Week of April 24th – 28th:

Monday, April 20th:
Court Prep- 10 minutes
Test Review

Tuesday, April 21st:
Government Test
Juvenile Justice Essay – due tomorrow
(evidence does not need to be a direct quote, or cited from the articles since you do not have them in front of you.  I will be looking for your argument and for information you gained from the jigsaw.  This is NOT a FORMAL writing assignment)
18- Juvenile Essay-2jgkdsk

Wednesday, April 22nd:
Your Day in Court

Week of April 16th – 20th:

Monday, April 16th:
Periods 6 and 7
-City County Government
17- County and City governments-1yxcf3x

-Personal Finance

Tuesday, April 17th:
Last Day of Testing

Wednesday, April 18th:
-Juvenile Justice Extension Intro

Thursday, April 19th: 
-Juvenile Law Article Jigsaw

Friday, April 20th:
-Court Preparation
18- Your Day in Court-1fofiaz
18- Your Day In court-1jy1jhs
HMWK:  Complete study guide.  Due on Monday
18- Gov. Study Guide-2fyiwn


Week of March 26 – 30th:

Monday, March 26th:
-Film Industry in Georgia

Tuesday, March 27th:
-Legislative Branch
18- Legislative branch-19ppck9
18- legislative branch-1q6jck2
-Film Industry Review
hmwk– Frayer Models for the Judicial Branch due on Thursday
18 -Judicial Vocab Frayer-1tcfr0b

Wednesday, March 28th:
-Executive Branch
18-Executive Branch-2hd6ql3
18- Executive Branch guided notes-1k2mbes
hmwk- Judicial Branch Frayers due tomorrow

Thursday, March 29th: 
Judicial Vocab Review
Judicial Branch
Adult Trial Process

Friday, March 30th:
-Year Review w/ Kahoot




May 7th–6th Grade

May 9th–7th Grade

May 11–8th Grade

T-shirt sales began Monday, March 19 and will end on Wednesday, April 11.  New this year, all sales will be online via www.MyPaymentsPlus.com  If you do not already have an account set up, you will need to create one.  (If you pay for lunch online, then you already have an account!)  Find more information and directions on how to create an account on the PE blog http://www.cobblearning.net/dickersonpe/

Week of March 19th – 21st:

Quiz on Civil Right on Monday, March 26 

Monday, March 19th:
Hmwk:  Read the article on Jimmy Carter and identify his connection to Georgia and his contributions as State Senator, Governor, President, and post-Presidency.

Tuesday, March 20th:
-Jimmy Carter Mini Lesson
18-Jimmy Carter Article-2lnll4v
17-Jimmy Carter-zvkck5
Jimmy Carter organizer-18eus9r
-Civil Rights – review video questions and picture analysis

Wednesday, March 21st:
-Andrew Young Mini Lesson
18 -Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young-tu2u69
-Finish Civil Rights Notes
18- Civil Rights Lecture Notes-1nvrftt
Hmwk:  1996 Olympics
Read the Olympic Article and complete the organizer
1996 Olympics-11awmug
Article Link 

Thursday, March 22nd:
-Georgia’s Constitution
18-Georgia’s Constitution-1n99h05
18-Georgia’s Constitution-1n98vix
-I have Who Has

Friday, March 23rd:
-Legislative Branch
I have Who Has
HMWK: Civil Rights Quiz on Monday


Week of 3/12 – 3/16:

Monday, March 12th:
-Finish typing resume
-Create interview questions
-Prepare for interview

Tuesday, March 13th:
-Resumes due

Wednesday, March 14th
-Three Governor Controversy
18- Three Governor Controversy ii-z4ly4j
18- 3 Governor Contro Organizer-u0vw99

Thursday, March 15th:
Warm up Quiz
Study Guide
18- Study guide for test-18rzcu6

Friday, March 16th:17- Civil rights intro video questions and photo analysis-18hk9g2
Civil Right Intro
17 – Civil Rights Intro Picture Analysis Activity-yfu9yn
17- Civil rights intro video questions and photo analysis-18hk9g2
Study for Test!

