week of Feb 24-28

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Intro to circles, vocab, quads in circles, central and inscribed angles. HW is pages 2-5

Tues: Secant and tangent angles. HW pages 7 – 10. >>>KEY CIRCLES ANGLES ALL

Wed: All mixed angles and quadrilaterals in circles. HW TBA

Thurs: Quiz over all angles in circles

Fri: Arc length and area of a sector. HW TBA

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Polynomial Inequalities. HW is WS#7 in your unit 3 packet.

Tues: Begin Unit 4A Rational Functions: Simplify, multiply, and divide rational expressions. HW is WS#1.>>>4.1 KEY UNIT4A WS 1

Wed: Add and subtract rational expressions. HW is WS#2.

Thurs: Mixed operations. HW is WS#3.

Fri: Quiz #1 over operations. Begin solving rational equations. HW is WS#4.

week of Feb 10-14

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Review then Quiz over Trig.

Tues: Special right triangles. HW is pages 27 and 29-33. >>>8 KEY SPECIAL RIGHT TRIANGLES

Wed: Special right triangles and review for test. >>>KEY SIMILARITY TRIG REVIEW 1  

Thurs: Review for test.>>>KEY TRIG SIMILARITY REVIEW

Fri: Test over all Similarity and Trig! 

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: We reviewed for 30 minutes then took our quiz over polynomial equations, graphs, and expressions. No HW… reminder your birthday project is due Thursday for a quiz grade. 

Tues: Characteristics of functions and even and odd functions. HW is WS# 5.>>>3.5 WS#5 CHARACTERISTICS EVEN ODD

Wed: Sketching polynomial functions. HW is WS#6. I tweaked the directions to include finding the minimum using your graphing calculator. Birthday Polynomials Projects are due tomorrow!>>3.6 WS#6 SKETCH POLYS 

Thurs: Review all of unit 3. >>>3.9 KEY SMART REVIEW. Birthday projects due today!

Fri: Test over Unit 3 Polynomial Functions. 

week of Feb 3-7

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Similarity Quiz today! HW is to finish your similarity proofs #1-3. >>>KEY SIMILARITY PROOFS

Tues: Trigonometry ratios. >>>5 KEY TRIG RATIOS DAY 1

Wed: Trig ratios: missing angles and sides. HW is pages 10-14. 

Thurs: Applications of trigonometry. >>>7 KEY TRIG APPS +

Fri: More applications and mixed practice with trigonometry. >>>7 KEY TRIG APPLICATIONS 

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Unit 2 test day! 🙂  Please finish your factoring practice sheet if you didn’t in class. 

Tues: Begin Unit 3. >>>  1 calender Unit 3 Spring 2020  Solving by factoring and factoring sums differences of cubes. HW is WS#1. >>>3.1 KEY WS#1 FACTOR & SOLVE

Wed: Solving from graphs, finding zeros and factors from graphs, and writing polynomials given the zeros. HW is WS#2. >>>3.2 KEY WS#2 FUND THM OF ALG

Thurs: Remainder Theorem, Rational Root Theorem, and finding zeros. HW is WS#3 problems 1-20 only. >>>3.3 KEY WS #3 RAT’L ROOT THM

Fri: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and finding zeros. HW is page 12 #26-29 and WS#4  #1-14 (omit 4b). >>>3.4 KEY WS#4 FIND ROOTS day 2

week of Jan 27-31

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Review for Unit 2 test over congruence and all triangles and quadrilateral properties. We took a HW grade over the review boxes from Friday. I will take them Tuesday for a late grade. 

Tues: Test Unit 2. 

Wed: Scale Factor and triangle proportionality. 

Thurs: Triangle proportionality and midsegments/altitudes/ medians.>>>KEY TRIANGLE SEGMENTS

Fri: Similar triangles. Quiz will be on Monday over all similarity so far! >>> Triangle Similarity AA~, SSS~, SAS~    KEY SIMILAR TRIANGLES BOXES  REMEMBER>>> Quiz Monday!!!

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Long and synthetic division with polynomials. HW is WS#3. 2.3 KEY WS#3 DIVISION

Tues: Quiz over Unit 2 Lessons 1, 2, and 3. Know what is and is not a polynomials, types and degrees of polynomials, add/sub/mult, expand binomials using Pascal’s triangle, and all division from today. HW is a factoring WS >>>2.3 KEY FACTORING WS

Wed: Compositions of functions. HW is WS#4.

