week of Sept 16-20

                                                                                Honors Alg 2: 1 Unit 4A Rationals Calendar Fall 19

Mon: Multiplying and dividing rational expressions. HW is WS#1 and puzzle.  4.1 KEY UNIT4A WS 1 ps assume no denominator is equal to 0. I wrote  the restrictions in my answers, but told you to just be aware of them…no need to write them out. TUESDAY AM is the last time I will be available for make up test from Friday. After that, you will need to see the “math makeup” schedule posted by my door for the dates, times, and room numbers. 

Tues: Adding and subtracting rational expressions. HW is WS#2.  4.2 KEY WS #2 ADD SUB Heads up… the detailed answers are at the end. 

Wed: Mixed operations with rational expressions. HWE is WS#3.

Thurs: Quiz over all 4 operations with rational expressions. Begin solving simple equations with rational expressions (cross multiply only). HW is WS#4

Fri: Solving equations with rational expressions. HW is WS#5.

Honors Alg 1  1 unit plan Fall 19

Mon: Solving quadratic equations by factoring. HW is page 12 multiples of 3, page 13-14 evens, and page 15-16 ALL in your HW packet. These problems are VERY important 🙂 Reminder if you missed the quiz Friday, you can take it with me tomorrow Tues morning. I will be here at 7:15.  3.4 KEY SOLVING QUADS FACTORING

Tues: Solving quadratic equations by taking square roots. HW is pages 18-19 Taking Square Roots #1-19.  3.6 SOLVE TAKE SQUARE ROOTS

Wed: Solving quadratic equations by completing the square. HW is 

Thurs: Review solving quadratic equations by the above methods. HW is 

Fri: Test Unit 3A Factoring and Solving Quadratics


week of Sept 9-13

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: We got our quizzes back and made corrections. Characteristics of polynomial functions. HW is WS#5 problems 1 and 2 and Even/Odd handout (all).  3.6 KEY POLY CHARACTERISTICS 3.5 KEY EVEN ODD WS#5

Tues: Graphing polynomial functions. HW is WS#6. 3.6 KEY SKETCH POLY GRAPHS

Wed: Polynomial inequalities. HW is WS#7.3.7 KEY INEQUALITIES Heads up cross county runners… if you came to me to get review boxes early, I have since edited them somewhat. 🙂

Thurs: Review for test. 3.8 KEY REVIEW BOXES 3.7 review KEY

Fri: Test day 🙂 If you were absent, you will need to check the make-up schedule posted on my door or come in EARLY Monday morning… anytime after 7:10 is fine. I can only stay a short time after school on Monday due to a meeting. No HW.

Honors Algebra 1:   1 unit plan Fall 19

Mon: Factoring by GCF and grouping. HW is pages 1-2 in your HW packet.  3.1 KEY GCF GROUPING

Tues: Factoring trinomials a=1 and GCF. HW is page 5 all and page 6 #2 and 12 only.3.3 KEY FACTOR A NOT 1

Wed: Factoring trinomials “a” not equal to 1 and GCF. HW is page 5 all and page 6 #2 and #12. 

Thurs: More factoring “a” not equal to 1 and differences of 2 squares. HW is page 7 evens, page 8 #1, 5-7, page 9-10 all. Quiz tomorrow! 🙂  3.3 KEY FACTOR SPECIAL CASES MIXED

Fri:  We had a good review before the quiz.. Quiz over all factoring.  If you were absent, you will need to come in early before school to make it up OR see the math department makeup schedule posted in the doorway. No HW.

week of Sept 3-6

Honors Alg 2: 1 calender Unit 3 Fall 2019

Tues:  Solving polynomial functions from graphs and writing the polynomial given the zeros. HW is WS#2  3.2 KEY WS#2

Wed: Remainder and Rational Root theorem and finding zeros. HW is WS #3 problems 1-9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20. 3.4 KEY p1 3.4 KEY p2   (as for finding zeros: either there will be a factor/root given to you or there will be a limited number of possible rational roots p/q for you to try. No calculators on the quiz Friday.)

