Week of 12/10-12/14

Good Evening! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I wanted to remind you all that our Winter Party is 12/19 @ 12:30- 2:00. I believe there are still volunteer opportunities. We could also still use a volunteer on Tuesday from 9:45-11 to help with Fit in Fifth. Sign up for both on our class Shutterfly site.  IOWA test scores went home last week in folders. If you have any questions about them or would like to meet to discuss them please reach out.

I sent an email about the Kindness project last week and there was no due date on it. The donation for the shipping and the supplies will be due on 12/21.

We only have 2 weeks left of this quarter. We have almost wrapped up all of our units just a few things to finish this week and the beginning of the next. I will finish grading informational essays and their Minion projects and then send folders home with graded work Tuesday.

We will be cheering Allie and Benji on in the school spelling bee this Thursday!

Reading: We will take SRI again on Wednesday. They will have their unit reading assessment on Thursday. We will also be completing mid year reading assessments in class this week.

Writing: We will be working on some creative writing this week ( I can’t give you many details.. it’s a surprise). We will have vocab this week since we took last week off.

Math: We will be introducing fractions so that we can begin adding and subtracting fractions when we return from winter break.

Social Studies: Great Depression. They will have their test on Tuesday 12/18. We will also have STEM on Friday.

I had a ton of information to get to you this week. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Week of Dec 3-7

Good evening! Sorry I am late this weekend! We celebrated Hudson’s birthday today. On Friday, we have the staff Christmas luncheon. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to sit with the students so I can attend. It is an ugly sweater themed luncheon so the students are decorating a sweater for me to wear… we shall see what they come up with. We also have HTHT on Thursday. Next Tuesday 12/11 we have two hour collaboration. I believe we are still in need of a parent volunteer. Please sign-up on Shutterfly if you can help.

Reading: We will have a grade on summary tomorrow. Then we will work on multiple accounts of the same event for the rest of the week.

Math: We will have a test over division of Decimals this Wednesday. Then we will have a decimal Café on Thursday.

Writing: We will finish publishing our papers this week and will grade them together in groups. We will have vocab this week… then, I think, not again until the first of the year.

Science: We will take our test Tuesday over heredity. The students have their study guide due tomorrow. We will also finish our minion project tomorrow. Then Mrs. Vena will be working on the Roaring 20’s and The Great Depression.

Week of Nov. 26-30

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We have a pretty normal week this week. Target will not meet again until after the first of the year.

Reading: We will have a grade on text structure on Tuesday. We will then begin working on summaries.

Writing: We should finish our introductions and conclusions this week and will publish next week. Vocab quiz Friday.

Math: We will begin dividing decimals.

Science: We will begin a mini unit on inherited traits. We will start a project towards the end of the week.

Week of Nov. 12-16

This is the last week before our Thanksgiving break. We are visiting the book fair Monday morning, so send your child with money if you would like. We will have Adventures in Art on Thursday morning. We are still in need of one volunteer to assist (you do not need to be collaboration trained). Shani will present the lesson. If you can volunteer from 8-9, sign up on Shutterfly. We will also have High Touch High Tech on Thursday. This Wednesday will be the last day of target until the first of the year.

Reading: We will be working on text structure. Post it sheets are due Tuesday as well as book club reading.

Writing: We will be composing our body paragraphs this week. Please have your child bring in an article printed about their topic. Vocab quiz Friday.

Math: We will learn how to multiply decimals using standard algorithm this week. They will have a TEST over multiplying decimals on Friday.

Social Studies: They have their Lusitania projects Due this Tuesday. They will have their unit test over WWI on Friday.

Week of Nov.5-9

We will have a short but busy week. Remember that kids are not at school on Tuesday. We also have a field trip the the Atlanta Symphony on Friday. We are asking that all students dress nice for this field trip, since it is at the symphony hall. Also, permission slips for the Atlanta field trip went home last week. Please email me if you would like to chaperone this trip.