Week of March 5th – 9th

Monday, March 5th:
-Webquest Review
18- Georgia and WW2-1k8gevk

Tuesday, March 6th:
-Shift in Agriculture after WW2
18- Agri cause and effect intro-1eebq8g
18- Postwar Technology Article-2fe3kf7

Wednesday, March 7th:
-Review Agriculture
-Mayor Resume Assignment

Thursday, March 8th:
-Review agriculture
-Introduce Mayor Resume Project:  Students will read article on assigned mayor and highlight information to use on resume:
18- Mayor Resume Activity-16eunld
(Scroll to second page for AC)

Friday, March 9th:
-Start typing resumes
HMWK– work on interview questions
prep information for resume if you are struggling

Week of February 26th – March 2nd:

Monday, February 26th:
– New Deal Review
-Quiz Announced: WWI, Great Depression, FDR, New Deal, Eugene Talmadge, FDR

Tuesday, February 27th:
-High School Registration
-New Deal Choice Board
17__New Deal Choice Activity-rc8g4g
17- New Deal Choice Rubric__final-2g8usa6
17- New Deal Consumer Review-23k43yy

Wednesday, February 28th:
– WWII Prior Knowledge mind map
-Lend Lease/Pearl Harbor
18- WWII PH-Lend lease-Webquest-twkqfv
18- WWII Intro and mini lesson on Lend Lease and Pearl Harbor-u65uej

Thursday, March 1st:
Health Survey 
WWII WebQuest
HMWK– Finish New Deal Choice Board
17- New Deal Choice Rubric__final-2g8yd4y
Review for Quiz tomorrow:  WWI, Great Depression, FDR, New Deal, Eugene Talmadge

Friday, March 2nd:
-Finish Webquest




Week of February 12th – 16th:

Monday, February 12th:
-WWI Notes and Review
17__Prelude to World War I-1aibzgj

Tuesday, February 13th:
Pages 380 – 386 Roaring Twenties
The Roaring 20’s- Updated-1hxtoj4
Great Depression Vocabulary
18- Great Depression Vocab-26dwzwh

Wednesday, February 14th:
Causes and Effect of the Great Depression
17__The Great Depression cause and effect-2ajlzvp
FDR Intro
17__Great Depression_streamlined-1xzh8ps

Thursday, February 15th:
-New Deal Jigsaw

Friday, February 16th
-Finish New Deal Jigsaw
16 – New Deal Program Reviews_updated-r5qarv

Rising 9th Grade Announcement:
Parents/Guardians of rising 9th graders (Walton Class of 2022) are invited to attend Walton High School’s Rising 9th Grade Information Night on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. In order to make the best use of time and to provide the most informative, curriculum based presentation, we are hosting two identical presentations that evening.


Parents of students with last name A-L will meet in the Walton Theater at 6pm. After the curriculum presentation, these parents will have the option of going to the Information Center, where Walton’s academic department chairs and counselors will be available for questions from 6:45-7:30pm.


Parents of students with last name M-Z will meet in the Walton Theater at 7pm. After the curriculum presentation, these parents will have the option of going to the Information Center where Walton’s academic department chairs and counselors will be available for questions from 7:45-8:30pm.


Where: Walton Theater

When: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2 Identical Parent/Guardian Sessions by last name:

          Last name A-L, 6pm

          Last name M-Z, 7pm


Week of February 5th- 9th:

Monday, February 5th:
Finish your final TWO centers
All 8 stations are due tomorrow
hwmk- Finish any incomplete stations

Tuesday, February 6th:
Alonzo Herndon mini-lesson
Centers Summary Questions
18- New South Centers Summary Questions-2kek99w

Wednesday, February 7th:
-Leo Frank Case
-Alonzo Herndon
18- Herndon and Frank-13k3os6

Thursday, February 8th:
-Review for New South Test
18- New South Study Guide-10634kk


Friday, February 9th: 
-New South Test