Thurs: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and finding zeros. HW is WS#4.  Quiz tomorrow! KEY REVIEW for quiz 3.4 KEY WS#4 FALL19

Fri: Quiz over Unit 3 lessons 1 – 4. 

Honors Alg 1:

Tues: Graphing linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities. HW is pages 9 – 11 evens and pages 14-15 evens in your HW packet.  KEY LINEAR INEQUALITIES ALL

Wed: Linear Programming problems (applications of systems of inequalities) KEY LINEAR PROG CASES 1 2

Thurs: Review Unit 2B  2.17 unit 2B study guide KEY  There is an error on #4. . .answer should be (-2,-2)

Fri: Test Unit 2B. HW is a systems puzzle Challenge (show all work on notebook paper).

week of Aug 26-30

Honors Alg 2:

Mon: Finding inverses of functions using equations, tables, and graphs. HW is WS#5 (omit 5 & 6, and don’t find domain for 18 & 19) 2.5 KEY INVERSES

Tues: Review day… “score a field goal” with correct answers. 2.6 KEY review boxes p1 2.6 KEY Review boxes p2 2.6 KEY Review boxes p3 From Hoya block>>>  KEY Review unit 2

Wed: Early release day and Test part 1.

Thurs: Test part 2. HW is a factoring review.  KEY FACTORING REVIEW

Fri: Begin Unit 3 Polynomial Functions. HW is WS#1.     3.1 WS1 FACTOR-SOLVE

Honors Alg 1:

Mon: Review for Unit 2 test tomorrow. “Score a field goal” with correct answers to study guide boxes. HW is a practice test. KEY UNIT 2A ALL REVIEW

Tues: Test Unit 2A. For the few who didn’t finish, come in Wed morning anytime after 7:15. Or you can stay 30 minutes after school on Thursday. 

Wed: Early release day. Solving systems of equations by graphing. HW is pages 2-3 WS#1 in your homework packet.  KEY SYSTEMS BY GRAPH

Thurs: Solving systems using elimination and substitution. KEY SUB-ELIMIN-SYSTEMS

Fri: Review and Quiz over solving systems. New lesson: Applications of systems of equations (word problems).  KEY SYSTEM APPS


Week of Aug 19-23

Honors Algebra 2:1 Unit 2 calendar Fall 2019

Mon: Operations with polynomials. HW is WS#1. 2.1 KEY POLYNOMIALS

Tues: Binomial Theorem to expand binomials. HW is WS#2. 2.2 KEY WS2 BINOMIAL EXPANSION We also turned in a “ticket out the door” for a daily CW grade.

Wed: Long division with polynomials and synthetic division. HW is WS#3.  2.3 KEY WS#3 DIVISION Pardon the last 2 pages of work… I edited the worksheet and so my work is a bit scattered. You should be able to see the long division problems worked out in detail, which is the most important. Quiz tomorrow 🙂

Thurs: Quiz over the first 3 lessons. 

Fri: Compositions of functions with tables, graphs, and applications. HW is WS#4. 2.4 KEY Compositions HW

Honors Algebra 1: 2.0 Unit Plan F19

Mon: Creating and solving equations from word problems. HW is pages 8-9, and to finish pages 2,3, and 6 to review for your quiz tomorrow.  2.2 LITERAL EQNS 2.3 KEY WORD PROBS EQN INEQ

Tues: Quiz over multi-step equations and inequalities, literal equations, and word problems.

Wed:  Graphing linear equations and characteristics of functions. HW is WS#2.6. 2.3 KEY LINEAR CHARACTERISTICs (this is a handout that was NOT in your hw packet… sorry :()

Thurs: Function notation. HW is in your notes packet pages 21 – 24 the evens. 2.6 KEY FUNCTION NOTATION

Fri: Arithmetic sequences using explicit and recursive formula. HW is pages 14 and 16 in your HW packet (the tables). NOT page 15. 2.6 KEY SEQUENCES TABLES

Week of Aug 12-16, 2019

Honors Algebra 2: 1 Unit 1 calender Fall 2019 BH

Mon: Pre-requisite packets were due today! Topic of the day was solving quadratic equations by factoring and comparing them to their graphs. HW is WS#6 and #7.

