project will be complete this week. Students will work on group projects on important inventors this week.

Week of 11/6 -11/10

Will time please slow down! We only have 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break! I can’t believe it!

This week students are out of school on Tuesday and Friday is our Veteran’s Day breakfast and parade. If you have not sent in an RSVP and have a Veteran attending please let me know ASAP.

Reading- We will be continuing work on non-fiction text structures.

Writing- We will be choosing a text structure for our research papers and drafting them. We will have vocab this week. We had so much fun on Friday with our Ellis Island simulation. Students will be writing a graded reflection piece tomorrow.

Math- We will review powers of ten then move on to division of whole numbers. Students will not have a morning work quiz this week.

Social Studies- We are moving on the Cattle Trails and the turn of the century. We have an exciting project planned!!

Don’t forget to sign up on our Shutterfly site for Thanksgiving basket items.

Week of 10/30-11/3

We have a busy week ahead of us! Hold on tight! This week we have High Touch High Tech (in house science field trip) on Wednesday. Our Ellis Island simulation is Friday. The students also, more than likely, have Halloween plans on Tuesday. We also have math and science tests this week.

Reading- We will be working on how vocabulary gets hard in nonfiction and how to figure out word meanings.

Writing- We are finishing up with research for our research projects this week. No vocab this week!!

Math- We are testing on multiplication of Decimals Tuesday. Students completed the study guide in class Friday. We will review it tomorrow then they will bring it home to study from. We are moving on to multiplying and dividing by powers of 10.

Science- We will have a test over Physical and Chemical changes on Wednesday. The study guide will go home tomorrow for homework.

Social Studies- We will spend a little bit of time getting prepared for Ellis Island on Friday. A form will go home in Monday folders with some more info!


Week of 10/23-10/27

Hello Parents! I emailed earlier about the Fifth grade musical being postponed. I hope you received that email. I will be out of town on Monday and Tuesday at a STEM conference next week, but Mrs. Paterson will be here. We will have Adventures in Art Friday morning and grade level STEM Friday from 11-12.

Reading- Multiple main ideas in one text.

Math- Multiplying Decimals. Test Tuesday 10/31. Morning work quiz Wednesday.

Writing- Researching their topic. Please help your child at home find good sources online or at the local library. They will need hard copied of these Tuesday and Thursday next week.

Science- Physical and Chemical Changes. We will be doing some labs next week. We are in need of the following items. Vinegar, sugar, wax paper, balloons, Baking soda, plastic spoons. Then a few snack items such as goldfish, pretzels, m & m’s (to make a mixture)


Week of 10/16-10/20

Good Morning! We are excited to meet with each of you this week. Thank you all for signing up! Reminder dismissal begins at 12:30 each day. Also, Friday is the fall festival. Get your wrist bands.

Reading- We are beginning to work on finding the main idea and supporting details in non-fiction texts.

Writing- This week we will choose and narrow our topics for our history research papers. We want to focus on the impact that the event chosen had on history. This week instead of vocabulary, I will continue working with students on conjunctions and we will take a quiz on this on Friday.

Math- We have a multiplication quiz on Tuesday. Practice some 3 x 2 digit problems using standard algorithm at home. Then we will model multiplication of decimals. MW quiz is Wednesday.

S.S- Students will finish reconstruction this week with a poster project and one in class assignment.


Week of 10/9- 10/13

Tomorrow marks the beginning of  the new semester. We are making a small change in the classroom. We are going to switch to units in science and social studies. We will teach SS reconstruction for the next two weeks, then science, then social studies again. Our hope is that the students can take a more active role in their learning and not have to just sit and take notes. The week of the 16th is conference week if you have not signed up, please do so soon.

Reading- Moving on to non-fiction texts. We will just be introducing non-fiction this week.

Writing- Informational writing- We will be looking at mentor texts this week and looking deeply at the way they are structured.

Math- Whole number multiplication array model and standard algorithm. Morning work quiz is Wednesday.

S.S- Reconstruction


Week of 10/2-10/6

The end of this week marks the end of the first nine weeks. Time has flown by! We have enjoyed getting to know your children and look forward to sharing their successes with you during conference week. An email will go out to those students with siblings at East Side tomorrow for you so sign up for conferences first. Then an email will be sent to the rest of you Wednesday. Please sign up for your conference on signup genius this week. If there is a conflict for you please let me know asap so that we can figure out another time to meet.

This week

Reading- We are reviewing standards we learned this quarter. We will take a unit test on Tuesday.

Writing- We are finishing our final copies and sharing them with our peers. Vocab will begin again this week.

Math- Addition and subtraction of decimals. Quiz Friday.

Social Studies- We will take our unit test Wednesday.

Science- We will complete an in class science project.

Week of 9/18-9/22

IOWA testing continues this week on Monday and Tuesday.

Reading- We are working on theme. We will be writing a reading response and ending our first book club this week.

Writing- We will edit our final papers and publish them when we get back from the break.

Math- We have a two part unit test this week. Part one on Wednesday and Part two on Friday. We will also be trained on Conceptua in the classroom Wednesday.

Science- We will take our unit test on Wednesday. We will have our first school wide STEM day of the year Friday. Send in your boxes starting tomorrow. Please donate any supplies you thing we can build with this week too.

Social Studies- We are finishing up the Civil War. Students are finishing their Trading card project this week. A study guide will go home Wednesday and our test is Wednesday when we get back from the break.

Please feel free to come in on Friday if you can. You could just stop by for a few minutes between 10 and 12 or stay the whole time. We will be building and having a blast!