Mon, Nov 13

Alg/Geo: Finish all reviews for tomorrow… Sneek a Peek 🙂

Adv Math 8: Volume text page 395 #1-8.

Alg I: Sequences quiz today… finish your review boxes by tomorrow. Start working on your practice test that will be due Wednesday. MAV block tomorrow is dedicated to YOU! 

Fri, Nov 10

Alg/Geo: Dress the Turkey review game with your study guide. Finish for Monday. 

Adv Math 8: Pythagorean Theorem quiz today. 

Alg I: sequences review today for quiz Monday. Homework is #1-8 on your study guide. Be sure to  finish so you can “dress the turkey” Monday. 

Thurs, Nov 9

Alg/Geo: Quiz on all methods of solving quadratic equations. “Dress the Turkey” review for all methods. Finish for tomorrow.  4th: finish the factoring ws. 

Adv Math 8: Pythagorean theorem project today on building a fence. Finish for tomorrow… it will be part of your quiz grade. You will have a little time in class.  

Alg I: Recursive and explicit rules for arithmetic sequences ws. 

remember to sign up for 8th grade career day on the McClure web page 🙂

Fri, Nov 3

Alg/Geo: Quadratic formula is here! Green puzzle (show all of your work).  

Adv Math 8: Pythagorean Theorem measuring activity today along with stations in the hall. No HW.

Alg I: We should have finished our systems of linear inequalities applications packet.