After School Clubs

If your child’s club has an end of the year program for its last class, please come at the beginning of the regular class time.


There will be NO After School Clubs on Early Release Days, including conference week. 

Bells Ferry offers a wide assortment of clubs to enhance our students.  These clubs are open to all students in the school, even if you are not enrolled in ASP.  Below are the descriptions, dates and contact information for all clubs.

  • Even though parents are paying for clubs, the clubs are a privilege and students may be removed if their behavior is an issue.

  • Students must send in a transportation change letter that they will give to their classroom teacher on each club day, if they normally take the bus.  The note must indicate whether a child is ASP or Club Only.  

  • If you have elected that your child is club only and will be picked up immediately after clubs you must be on time.  If you are more than five minutes late your child will be placed in our after school program at a daily cost of $7.  


All ASP Clubs Listed Below

For questions not answered below please email [email protected]

Please do not call the office or your child’s teacher, they will direct you to here.



Shooting Stars Soccer:  Begins 09/10/2018 ; $120  : contact   for more information (2:45 – 3:45)

STEAM: Begins 09/10/2018 :  $285:  Contact: (2:45 -3:30)


BucketJams (drum): Begins 09/04/2018  $180 for 10 weeks.

smART club:  Begins 09/4/2018:  ($279) or $25 down and $50 a month.

Chess Club:  Begins  09/04/2018:  Cost is $135  Contact:  [email protected] (2:30 – 3:30)

Karate Club:  Begins 09/4/2018:  Cost is $189 Contact: (2:45 – 3:30)

Guitar club: 02/09/2018 – 04/13/2018  :  $185.00 for 10 weeks. Contact:  Email:

[email protected] or call 678-871-7625 (2:45 – 3:35)



Karate Club:  Begins 09/05/2018:  Cost is $189 Contact: (2:45 – 3:30)

Ms. Julia’s 3-D Art Studio:

Begins 09/05/2018 

$240 or $25 down and $53 a month.

Grades:  K-2:  2:45-3:45  and 3-5:  3:45-4:45





Let’s Dance:  Begins 09/06/2018:  $202.50 for 10 weeks.  Contact:  Email:  [email protected] or call 678-871-7625 (2:45 – 3:30)




Sports Spectacular: Begins 09/07/2018; $120 Contact   for more information (2:45 – 3:45)







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