Wed, Aug 15

Honors Alg 2: Homework check today. Review game/ study guide for our quiz tomorrow… here are your answers. >>>1.9 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p1-1sc0dcx 1.9 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p2-29×1236 1.9 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p3-2ltas76 1.9 KEY Review Boxes Unit 1 p4-18e39rn

Honors Alg 1: Quiz today over polynomials and radicals. Test over Unit 1 Friday! HW is your Unit 1 Study guide boxes. >>>1.9 +Review boxes Study guide-1z0aqgh

Tues, Aug 14

Honors Algebra 2: HW is WS#8 Quadratic Formula and the discriminant in your packet. See Matt’s Math lab for video of lesson.ย  Test Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚

Honors Algebra 1: HW is WS#1.8 Multiplying Radicals #1-18, puzzle “Did you hear…” problems A, C, F, L, N, and P, and puzzle “What do…” the first column on the left only. Feel free to work more problems in your packet if you need! Check your answers with mine ๐Ÿ™‚ Quiz tomorrow over polynomials and radicals. Test over Unit 1 Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

Mon, Aug 13

Honors Alg 2: Lesson 1.7 Completing the square (check Matt’s Math lab for video if needed). HW is WS#8 Taking Square Roots and Completing the Square. Remember our unit 1 test Thursday.

Honors Alg 1: Lesson 1.7 Add/Subtract Radicals today. HW is WS#1.7 in your packet. KNOW your perfect squares!

Fri, Aug 10

Honors Algebra 2: Quiz today over Complex Numbers and review of exponents and radicals. HW is WS#5 Extra Practice Complex or Real Solutions.(taking square root of both sides; you need to factor #19 and 20 before you take the square root of both sides).ย 1.5 Extra practice Complex or Real solutions-20sp02wย Answers are posted in my room. ๐Ÿ™‚

Honors Algebra 1: Polynomials review on area, perimeter, volume, and operations at beginning of class. Today we learned how to simplify radicals. HW is WS#1.6 Simplifying Radicals and a puzzle (in your packet).

Have a great weekend!

Thurs, Aug 9

Honors Algebra 2: Solving quadratic equations today.. HW is in your packet WS#5. We have a quiz tomorrow over Complex numbers and review of radicals/exponents.ย ย WS #5 KEY P1-2dm2a0x

Honors Algebra 1: We finished adding/subtracting polynomials and began multiplying polynomials. HW is in your packet WS #1.5 Multiplying Polynomials #1-12 and WS#1.5 Polynomial Operations #1-13 (#13 can be a bonus). If you need more practice, there is an extra sheet in between those 2 in your packet. All answers are posted in my room ๐Ÿ™‚

Wed, Aug 8

Honors Alg 2: Crazy day today! Junior Class meeting and a random fire drill. We did NOT get through lesson 1.5… only a few factoring problems. Period 1: HW was a Factoring WSย 1.5 Factoring Review (no complex)-1970drc. (Heads up: the attached WS is different from those of you left in class during the Junior class meeting). No worries>>>both are good practice and I have both answer keys for you to check your work.

Honors Alg 1: Quiz today over Lessons 1.-1.3 Dimensional Analysis, Rational vs Irrational, and parts of algebraic expressions. HW is “WS 1.4 Adding/Subtracting Polynomials” #1-10 only. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tues, Aug 7

Honors Alg 2: Welcome to the world of imaginaries! HW was WS#1.4 in your packet. Here are your answers to check: I should have separated a couple of the answers to put them into standard form.ย WS #4 KEY P1-17tii93ย WS #4 KEY P2-qsh3jd

Honors Algebra 1: “Algebraic Expressions” was the topic of the day, along with reviewing rational vs irrational numbers. HW was WS#1.3 Identifying Parts of Expressions and #1.3 Algebraic Expressions (simplifying). You should have finished your quiz review and checked your answers in class for your quiz tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon! ๐Ÿ™‚


Mon, Aug 6

Honors Alg 2: Quiz today over Exponents and Radicals. HW is to finish part 3 on WS#3 in your packet on rational exponents.

Honors Alg 1: Dimensional Analysis with perimeter and area today on WS#1.2ย  word problems #1-4. Also we worked on a practice quiz for Wednesday over 1.1 Dimensional Analysis and 1.2 Rational vs Irrational. Remember we will learn #8-13 on the practice quiz tomorrow.ย  ย 1.3 review quiz-ynoen8

Friday, Aug 3

Honors Algebra 2: Remember your quiz Monday over Exponents and Radicals (it’s on your calender :))ย  HW was WS#3 Rational Exponents in your packet (omit #17, omit page 3 #24-26 at the top, omit page 3 part 3, and omit page 4 #19-23. Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย 1.3 WS #3 KEY P1-1baw4ey 1.3 WS #3 KEY P2-rry64r 1.3 WS #3 KEY P3-14aompn 1.3 WS #3 KEY P4-1r2zduz

Honors Algebra 1: Day 2 over Unit Conversions/Dimensional Analysis. HW is to finish WS# 1.1 from yesterday and 1.1 Dimensional Analysis ws (#7 is a bonus). Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thurs, Aug 2

H Alg 2: Lesson 1.2 Radical Expressions Reviewย HW is WS#2ย  #2-22 even. Here are answers to yesterday’s hw.ย WS #1 KEY-1bdvniz

H Alg 1: Finish Diagnostic Test and begin Lesson 1.1 Conversions/Dimensional Analysis. HW is in your Unit 1 packet page 4 “Conversions/Dimensional Analysis #1-4, 8, and 9 only.ย 

See you tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