Paying for ASP


The first time your child stays, each year, you will be charged a $10 registration fee.  This is in addition to the daily fee of $7.  This cannot be paid online.

ASP can be paid with cash, check (made payable to Bells Ferry) or money order.  You must use the goldenrod envelope and your child must drop it in the safe first thing in the morning.

ASP can also be paid online.  The online link is . The first time you use this link you will need to register.  You will need your child’s ID number.  We can give it to you or your child should know their computer login number.

The General account is for lunches.  The ASP section will only allow you to pay in increments of $7 or any late fees.  It takes 24-48 hours to activate your child’s account.  Once you make a payment on the account, it will take up to 24 hours to post.  We will call you for the confirmation number if your child’s account shows up as a negative amount.

You cannot use your cell phone to make a payment it will not go through.

We found that there are issues when using Microsoft Edge browser.

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