Week of January 8 – 12

Civil War Inquiry Site 

Monday, January 8th:
-No School

Tuesday, January 9th:
-Quiz on Causes of Civil War Tomorrow
-Activities 1 – 3 due tomorrow by end of class
**AC Classes:  Do not complete extensions for activity ONE and SIX

Wednesday, January 10th:
Civil War Inquiry

Thursday, January 11th:
-Continue working on Civil War Inquiry

Friday, January 12th:
-ALL Inquiry Activities due on Tuesday, January 17th

Dear Parents of 8th Graders: 

Tomorrow, Friday, January 12th, we will send home the results of the PSAT 8/9.  There will also be a cover letter from  Dr. Brink to help guide you through the purpose and possible actions you may take as you review this test.   I have attached her letter for your reference.

Thanks!  8th Grade Teachers

Week of December 4th – 9th:

Monday, December 4th:
Study Guide
17- Key Expansion Study guide-2cmmwmk

Tuesday, December 5th: 
Unit Four Test
Mid Term Study Guide
17- Mid Term Study Guide-2m11z7b

Wednesday, December 16th:
Turn in Geo and Exploration Portion of Study Guide
-Ready for War: Civil War Intro
17-prior knowledge-1u5ggf6
-Define Civil War Terms Using the Glossary
16- antebellum vocab-2da7m2w
-Read pages 215 and 220- 227
-Fill in the North vs South Chart
17- North vs South Chart-1m4cg95
Complete Colonization Section of Mid Term Study Guide
Check last nights homework:
17 – MT Geo and Expl Key-22s2e3x

Thursday, December 7th: 
-Finish North vs Southern Perspectives Chart
– Compromises Comparison

Friday, December 8th:
-Work ON Mid-Term Study Guide


Week of November 27th – December 1st:

Monday, November 27th:
-History Mystery
History Mystery-1ldkxah
-Quiz on Thursday
-Choice Activity Due on Wednesday

Tuesday, November 28th:
-Finish History Mystery
-Begin Front Page News assignment

Wednesday, November 29th:
-Finish Front Page News and turn it in
-Read two documents and answer guiding question
Doc A: Jackson Stat of Union
Doc B: Elias Boudinat’s letter to John Ross

Thursday, November 30th:
-Unit Four Quiz
-Discuss documents and questions

Friday, December 1st:
-Review History Mystery
-Study Guide- Due Monday
Statehood and Western Expansion Study Guide__17-18-1m6w1wb

Flashcards: Indian Removal Flash Cards-KEY-2iji8gs

Week of November 13th thru 17th:

17- Expansion Lecture-215bg6s
Monday, November 13th
-Voter Qualifications
-Westward Expansion: UGA/Georgia’s Five Capitals
17- UGA and Capitals-18897m2

Tuesday, November 14th:
– Westward Expansion: Technology and Land Policies
17- Technology Articly-27gg3qv
17- Techology- Cotton Gin and RR-24bjw67

Wednesday, November 15th:
-Land Policies Continue
17- Choice activities-uh90wi

Thursday, November 16th:
-Westward Expansion Choice Board (due Friday)

Friday, November 17th:
-Finish Choice Board

Week of November 6th -10th:

Monday, November 6th:
-Finish Bill of Rights and Turn in
-Study guide provided.  Due on Wednesday
Unit 3 Test on Thursday, November 9th

Tuesday, November 7th:
NO School- Teacher Work Day

Wednesday, November 8th:
-Study Guide Review
Study Guide Key__17-18-xeodse
Kahoot- Bring BYOD!!

Thursday, November 9th:
Unit 3 Test

Friday, November 1oth:
Government Intro
17- 3 branch_checks and balance notes-13w7utf
17- 3 branch_Checks and Balance-1xzz14w

October 30th – November 3rd:

Monday, October 30th:
– Finish Articles of Confederation
– Collaborate with your colonial group to prepare for the Constitutional Convention

Tuesday, October 31st:
-AOC pop Quiz
-Constitutional Convention

Wednesday, November 1st:
-Article- New Government Wanted
-Reading Guide
-Venn Diagram (compare and contrast AOC to Constitution)

Thursday, November 2nd:
-Bill of Rights Anticipation Guide
-Bill of Rights Illustration Activity

Friday, November 3rd:
-Complete Illustrations
-B.O.R. Scenarios