Week of March 18th thru March 22nd

Monday, March 18th: 
-Executive Branch Quiz
-Legislative Branch notes 72-85  (homework)
19 – legislative branch organizer-23wgxri
-Finish Legislative Branch Scavenger Hunt
19-Legislative branch scavenger hunt-23yws0h
Quiz on Legislative Branch on Wednesday

Tuesday, March 19th:
-Review Legislative Branch Notes
19- legislative branch-1h0ehb0
-Introduce Bill Becomes a Law project
Study for Legislative Branch Quiz


Wednesday, March 20th:
-Legislative branch quiz
-Work on Bill Becomes a Law project
19 – Bill to Law Comic Strip-1ltl901
19- Bill to Law Project Rubric-1cd6g9x
Due on Tuesday, March 26th

Thursday, March 21st: 
-Work on Bill Becomes a Law Project

Friday, March 22nd:
-Hidden Figures

Week of March 11th thru 15th:

Monday, March 11th:
Civil Rights Test
Read pgs 91- 103

Tuesday, March 12th:
Executive Branch Notes

Wednesday, March 13th:
Executive branch review
Read pgs 80 -85
19-Executive Branch BLOG-24w3ib3
19- Executive Branch guided notes-2k6crav

Thursday, March 14th: 
Bill Becomes a Law
-Recent Bill in Georgia

Friday, March 15th:
Legislative Branch Scavenger Hunt
19-Legislative branch scavenger hunt-23ypd8s
Peach State Politics 
NPR Podcast

Week of March 4th through March 8th

Monday, March 4th: 
-Review 24:1
-Civil Rights Quiz
Civil Rights Test on Monday, March 11th

Tuesday, March 5th:
-Review 24:2 and Summary Activity
PowerPoint review for all notes and summary activity below.  Scroll through to find the section needed. 
CR Review Blog-1b7rlez

Wednesday, March 6th: 
-Civil Rights Virtual Field Trip

Thursday, March 7th:
Jimmy Carter
19-Jimmy Carter-23asgjt
Jimmy Carter organizer-18wyp9r

Friday, March 8th:
-Review for Test
19- Flashcards-wjupio
Hmwk: STUDY for Monday’s Test 

Week of February 25th – March 1st:

Monday, February 25th:
-Registration Review
High School Registration-ys5xoa
-Test Review Activity(WW2, Post War Agriculture, Allen/Hartsfield, 3 Governor Controversy)


Tuesday, February 26th: 
Civil Rights Movement: Chapter 24: Section 1 (pgs 606 – 615)

Wednesday, February 27th:
-Civil Rights Movement Chapter 24: Section 2 ( pgs 614- 624)

Thursday, February 28th:
-Finish notes from 24:2
-Review first half of 24:1

Friday, March 1st: 
-A Time for Justice Video

Week of February 11th – 15th:

Monday, February 11th:
-Finish typing resumes
-Peer Edit
AC:  Turn in Extension Activity
HMWK:  Finish resume if needed, create interview questions, prepare for your interview

Tuesday, February 12th:
-Turn in Resumes
Example Resumes To Study for Quiz
18- Hartsfield Model-1iie8le
18- Ivan Allen, Jr. Model-tosbej
HMWK:  Study for Quiz on Thursday (WW2 and Post war agriculture notes)

Wednesday, February 13th:
-Story of U.S. WW2
What to Study for Quiz:
– WW2 Notes (Review Carl Vinson and Richard B. Russell as well)
18- WWII PH-Lend lease-Webquest-ue7zy3
18- Georgia and WW2-1kpsg7x
-Post War Agriculture
18-19 changes in agriculture__18-19-1otauy1
-Post War Mayors

Thursday, February 14th: 

Friday, February 15th:
-Three Governor Controversy
18- 3 Governor Contro Organizer-ui850l
18- Three Governor Controversy-blog-2o7jxdq




Week of February 4th – 8th:

Monday, February 4th
-WW2 Intro
-Lend-Lease/Pearl Harbor Lesson

Tuesday, February 5th:
-Use the Web Link below to fill in your chart on WW2’s impacts on Georgia

Wednesday, February 6th:
 -Finish WW2 Chart
18- WWII PH-Lend lease-Webquest-ue7zy3
-Review Information in class
18- Georgia and WW2-1kpsg7x
hmwk- Read pgs 656-659
Complete Reading Guide
19- Post War Agriculture Rdg Guide.-2fro2ca

Thursday, February 7th:
– Review Postwar Agriculture
18-19 changes in agriculture-1gbzyja
-Introduce Mayor Resume Activity
Resume dos and donts-1z1h1qs
18- Mayor Resume Activity-16w4rkj (scroll to page 2 for the AC version)
Ivan Allen Article
William Hartsfield Article

Friday, February 8th:
-Begin Typing Resume – Due Tuesday
-AC: Enrichment due Monday
2/14- QUIZ
2/26- Test 

Week of January 28th – February 1st:

Monday, January 28th:
-New Deal Jigsaw
-Quiz Tuesday
-Test Friday

Tuesday, January 29th:
Snow Day

Wednesday, January 30th:
-Eugene Talmadge
18- Eugene Talmadge-1iknbrk
19- Talmadge New Deal Opposition-1nw1aeo

Thursday, January 31st:
-New Deal/Talmadge Review
18 – New Deal Program Reviews_updated-1531a82
-Study for Test

Friday, February 1st: 
-Test WWI, Great Depression, FDR, New Deal

Week of January 21st – 25th:

Monday, January 21st: 
MLK Jr. Holiday

Tuesday, January 22nd: 
-Review WWI Notes
18-19 World War One-1ud5u4c
-Great Depression Vocabulary
18- Great Depression Vocab-26vm5hu

Wednesday, January 23rd:
-Great Depression: Causes and Effects
18-The Great Depression cause and effect-v9mtlf
18- Great Depression Cause and Effects BLOG-2klnwko

Thursday, January 24th:
-America in the 20th Century (video w/questions)

Friday, January 25th:
-FDR and the New Deal Jigsaw

Week of January 14th thru January 18th:

Monday, January 14th:
-Complete Alonzo Herndon/Race Riots of 1906
Hmwk:  Complete any outstanding activities for homework

Monday, February 11th
Monday, March 25th
Monday, May 6th

Tuesday, January 15th:
-Review New South Unit w/ Q & A
-Bio Cards for Review
Bio Set Review Cards-wnfvld
New South Blog Review-27cb9aq

Wednesday, January 16th: 

-Test Review

Thursday, January 17th:

-New South Unit Test
-Read pgs 510-515
-Complete WWI notes

Friday, January 18th: 
-Complete WWI Notes