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Bells Ferry Important ASP Information and Guidelines

Phone number 678-594-8950

After 3, Press 3 to be connected


ASP is a PREPAID program.  This means that your child must have money on his/her account before your child may stay that day.  Each student must pay a registration fee of $10.  This fee is a charge from the county.  The daily cost of ASP is $7.  This must be paid in advance for all children staying.  ALL children must have a registration form on file in order to stay.  It is always a good option to have an ASP form on file and $17 in his/her account in case of an emergency.  This money can be refunded at the end of the year or be held on account through fifth grade.

Your child must be registered for ASP.  You may ask your child’s teacher for a form.

There are many policies that we have to ensure the safety of all of our children.  It is important that you understand we have implemented this for their safety.

  • Bells Ferry policy is that all transportation changes must be made in writing to the office prior to 1:45. There are no dismissal changes after this time.  For the safety and well-being of all our children, the office asks that you not check any students out after 1:45.  Please remember we will be available for ASP checkout beginning at 2:45.
  • Once a child enters ASP, he/she will be charged the $7 fee for the day. Our staff is held accountable for your child once they leave their classroom.  If your child is expected to be in ASP and you have not made changes in transportation in writing to the office prior to 1:45, you will be charged for the day.
  • All children must be signed out by the parents at the ASP desk. We will have someone covering the desk beginning at 2:45.  You may not go to the ASP classroom your child attends and check them out there.  This is strictly for your child’s safety.
  • You are expected to have your ID on you each day. This is a Cobb County Policy.  Any adult picking up your child must be on the form and have their ID.
  • You must park in a designated parking spot. You may NOT park next to the building or along the sidewalk.  This is strictly for the safety of all children.   This is not negotiable.  If you park in an undesignated area, you may be asked to move your vehicle prior to picking up your child.
  • The speed limit for the parking lot is 10 miles per hour. When you enter, our children are playing on the large playground.  There is a crosswalk that they use.  State law requires that all drivers stop for pedestrians in all crosswalks.  Please drive slowly!
  • If a child is returned from the bus, because a parent was not there to meet the bus, you will have five minutes to come to the school to meet your child. If you are not there or have not contacted the school, we will put your child/children into our ASP.  You will be responsible for all fees for all children.
  • If a child is not picked up from the car rider line by 2:35, he/she will be placed into our ASP. You will be able to pick your child up at the ASP desk at 2:45.  You will be required to pay all fees and fill out any necessary forms.

ASP ends promptly at 6:00 pm.  We go by the bell that rings in our school.  If you are after that bell, you will be charged $1.00 per minute.

ASP is a privilege. It is not part of the school day.  We have guidelines that must be met and followed.  If they are not met, your child may be removed from our program for the following.

  • Not paying on time. ASP is PREPAID.
  • Three late pick-ups. ASP ends at 6:00 PM.
  • Three behavior referrals. We work hard with our staff to keep these to a minimum.  As directors we will talk with you about our concerns and our praises as needed.  We are willing to work with children to help them understand our rules.  However, once your child has three behavior referrals, we will remove him/her from the program.
  • Director/Principal Discretion. If this happens it will be something that we have spoken often about.

School clubs are available at an additional cost.  We work hard to make sure that our clubs meet a variety of student’s needs and wishes.  If your child is involved in a club, it is YOUR responsibility to have a written communication with your child’s teacher each and every day your child is going to a club.  This is important.  This is school policy.  We will provide notices on the first day of classes.  The options for dismissal these days are as follows:

  • ASP before and after clubs. Your child will receive a snack, go to club and report to their ASP class after club.  You will be charged for ASP.
  • Club ONLY. Your child will remain with his/her classroom teacher until the time that clubs are called.  They will wait for the club start time with an ASP teacher.  He/she may bring a snack, but will not be provided one from ASP.  There will be no charge for ASP.
  • You must pick up your child within five minutes of the club ending time or they will be put in ASP. If your child is placed in ASP, you will have to pay the required fees.
  • If your child is a behavior issue for ASP and/or the club, he/she may be removed from the club. You will have been talked to prior to this happening. We have to focus on the safety of all children all the time.

Payments can be made with cash, check or money order in a yellow/orange colored envelope ONLY.  Please do not mix cafeteria, clubs, field trip, or any other money with ASP.  You are also able to pay for ASP online.  Mrs. Bass will be willing to help any parent who would like to get this set up.  Our office staff are not trained in online payments through ASP.  Please do not call and ask them for help.

ASP Schedule

  • All students who attend ASP are sent to their designated rooms for attendance. Attendance is verified prior to buses leaving the school.
  • Our schedule varies dependent upon the grade level your child is in.

We are excited about this school year.  We look forward to having your child in ASP.  Thank you for always being willing to work with us and ensuring that your child as well as the others are safe!

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