week of Feb 11-15

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Angles in circles. HW is pages 6 & 7. Skills check for a daily grade today. Quick quiz over all circles and angles tomorrow.

Tues: Circles galore! Quick quiz tomorrow. Answers to pages 8-11 >>>3.5 KEY CIRCLES-1cbrm1c   You may omit #3 and 4 on page 10.

Wed: Arc length and area of as sector. HW is pages 12-15. >>>4.4 KEY arc length area sector-xwa4qw NOTE: answer key only has “exact” answers. Just type into calculator to get approximate answer. 

Thurs: Review game… Steal a Heart. HW is a review >>>6 KEY CIRCLES ANGLES REVIEW-1xuqg4w

Fri: Circles Test. HW due Monday at 8 am is a Delta math review for your midterm. Remember you can earn points on your midterm up to 5 points! 🙂 After you create your account, used my code 275204. 

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: HW is WS#4 All EVENS and #27. Only use a calculator on #14-20 (omit #22)3.4 KEY WS#4 and 4B-2mrlxhh

Tues: Even and Odd functions. HW is WS#5 and parts of WS#4B (see answers from yesterday). Remember quick quiz Thurs and test Friday.  >>>3.5 KEY EVEN ODD WS#5-re6o0b

Wed: Characteristics of Functions. HW is WS#5 (2 parts; Do #3 and 4). >>>3.6 KEY POLY CHARACTERISTICS-1gqyuc3

Thurs: Quick quiz with calculator and review game “Steal a heart”.  3.8 KEY REVIEW-xujvf7  Here is the  second one on just factoring and equations. 3.8 KEY FACTOR SOLVE REVIEW-19xhcem

Fri: Test over Unit 3.

week of Feb 4-8, 2019

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Applications with trigonometry. HW is pages 32-33, 36, and 38-39 in your packet. Answers >>> 7 KEY TRIG APPLICATIONS-19e4fxh

Tues: Special Right Triangles. HW Special Right Triangles ws. 

Wed: Review all similarity and trig for tomorrow’s test. Answers to our review (HEADS UP: the answer to #10 on the answer key should be “28”. I edited the question because you need practice on the common error in #10. >>> 9 test review KEY-zpk2po

Thurs: Test: Similar Triangles and Trigonometry

Fri: Begin Circles. HW is pages 1-4 in your new Circles packet. 

Honors Algebra 2: Calendar for Unit 3 1 calender Unit 3 Spring 2019-21lfhjs

Mon:  Review game “Mail the Valentine” with review boxes. Answers >>> 2.6 KEY review boxes p1-sjw8qy 2.6 KEY Review boxes p2-1jhw7f2 2.6 KEY Review boxes p3-1dpdgji

I have a quiz opened on quizizz.com  (code number 713479). I am hoping it stays open for the next 24 hours for a bonus extra daily grade. If it doesn’t stay unlocked, I will figure out the problem and reload one for later. 🙁

Tues: Test Unit 2 Operations with Polynomials

Wed: Begin Unit 3 Polynomial Functions. HW is WS#1. Answer key >>> 3.1 FACTORING SOLVING KEY-1s3u209  Tehya and Sola: we missed you… you may want to print out this key and work problems on a different piece of paper. If you watch Matt’s Math Labs, I think it is Unit 3 lessons 2 and 3 BUT he doesn’t go into enough detail like we will in Honors.  We got our tests back today and they were AWESOME!! 🙂 Great job! If you didn’t score well, you need to look into the school extra help sessions, ask me more questions (reminder my extra help sessions are Wed and Fri and the other H Alg 2 teacher does Tues and Thurs), work harder on homework, watch videos, or get an outside tutor.  Extra copy of HW: 3.1 Factoring and solving-1zka6zo

Thurs: HW is WS#2 Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Quiz tomorrow over the first 2 lessons of this unit.  3.2 key Fundamental Thm of Alg-21lbg46

