Week of 12-10 thru 12-14:

Monday, December 10th:
-Read pgs 418 – 428
-Complete notes sheet
18- Reconstruction Plans-sbiaa9
AC Extension Due on Monday, December 17th
MID TERM- December 19th

Tuesday, December 11th:
-Review Plans
-Read pgs 430-434:
Answer the questions on the Freedman’s Bureau
Compare and contrast the Tenant Farming and Sharecropping

Wednesday, December 12th:
Review Reconstruction Plans and Freedman’s Bureau

Thursday, December 13th:
Reconstruction DBQ- AC ONLY
On-level # 1-25 on study guide
18- 19 Mid Term Study Guide-1ipbbqw

Friday, December 14th: 
AC:  Finish DBQ/Work on study guide

On-level:  26- 50 on Mid Term Study Guide


Week of November 26th thru 30th:

Monday, November 26th: 
-Review Causes of Civil War
Cause of CW match review-2e1nkxe
-Preparing for War
18- preparing for war-2663vis

18- Preparing for War-q14s7k
hmwk:  Causes of the Civil War Quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday, November 27th:
-Quiz Review
-Civil War Student Inquiry

Wednesday, November 28th:
-Causes of the Civil War Quiz
-Complete ONE and TWO of the Civil War Inquiry

Thursday, November 29th:
-Complete Activity 2 and 3

Friday, November 30th
-Finish Activity 4 and 5

ALL Activities will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday

Unit Test on Thursday, December 6th

Week of 11/12 thru 11/16:

Monday, November 12th:
-Westward Expansion Test
-Define Vocabulary Terms
HMWK:  Read pages 364- 371 (reading check tomorrow)
AC Classes:  Enrichment Due Wednesday 11/14

Tuesday, November 13th:
-Reading Check
-Perspectives on Slavery Jigsaw
hmwk:  Read pgs 372 – 380 (reading check tomorrow)
AC Classes:  Enrichment due tomorrow

Wednesday, November 14th:
AC CLASSES (2,3,and 6):  Extension Due today
-Reading Check Review
-Slave Perspectives Review
Reading Check over 372- 380

Thursday, November 15th:
-Cause of the Civil War Notes
18-19 Cause of the Civil War-1gqixpd
18- Causes of the CW Organizer-pvcqh4

Friday, November 16th:
-Finish Notes
-Story of U.S.


November 5th – 9th:

Monday, November 5th:
-Trail of Tears
Indian Removal Background Essay-1cnlznw
18-19- Indian Removal-2gjsoa1
TEST ON FRIDAY (Westward Expansion and Indian Removal)

Tuesday, November 6th:
No School

Wednesday, November 7th: 
-Finish Indian Removal Notes
Hmwk- Review Westward Expansion Notes/Finish Indian Removal Notes
18 – 19 – Center Review- Expansion Lecture-25y2jnp

Thursday, November 8th: 
Indian Removal Review

Friday, November 9th:
-Test Review
-Boudinot and Jackson Primary Documents

October 29 – November 2nd:

Monday, October 29:
On-Level: Test Correction/Review and Westward Expansion Centers
AC:  Westward Expansion Stations
Vocab Quiz on Friday

Tuesday through Thursday:
Complete Station Activities

Center One: Land Lottery
18-19 Land Distribution Center-1xmfhvz
18-19 Land Fever Article-13y3yp9
18-19 Land Organizer and reflection-2fay1ey

Center Two: UGA 
UGA Center-2l7mexo

Center Three:  Yazoo Land Fraud
18-19- Yazoo Center Article-25uupqc

Center Four:  Inventions: Railroads/Cotton Gin
Inventions Center-2ghuas1
Technology Cover-1fligtz  

Center Five:  Georgia Capitals: 
Historical Capitals Article__18-19-1frcrqb
18-19 Ga Historical Capitals Annotated Map-1fo3fi9 

Friday, November 3rd:
-Vocabulary Quiz
Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_5jedlo
-Center Review
18 – 19 – Center Review- Expansion Lecture-25y2jnp

Mid Term Elections-14hhib0


Week of October 22 – 26th:

Monday, October 22nd:
-Finish 2:2 notes (pgs 60-69)
-Create a 20 question review and answer key
Monday, October 22nd-1szw8ri
Chapter 2 Quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday, October 23rd:
-Review Chp 2:2
-Review for Quiz
Chapter 2-2 Textbook review-22li7yv
Chapter 2-1 Review-2fr6vja

Wednesday, October 24th:
-Chapter 2 Quiz

Thursday, October 25th:
Westward Expansion Vocab
Story of U.S.

Friday, October 27th:
Government Review Test Corrections
AC: Virtual Field Trip




Week of October 8 – 12th:

Monday, October 8th: 
American Revolution Test

Tuesday, October 9th: 
History of US

Wednesday, October 10th:
Review Bill of Rights
18-19 Bill of Rights-253nx48
Government Vocab

Thursday, October 11th: 
Early Release
Finish vocab (homework if not complete)
Vocab Chp 2, Section 1-13ii8d7

Friday, October 12th: 
-Chapter 2: Section One pgs 53- 58
-Cloze Notes On-Level
-Outline Notes for AC classes
Intro to Outlining Notes with 2-1-2908rro