Tues: Solving quadratics by completing the square. HW is WS#8.

Wed: Solving quadratics using the quadratic formula and applying properties of the discriminant. HW is WS#9 and #10 (mixed review).  1.8 KEY QUAD FORMULA 1.10 KEY SOLVING QUADS ALL METHODS

Thurs: Review day! “Load the Bus” review game using our review “boxes”. HW is Unit 1 Test Review ws.1.10 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p1 1.10 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p2 1.10 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p3 1.10 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p4   1.11 UNIT 1 REVIEW KEY ***NOTE: in the review key: #21 should also say “rational” and #23 should also say “irrational”. Be sure to also review how to graph imaginary numbers on the real / imaginary axis and how to find the distance between the point and the origin.

Fri: Test over Unit 1 Quadratics Revisited. Good Luck! 🙂

Honors Algebra 1:

Mon: Quiz today over radicals! HW is pages 23 and 24 Identifying rational vs irrational numbers.

Tues: Review game “Load the Bus” for our test tomorrow. HW is a Practice Test.  1.10 KEY UNIT 1 TEST REVIEW

Wed: Test over Unit 1 Relationships between Quantities. HW was a Puzzle on equations.

Thurs: Multi-step equations and inequalities today. HW is page 2 the evens, page 3 the odds, and page 4 all. Be sure to turn in your parent letter signed regarding math placement for spring! 2.1 KEY EQNS INEQ PROPS

Fri: Partner activity with inequalities. New topic is solving literal equations with a scavenger hunt in the hall. 2.2 KEY LITERAL EQNS

Week of Aug 5 – 9

Honors Alg 2:

Mon: Lesson on rational exponents. HW is WS#3 (you do NOT need to do all problems; do a variety of them). 1.3 WS #3 KEY P1      1.3 WS #3 KEY P2     1.3 WS #3 KEY P3       1.3 WS #3 KEY P4 I would do most all of #1-20… they are quick. The problems on the quiz will not have HUGE numbers since no calculators.

Tues: Quiz over Lessons 1.1 – 1.3 (exponents rules, radicals, and rational exponents). We will review the first half hour of class tomorrow. No HW… enjoy.

Wed: Complex numbers (add/sub/mult/graph) and basic equations with complex numbers. HW is WS#4. 1.4 KEY COMPLEX NUMBERS

Thurs: Operations with complex numbers including division/ conjugates/ equations. HW is WS#5.  1.5 KEY WS#5 COMPLEX_ EQNS DIVISION

Fri:  Quiz over all Complex Numbers (worksheets 4 and 5). HW is a Factoring Review WS in your HW packet. KEY FACTORING REVIEW

Honors Alg 1: 1.0 Unit 1 Plan F19

Mon: MI testing in computer lab Rm 816. Also notes on parts of algebraic expressions. HW is page 7 all, page 8 #1 abc, #2 abc, and page 9 #all.  Quiz tomorrow over prerequisites (summer packet). You have a practice quiz, with answers, to help you study. 

Tues: Add, subtract, multiply polynomials. HW page 10 #1-13 odd, page 12 #1-11 all, page 13-14 #1-11 odd. Quick quiz at end of class today over summer packet. We have a quiz tomorrow over all conversions, vocab/expressions, and polynomials. We will review the first part of class. Here is a preview of the review if you want a head start. 1.3 Quiz REVIEW Conv Polys Vocab Here are your answers to today’s HW.1.3 KEY ADD SUB MULT POLYNOMIALS

 Wed: Quiz over unit conversions and polynomials (all lessons learned so far this semester). Quiz review first part of class. New material: Simplifying radicals. HW is in your notes packet “Practice Worksheet” the boxes. 1.6 KEY RADICALS PRACTICE BOXESWe will work more on these tomorrow. 