Math: We are going to be working on modeling multiplication of decimals. We will have a classwork grade on Friday.

Reading: We will be working on figuring out the meaning of unknown words. I will also still be working with some students on main idea. Post it sheets due Monday and book clubs will meet Monday this week.

Writing: Students choose their topics last week. We will be researching our topics this week and part of next week. Ask them about their topic! No vocab this week.

Social Studies: They are working with Mrs. Vena in WWI. They finished their science projects last week. **I think Mrs. Vena is assigning a SS project soon. We will be doing a grade level STEM project on Thursday.


Week of Oct. 29- Nov. 2

Kids are going to be pumped up for Halloween this week! We are going to have some fun, but we will still be learning. We will be doing Halloween STEM on Tuesday in the afternoon. Our room moms will have a signup sheet on Shutterfly for supplies.

Math: We will have a multiplication and division of whole numbers test on Friday. We will be working on word problems and reviewing both this week. Please practice with your kids at home.

Reading: We will be continuing with Non-fiction main idea. I may have something fun planned for them. We will have a main idea grade later in the week. Also, post-it sheets are dues Tuesday, and they need to be caught up with their reading for book club by then.

Writing: We will continue to learn how to be a researcher. Students will choose their research topic by the end of the week. Vocab quiz Friday.

Science/SS- We will finish our projects on Classification Monday or Tuesday. Mrs. Vena will start WWI on Thursday.


Week of 10/22-10/26

Good Morning! Thank you all for the donations last week. We can’t wait to get started with non-fiction! We are finally back to a normal schedule this week.

Math- We will continue with division. Expect a division quiz Friday.

Reading- We will launch our non-fiction unit this week. We will be diving into main ideas this week. We will also start a new book club book.

Writing- We will be learning how to research this week. We will have vocab.

Science- We will have a test in science over classification on Friday (study guide Wednesday). We will begin a science project towards the end of the week (it will be done in class). It will be due a week from Tuesday.

I enjoyed meeting with all of you last week! Please let me know if you need anything.

Week of Oct 15-19

Hello! This week is conference week! I am so excited to meet with each of you this week! At my conference last week, I learned so many great strategies to use to engage students! One thing that we are doing new is morning choice. Students in the morning will get to pick an activity or game to work on before the bell rings. The goal for this is to get them excited to come to school and energized for the day. We have some games and activities, but if you have any extra games like checkers, chess, Sorry, Guess Who,  etc. We would love to use them in the classroom. We will begin non-fiction soon, I have so many great ideas to make it fresh and exciting too. I have updated my Amazon Wish list with some items we are in need of for this unit. We would love any donations.

We have a full schedule even though we have early release every day this week at 12:20.

Math: Partial Quotient Division, grade Friday.

Reading: Analyzing multiple themes using poetry. We will have a classwork grade Friday

Writing: We are working on perspective fiction stories. We will begin prepositions this week. No vocab!

Science: We will begin our unit on Classification.



Week of Oct. 8-12

Hello! I wanted to let you all know that I will not be at school Monday and Tuesday. I will be attending the Get Your Teach On conference in Charlotte, NC. The conference is focused on student engagement and it will give me more ideas to bring learning alive! I am so excited that the East Side Foundation gave me this opportunity. Please consider donating to the foundation if you have not already. They provide us will amazing resources, and learning experiences that we can use to make East Side the best school to send your children! Donate Now

Math: We will continue multiplication, and we should be ready for a quiz over multiplication on Friday.

Reading: We will be working on writing summaries this week.

Writing: The students will be writing a journal entry on their time at Ellis Island. At the end of the week, we will begin a fiction story. We will have vocabulary this week.

SS and Science: The students will complete an amendment project. Then at the end of the week we will begin our science unit on classification.

Reminder: Thursday is early release. Students get out at 12:20. Then conference week is the 15-19th, early release every day during conference week.

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