Thurs: Inverses of functions. HW is WS #5.>>> KEY WS#5 INVERSES

Fri: Review for Unit 2 test.>>> Here is your code for the  quizizz.com extra credit review!  932615 Please sign in with first AND last name 🙂 Remember you need to score at least a 90 to get your 5 bonus points. 

Test Monday! 

week of Jan 21-24, 2020

Honors Geometry:

Tues: Quiz over congruent triangles. HW is pages 6-7 in quadrilaterals packet. >>>KEY P-GRAM & RECTANGLE

Wed: Properties of Quadrilaterals.  Today we focused on rhombus, square, isosceles trapezoid, and kite. HW is pages 8-10, page 11 #16-18 only, and page 18 all (there is a typo on page 18). KEY RHOMBUS SQUARE KITE TRAP

Thurs: Properties of Quadrilaterals. HW is to finish your task cards #1-24 (I cannot post answers due to copyright laws) and page 16 #1-5 in your packet.  Answers to page 16 are c, c, d, b, and d. 

Fri: Review and finish task cards. Quiz over Quadrilaterals. HW is the review boxes handout for our test Tuesday. Be prepared for me to take a completion/ part accuracy Monday over your review boxes (that’s why no answer key today).

Honors Algebra 2:

Tues: Review for Unit 1 test over Quadratics Revisited. If you didn’t finish the review boxes in class, finish them at home! Very important review! 

Wed: Test Unit 1. Good Luck! 🙂 >>>1.10 KEY REVIEW BOXES AND PRACTICE TEST I have included a practice test if you would like more problems. 🙂

Thurs: Begin Unit 3. Intro to polynomials HW is WS#1. >>>2.1 WS #1 p1 p2

Fri: Binomial Theorem and Pascal’s Triangle. HW is WS #2. >>>2.2 KEY WS2 BINOMIAL EXPANSION

week of Jan 13-17, 2020

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Review for our test tomorrow!>>>1.6 UNIT 1 REVIEW TRANSF TRIANGLES

Tues: Test over transformations, triangles, and transversals.

Wed: Congruent Triangles. HW is pages 5-7. >>>2.1 KEY CONGRUENT TRIANGLES 1

Thurs: Congruent triangles and proofs. 2 KEY Triangle proofs day 1

Fri: Proofs.  Quiz Monday! I took a classwork grade on congruent triangles today… see me to make it up 🙂  >>>4 KEY TRIANGLE PROOFS DAY 3

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: More with imaginary and complex numbers. HW is WS#5 and page 10 in your notes packet. >>>1.5 WS#5 HW KEY I don’t have page 10 scanned… sorry 🙁

Tues: Quiz over all imaginary and complex numbers. HW is a Factoring Practice WS.

Wed: Solving quadratics by factoring. HW is WS#6 and 7. 1.7 KEY WS #7 SOLVE BY FACTORING

Thurs: Solving quadratics by completing the square. HW is WS#8.>>>1.8 KEY WS#8 C0MPLETE THE SQUARE

Fri: Solving quadratics using the quadratic formula. HW is WS#9 and WS #10 the odds >>>1.9 WS #9 KEY QUAD FORMULA>>>1.10 KEY SOLVING QUADS ALL METHODS

Happy New Year! Week of Jan 6 – 10

Honors Geometry:

Spring 2020 Semester Plan

I am excited to start our spring semester! All you need the first day is a pencil and a smile! Check the syllabus above for a supply list.  🙂

Mon:  Begin Transformations. Here is our unit 1 plan >>>Unit 1 Plan Spring 2020  HW is pages 1-2 evens, pages 3-4 #5-12, 15, 16, and pages 5-6 #1bd, 2acdef, and 3. >>>1.1KEY TRANS, REFL, ROTATE

Tues: More with transformations and combinations of tranformations.  We also learned how to rotate about a point other than the origin. HW is to finish your transformations treasure hunt, page 7 #17-22, and page 11 #1 (2 parts) >>>1.2 TRANSFORM TREASURE HUNT & ISOMETRY

Wed: Lots of geometry vocabulary as well as angles and transversals. HW is pages 14-16. The scanner is down so I cannot upload your answer key 🙁 I am sorry 🙁

Thurs: More special angles formed by parallel lines and transversals. HW pages 22-24 and page 26. >>>1.4 KEY PARALLEL LINES TRANSVERSAL

Fri: Triangles: types, properties, theorems. HW is pages 30, 31, and 33. >>>1.5 KEY TRIANGLE INEQ EXT ANGLES

Honors Algebra 2:

Honors Algebra 2 – Spring 2020 – 18 Week Pacing Guide

Welcome back! All you need the first day is a pencil and a smile! Check the syllabus above for a supply list. 