 Thurs: Simplifying, adding, and subtracting radicals. HW is worksheet #1.7, pages 17-18 in your HW packet.  1.3 KEY QUIZ CONVERSIONS POLYS   1.7 KEY ADD SUB RADICALS HWBe sure to correct your quizzes, as this material will be on your test Wednesday.

Fri: Multiplying Radicals. HW is page 20 WS# 1.8, puzzle “Did you hear about…”, and “What do you call…? puzzle. Quiz Monday over all radicals.  1.8 KEY MULT DIV RADICALS

Thurs-Fri, Aug 1-2 First Day of School!

Honors Alg 2:1 Unit 1 calender Fall 2019 BH

Thurs: It was great to see you today! We worked on exponent rules and HW was WS#1. Remember to turn in your summer packet early for an extra 5 points! It is due Aug 12.  KEY WS#1 EXPONENTS

Fri: Today’s topic is operations with radicals. HW is WS#2.1.2 WS#2 RADICALS KEY

Honors Alg 1: 1.0 Unit 1 Plan F19

Thurs: It was great to see you today! We worked on unit conversions (basic) and HW is in your HW packet: page 2 odds only, page 3 #1-5 all, and page 5 #1-7 all. Yes, we are allowed calculators for these! 🙂

Fri: Two step conversions today! Here are the answers to all of the conversion problems. 1.2 KEY CONVERSIONS

Welcome back!

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! I am honored and excited to be your teacher 🙂

Our classroom is 9226 (freshman academy) so please stop by and say hello!

Remember your summer packet is due the 10th day of school. Honors Alg 1 students, be prepared to take a quiz on Monday over the material in your packet… a great reason to get the work done now so you can ask me questions in class 🙂  

Any student in Alg 1 or 2 who turns in their packet the first day of school will receive a 110 for a daily grade. If you turn it before the due date (but not the first day of school), you will receive a 105 daily grade. Turning it in ON the due date will get you a 100. After that, we will deduct 10 points per day. 

Remember you must show all of your work!             

See you Thursday! 


weeks of May 13-17 and May 20-22

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Quiz today over factoring and solving. HW was the “Alligator” puzzle over simplifying rational expressions by factoring. Show all work on notebook paper… neatly labeled and numbered/lettered.

Tues: Multiplying and Dividing rational expressions. HW is puzzles 111 and 114.

Wed: Add/subtracting rational expressions. HW is Add/Sub puzzles #1-5 and #1-9.

Thurs: Rational Equations day 1.

Fri: Rational Equations day 2. Finish your puzzles on equations… we will take a HW grade on them Monday (on notebook paper, labeled, answer circled).  Quiz today… we will make corrections on Monday. 

Mon: Review for final exam! Good Luck! 

Tues: Final Exam 🙂

Honors Algebra 2: *Final exam review #1 due Monday week for CW grade

Mon: Graphing all functions. Quick timed quiz tomorrow over the parent graphs.

Tues: All equations. HW is WS#7.WS #7 Answers Equations. Test Friday will be part multiple choice and part open response. 

Wed: All inequalities. HW is WS#8.WS #8 Answers Inequalities

Thurs: Review for test (and some review for final exam). There may be errors on the answer keys, as well as some problems that we have NOT covered and will NOT be on the final. Problems #18-25 are good review problems for the test tomorrow. REVIEW 2 KEY

Fri: Last test 🙂  HW: Finish your Review #1 (turn in Monday for a HW grade) and also review for today. Bring questions you have on Monday. KEY FINAL REVIEW updated

Mon: Review review review… feel free to bring more questions tomorrow or Wed morning. I updated the final review key. 

Wed: Final Exam… Good Luck! 🙂

NOTE: Final exam will be all multiple choice and ALL graphing calculator. You’re welcome 🙂

final exam review key1 *beware of errors 🙁