Week of October 8 – 12th:

Monday, October 8th: 
American Revolution Test

Tuesday, October 9th: 
History of US

Wednesday, October 10th:
Review Bill of Rights
18-19 Bill of Rights-253nx48
Government Vocab

Thursday, October 11th: 
Early Release
Finish vocab (homework if not complete)
Vocab Chp 2, Section 1-13ii8d7

Friday, October 12th: 
-Chapter 2: Section One pgs 53- 58
-Cloze Notes On-Level
-Outline Notes for AC classes
Intro to Outlining Notes with 2-1-2908rro

Week of September 17 – 21:

Monday, September 17th: 
Royal Colony Review
French and Indian War
18-19 -Georgia-and-the-Revolutionary-War-1470lvp
hmwk:  Get book cover by Friday, September 21st

Tuesday, September 18th:
Tory VS Patriots
18-19 Tory VS Patriot-16o4pif
American Revolution Notes

Wednesday, September 19th:
American Revolution Notes

Thursday, September 20th:
Revolution Propaganda Activity

Friday, September 21st: 
18 – 19 American Revolution Propaganda-1bhvr5i
Revolution Propaganda Activity/Review

Week of September 10 – 14th:

Monday, September 1oth:
-Warm Up Quiz
-In class study time for test: Unit Two Test on Wednesday
AC:  Extension Activity due on Friday

Tuesday, September 11th:

Wednesday, September 12th:
-Unit Two Test

Thursday, September 13th: 
-Breakout in Media Center

Friday, September 14th:
-Georgia as a Royal Colony
17-Royal Colony-2mvkvz7

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Week of September 4 – 8th:

September 12th-  Unit Two Test: Prehistory, Exploration, Colonization, New Colonist

Tuesday, September 4th: 
-Review Colonization
-Primary Doc Review: Charter of 1732

Wednesday, September 5th:
-Newcomers to Georgia

Thursday, September 6th:
-Finish Newcomers Activity
18-19- Trustee Comes to an End-25zoris
18- 19- Diverse Groups Article-1rwbg10
18- 19- Diverse Groups Come to Georgia JIgsaw-1uhe8do

Friday, September 7th:
-Finish Newcomer Presentations

Week of August 27 – 31:

Monday, August 27:
-Colonization Reading Guide
-Chapter 9: Section One
18-19- Colonization reading guide-21tweu3

Tuesday, August 28th:
-Finish Reading Guide

Wenedsday, August 29th:
-Early Release
-Magnet Presentations
-Finish Reading Guide

Thursday, August 30th:
-Prehistory/Exploration Quiz
-Annotate the Charter of 1732

Friday, August 31st:
-Quiz Review
-Colonization Review
18-Georgia Colony Notes Review-17niuis

Week of August 20th – 24th:

Monday, August 20th: 
-Unit One Geography Test

Tuesday, August 21st: 
-Prehistoric Indians
-Mississippian Indians
18-19 -Prehistoric Indians-The Mississippians-2i6r1pb
18-19- Georgia’s Pre-history-1z81dhs

Wednesday, August 22nd: 
-European Exploration Intro
-Slotted Notes
18- Exploration slotted notes-259zlrm

18- Exploration-1lpqhyl

Thursday, August 23rd:
-Finish Exploration Notes

Friday, August 24th:
-Group Review:  Two- Minute Summaries
-Prepare for Quiz on Thursday

Week of August 13th – 17th:

Parents, your child’s Milestone report will be coming home today.  Please make sure you ask them for their report. 

Monday, August 13th:
-Map and Geo Term Quiz
-Importance of Water
18-19 The Importance of Water-28y1b1z

18-19-Historical Importance of Water-1bpqltv

Tuesday, August 14th:
-Zombie Apocalypse
18-Zombie Apocalypse-10h66m6
-Regions Review

Wednesday, August 15th:
-Transportation Vocab
18-19- Transportation Questions-tx3n35
Transportation Reading Guide

Thursday, August 16th:
-Transportation Review
17-18 Transportation-2eebsb4
18-19- transportation articles-ybbhfl

Friday, August 16th:
-Test Review
18-19 Unit One Test Study Guide-18o716u


Week of August 6 – 10th:

Monday, August 6th: 
-Turn in Syllabus homework and review
18-19- Syllabi Review Assignment-2m9ocb1

-Notebook Check (students received online textbook log-ins)
-Work on Georgia Story (DUE TOMORROW)
My Georgia Story Choice Board-2775grb
My Ga Story Rubrics-2ia3i3k

**If you are interested in applying for a management position, complete your application by Friday!! 

Tuesday, August 7th:
Locker Room Expectations Mini-lesson in SS

Absolute/Relative Location Notes
Map of Georgia
17-Geogia Location Notes-18cii1x
18- Georgia Map Activity-1q9soj2
18- Georgia’s absolute and relative location-1nfd254

Map Support-xfvrlh

Wednesday, August 8th
-Five Regions of Georgia Info Chart w/QR Code Research
Regions Info Chart-2a6i6yy


Thursday, August 9th
Complete Five Regions Notes
App Plateau QR codes-z6z2m8
Blue Ridge QR codes (003)-1mxru45
The Coastal Plains QR codes-1kxzxwi
The Piedmont QR codes-1vto8w4
The Ridge and Valley QR codes-136tla0
Regions Info Chart-2a6jwst

Friday, August 10th:
-Review Regions Information Chart
18- Regions and 7 wonders review II-1mbna4q