Fri, Nov 16

Honors Algebra 2: Systems of linear inequalities and Linear Programming today.. HW is WS#5 in your packet.

Honors Algebra 1: Quiz today then we began work on our function “Biography” packet (due Mon, Nov 26 after the break). You had time to do most of it in class. Remember your delta math assignment due Dec 4. You also got a ticket to practice on the EOC website. All handouts have holes punched, so keep them safely in your notebook. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Mon, Nov 12

Honors Algebra 2: HW is WS#3 Compound Interest #1-5 and to study for your quiz tomorrow! Next test is on Wednesday over just the first 3 lessons in Sequences and Series (and compound interest)

Honors Algebra 1: Test today over Describing Data. After the test, we did a cut & paste activity to prepare for our last unit! We will go over it tomorrow and it will be the first page of notes we have.

Stay warm and dry! 🙂

Thurs, Nov 8

Honors Algebra 2: Arithmetic and geometric sequences today… explicit and recursive formulas. HW is WS#1

Honors Algebra 1: Rolling quiz over Frequency Tables today… review tomorrow for test Monday over Data Analysis. HW today is page 12 and page 16 in your HW packet (Correlation vs causation and linear regression models on the calculator). 🙂

Wed, Nov 7

Honors Algebra 2: Test today! We start Unit 6 tomorrow 🙂

Honors Algebra 1: HW is page 8-9 Frequency Tables in your packet. Today’s lesson brought to you by the standard: Calculate relative, marginal, and joint frequencies. Part 2 of your “Rolling Quiz” was today. Part 3 is tomorrow 🙂

Mon, Nov 5

Honors Algebra 2: Quiz today… hopefully you came by to pick yours up before you left! Please review your quizzes and the practice problems we have done in class… test Wed over all Exponential and Log Functions. 🙂

Honors Algebra 1: More statistics today with Mean Absolute Deviation, shapes of graphs, and comparing distributions and graphs. HW is page 4-7 in your HW packet 🙂 Rolling quizzes each day… test on Monday. 

Friday, Nov 2

Honors Algebra 2: More log equations and review… Quiz Monday over inverses, expanding, condensing, and equations. We will review Monday for our test on Tuesday over all logarithms and exponential functions! 

Honors Algebra 1: Diagnostic Test parts 1 and 2 into I-respond today to prepare for the EOC.HW is in your statistics HW packet, page 1 front and back. Use your notes and examples 🙂