Fri: Quiz day! HW is “Polynomial Worksheet #1” (this is in your notes packet).  Answers>>> 3.3 KEY Polynomial graphs extra practice-1h0g2qk

week of Jan 28-Feb 1

Honors Geometry:1 Unit plan-10zubp7  Triangle Similarity, Segments, Trigonometry

Mon: HW is p. 6, 7a, 7b, 8-10, and 15 in your packet. Due the day we come back. Answer to p. 15 riddle “The Babylonians”.  >>>3 similarity prop segments key-1e44ruw

Tues: SNOW DAY 🙂

Wed: Review day. Tomorrow, quiz over all similarity, scale factor and special segments so far.>>>4 key similar triangles-rihc5x The answers to the 3 triangle midsegment problems are: 12, 2, and 12.  You were to finish #1-23 on the WS with the boxes, #9-12 and #15-16 on the 2nd WS, the 3 Triangles WS, and the odds on the very back midsegment WS.  Feel free to work extra problems!   PS you need to remember that the ratio of the sides of similar triangles and equal to the ratio of the perimeters… BUT the ratio of the areas is SQUARED.

Thurs: Quiz over similarity. Begin Right Triangle Trigonometry. 

Fri: Finding missing sides and angles, as well as applications using trigonometry. HW is pages 22-26 in your packet. Answers>>> 5 KEY TRIG HW-1ic5uf9

Honors Algebra 2: 1 Unit 2 calendar Spring 2019-1x8x5i5 Polynomial Operations

Mon: Long and synthetic division. HW #3.  >>> 2.3 KEY WS#3 DIVISION-vi9nrn  If you were absent or confused, watch Matt’s Math Labs videos, Unit 2 Lessons 1-3. That is what our next quiz is over.  We will take the quiz the day we come back. Please take the practice quiz on Quizzizz… see below! Daily grade. Here are today’s notes (we didn’t do every example): 2.3 notes division-2f0f84i

Tues: Snow Day! 🙂  Here is a practice for you on Quizizz:>>>  https://join.quizizz.com/  Code number 276220. This will count as an extra credit daily homework grade.

Wed: Quiz day. No HW 🙂

Thurs: Compositions of Functions. HW is WS#4. 2.4 KEY Compositions HW-r63nqw

Fri: Finding and verifying inverses. HW is WS#5. 2.5 KEY INVERSES-xz8c3r

Week of Jan 22-25

Honors Geometry: 

Tues: More work with quadrilaterals. HW is pages 17-19. Answers>>> 2.5 KEY P-gram PROOFS QUADS-2le8m5c

Wed: Review day for our test tomorrow.

Thurs: Test day over triangles and quadrilaterals. No HW.

Fri: Triangle Proportionality and Midsegments. HW is pages 3, 13, and 14. Answers (remember there are different ways to set up the proportions) >>>2.1 KEY TRIANGLE PROP SIMILARITY-212c7n4

Honors Algebra 2:

Tues: “Snow the Globe” review game. Here are answers to review boxes and practice test>>>1.10 KEY REVIEW BOXES AND PRACTICE TEST-1xx9qhu  Forgive me for any careless errors 🙁 

Wed: Unit 1 Test

Thurs: Begin Unit 2. HW is WS#1 over add/sub/mult polynomials in your packet. Here is the calender >>> 1 Unit 2 calendar Spring 2019-1x8m3ja

Fri: HW is WS#2 on Pascal’s Triangle and Binomial Expansion. Period 4, turn in your test corrections on Monday 🙂

week of Jan 14-18

Honors Geometry: *be sure to finish your diagnostic test by Tuesday (both parts) Next test moved to January 24. 