Mon: Begin Unit 1.>>> 1 Unit 1 calendar SPRING 2020     Exponents review. HW is WS#1.  >>>1.1 WS#1 ReviewSimplifyExponents

Tues: Operations with radicals. HW is WS#2. >>>1.2 KEY CW & HW RADICALS

Wed: Rational exponents (simplifying and converting forms). HW is WS#3.>>>1.3 KEY WS#3 RATIONAL EXP

Thurs: Quiz #1 over radicals and all exponents. We will review the first part of class. Friendly reminder your pre-requisite packet is due Monday 🙂

Fri: Complex numbers, operations, and equations. HW is WS#4. 1.4 KEY COMPLEX IMAGINARY DAY 1

week of Dec 16-20

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Review all equations. HW is WS #7. 7.7 KEY WS#7

Tues: Review all inequalities and for final exam. Key for extra practice: REVIEW 2 KEY

Wed: Review for final exam. 🙂

Thurs: Final exams

Fri: Final exams

Honors Algebra 1:

Mon: work on angle “City” project

Tues: work on angle “City” project

Wed: review for final test

Thurs: no class

Fri: Final exam

I am going to miss you ALL! Come back to see me!

week of Dec 9-13

Honors Algebra 2:

Unit 7 Calendar Fall 2019

Mon: Absolute value equations and inequalities. HW is WS#1.>>>7.1 KEY ws#1 ABS VALUE EQNS INEQ

Tues: Graphing absolute value equations; Piece wise function activity. HW is WS#2. 

Wed: Piece wise functions and step functions. HW is WS#3. Quiz tomorrow over all absolute value equations, inequalities, graphs, and piecewise functions. 7.2 KEY PIECEWISE GREATEST INT>>>WS#3 continued key WS #3 continued Write AbsValue as Piecewise

Thurs: Short quiz over lessons 1-3. After quiz: function notation, evaluating functions, and transformations of graphs. HW is WS #5. 7.5 KEY WS#5 

Fri: Graphing functions/ transformations. 7.6 KEY WS#6

***Final exam review for anyone who wants a head start***Final Exam Review 1 Fall 19

Honors Algebra 1:

Mon: EOC  Celebration! Thank you to everyone who brought food! Feel free to bring more tomorrow as we finish our movie!

Tues: EOC Celebration!

Wed: Let’s get ready for geometry! Special angle relationships. HW is pages 3-8 in your last packet! 

Thurs: Geometry preview. We will finish our packet on special angles tomorrow!

Fri: Geometry preview…continued. No HW.

week of Dec 2 – 6

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Linear Programming continued. Finish pages 11-13 in your HW packet. 

Tues: Literal Equations and more with systems. Here is the back page review key >>>KEY BACKPAGE QUIZ REVIEW 

Wed:  Quiz over all of Unit 6B. HW is to finish the extra practice page in your HW packet on literal equations. Quiz grades are already in StudentVUe.

Thurs: Review for test. 🙂

Fri: Test over all of Unit 6B. No HW! 

Honors Algebra 1:

Mon: More EOC review today. HW is to finish today’s packet and come in with questions. Remember to check last weeks blog and go onto the EOC practice site and work with the TOOLS!

Tues: EOC Review. Please put a lot of effort into your EOC review we worked on today. Finish at home if you didn’t already. 

Wed: EOC Review! We went over the EOC packet, got another Quadratics packet and went over it, and I sent you home with another packet. Here are the answers>>>KEY TEXAS PACKETI will be available for extra help tomorrow morning and Friday morning for questions. Remember to report to computer lab room 306 for class tomorrow. I also suggest pulling up the state study guide and finding problems that have the answers and working those. The link is on last week’s blog.

Thurs: EOC. Room 306.  Same time, same place tomorrow! 

Fri: EOC Room 306. Have a great weekend! If you would like to have a food day on Monday for our end of  EOC celebration, feel free to bring some yummies!