Mon: Congruent Triangles and Logic. HW is pages 8-12 in your packet. Here are your answers>>>Triangle congruence HW KEY-108mz5i

Tues: SMI in room 9234 and CTLS diagnostic test into I-respond. No HW! Quiz postponed until Friday 🙂

Wed: Triangle Proofs. Quiz Friday. Answers to proofs>>> 2 KEY Triangle proofs day 1-2fsaj12

Thurs: More triangle proofs and review for quiz. >>>3 KEY CPCTC PROOFS-xrn9zz 3 KEY MORE PROOFS-227c3oc

Fri: Quiz over Triangle Proofs and begin Quadrilaterals. HW is  pages 4 – 8 in your quadrilaterals packet.

Honors Algebra 2: Next test is Wed, Jan 23.

Mon: Multiply/divide complex numbers and Solving equations with complex and real solutions. Answers>>>1.5 WS#5 HW KEY-v15v1j

Tues:  Quiz: all complex numbers. HW is Factoring Review WS (not in your packet) >>>1.5 Factoring Review (no complex)-19f8hly.

Wed: PSAT day; Solving quadratics by factoring. HW is WS#6 in your packet. >>>1.6 KEY WS#6 HW Solve by factoring-1m4exuw

Thurs: Solving quadratics by completing the square. HW is WS#7 in  your packet >>>1.7 KEY C0MPLETE THE SQUARE-1vaimt9

Fri: Solving quadratics using the quadratic formula. >>>1.8 KEY QUAD FORMULA-1mc5ahh We took a daily grade (in groups) and your HW is #1-5 on your yellow review boxes for your test on Wednesday.

Welcome Back! Week of Jan 7 – 11, 2019

All prerequisite packets will be due Jan 11. Extra credit given to those who turn them in Mon, Jan 7. 🙂 

Honors Geometry (Unit plan calender>>>  1.0 Unit plan-2oluah5)

Mon: Transformations review. HW is in your packet p. 1-2 evens, p. 3-4 #5-12, and p. 5 #1 bd and #2 ac.

Tues: Transformations continued. HW is to finish your “Transformation Treasure Hunt”, p. 7-8 #1-8, and page 10 #1 at the top and #2 in your packet.

Wed: Triangles and their properties. HW is in your packet p. 18 and pages 24 & 25.

Thurs: Review for test. HW is to study your Review Boxes for your test tomorrow.

Fri: First test over Transformations, Triangles, and Angles. Remember to finish your diagnostic test (2 parts) by Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Honors Algebra 2:  Unit plan>>>1 Unit 1 calender SPRING-289d9ym

Mon: Rules of Exponents. HW is WS#1. Answers here>>>1.1 WS#1 ReviewSimplifyExponents-1shovz7

Tues: All radicals. HW is WS#2. Answers here>>>1.2 WS#2 RADICALS KEY-1rwcevo

Wed: Rational Exponents with and without a calculator. HW is WS#3. Quiz tomorrow!  PS!!! I just remembered I have a meeting in the morning so I can only answer questions from 7:30-7:40 🙁1.3 WS #3 KEY P1-1bj2n64 1.3 WS #3 KEY P2-s04ovw 1.3 WS #3 KEY P3-14iv5gs 1.3 WS #3 KEY P4-1rb5wm5

Thurs: Quiz #1 over Radicals and All Exponents. HW is to finish your “After quiz: Factoring Review”. If you need help with #31-33, I will help you at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Fri: Complex Numbers day 1 (simplifying, add/subtracting, graphing). HW is WS #4 (you may omit all of part IV).

Tues, Dec 18

Honors Algebra 2: We worked review problems on the smartboard today for the final exam. You’ve got this! 🙂

Honors Algebra 1: Lots of factoring today for our final test Friday! You also got your EOC scores… and you ROCKED IT! Great job… I am really proud 🙂

Mon, Dec 17

Honors Algebra 2: Unit 7 test today! 🙂 For those exempting my exam, please bring work to do quietly, while the rest of the class reviews. 🙂

Honors Algebra 1: Quiz recovery aka “Highlighter Helper” today. You got a practice packet for your final exam… do whatever problems you think you need to do… the ones you need the most practice on. You do NOT need to do every problem. We will review tomorrow and Wed for your final too.