weeks of May 13-17 and May 20-22

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Quiz today over factoring and solving. HW was the “Alligator” puzzle over simplifying rational expressions by factoring. Show all work on notebook paper… neatly labeled and numbered/lettered.

Tues: Multiplying and Dividing rational expressions. HW is puzzles 111 and 114.

Wed: Add/subtracting rational expressions. HW is Add/Sub puzzles #1-5 and #1-9.

Thurs: Rational Equations day 1.

Fri: Rational Equations day 2. Finish your puzzles on equations… we will take a HW grade on them Monday (on notebook paper, labeled, answer circled).  Quiz today… we will make corrections on Monday. 

Mon: Review for final exam! Good Luck! 

Tues: Final Exam 🙂

Honors Algebra 2: *Final exam review #1 due Monday week for CW grade

Mon: Graphing all functions. Quick timed quiz tomorrow over the parent graphs.

Tues: All equations. HW is WS#7.WS #7 Answers Equations. Test Friday will be part multiple choice and part open response. 

Wed: All inequalities. HW is WS#8.WS #8 Answers Inequalities

Thurs: Review for test (and some review for final exam). There may be errors on the answer keys, as well as some problems that we have NOT covered and will NOT be on the final. Problems #18-25 are good review problems for the test tomorrow. REVIEW 2 KEY

Fri: Last test 🙂  HW: Finish your Review #1 (turn in Monday for a HW grade) and also review for today. Bring questions you have on Monday. KEY FINAL REVIEW updated

Mon: Review review review… feel free to bring more questions tomorrow or Wed morning. I updated the final review key. 

Wed: Final Exam… Good Luck! 🙂

NOTE: Final exam will be all multiple choice and ALL graphing calculator. You’re welcome 🙂

final exam review key1 *beware of errors 🙁

week of May 6-10 *it’s not too late for June SAT! Hurry!

Honors Geometry:

Mon: EOC Celebration!

Tues: EOC Celebration! Feel free to bring donuts, drinks, or snacks to share!

Wed: Begin Algebra 2 Prep Unit. Factoring all methods. HW is WS#1.

Thurs: MI today. Then solving equations by factoring. HW is the first 2 puzzles in your packet (show all work on notebook paper) 7.2 SOLVING QUADS PUZZLES KEY

Fri:  Review all factoring and solving quadratics by factoring. Review for quiz Monday.  Key Alg 2 Pre Unit Factor Quiz Review

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Absolute value equations and inequalities HWis WS#1. Be sure to check for extraneous roots.7.1 KEY ws#1 ABS VALUE EQNS INEQ

Tues: Absolute value graphs. HW is WS#2. Also, piecewise function activity.

Wed: Piecewise Functions and Step Functions. HW is WS#3.  7.2 KEY PIECEWISE GREATEST INT

Thurs: Review. HW is WS#4 Quiz Review.7.2 KEY QUIZ REVIEW

Fri: Quiz. HW is WS#5. Period 3 has A lunch.  7.5 KEY WS#5

week of April 29-May 3 *sign up for June 1 SAT ASAP*

Honors Geometry:



Wed: Mixed EOC review. Rest up for tomorrow… FYI when you clear out your calculator memory to use it tomorrow, it may make your degrees default to radians. To fix that, click mode and choose “degrees”, NOT radians. 

Thurs: EOC Day! Good Luck! You will ROCK it! 🙂

Fri: EOC Day! Food and movie day Monday! Remind mom or dad 🙂

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Literal Equations and graphs of situations. 

Tues: Review all systems.

Wed: Quiz over Systems. HW is 2 review sheets with arith/geo sequences, linear programming, and solving systems.

Thurs: Review all sequences, series, and systems. Here are some answers from today.6.8 review problems KEY

Fri: Test over Sequences, Series, and Systems

week of April 22-26 *sign up for SAT*

Honors Geometry:

Mon: We reviewed Unit 3 Similarity and Trig. HW is to finish the Unit 2 touchtone AND the selected problems in your packet. We will enter answers into IPads tomorrow for Unit 2. 

Tues: We entered Units 2 and 3 into I-respond. HW is a handout on circle segments.

Wed: More work in our circles review packet. EOC REVIEW CIRCLES-1g5542t

Thurs: Touchtone for Unit 4 Circles and begin Unit 5 Coordinate Alg & Geometry. Hw is to finish the review boxes. 

Fri: Touchtones today! HW is to finish your unit 5 packet AND the touchtone. EOC REVIEW UNIT 5-1cr0y00. Be sure to work on your Deltamath.com quiz!!! Here is the state EOC study guide… it is really long so I would NOT print it. 😉 EOC StudyGuide_Geometry-1qaw2ir


Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Quiz over sequences. HW is a Systems of Equations ws. I will collect tomorrow for a HW grade. 

Tues: HW is WS#4 in your new packet. We will do #12 tomorrow. 6.4 KEY SYSTEMS EQNS-1c68j1y Hint for the 3 by 3s: if you have a mistake, just start again on a new sheet of paper. Finding your mistake is difficult… and there are so many different correct ways to work each problem. 

Wed: HW is WS#5 Inequalities6.5 KEY WS#5 INEQUALITIES-1jsfs6i

Thurs: HW is WS#5B and number 2 in your extra packet. Try #4 and 5 if you’re feeling brave.

Fri: HW is WS#6. 6.6 KEY SYS OF EQNS NONLINEAR-209yf39 Period 4…remember your food for Monday! Period 3, if you want to join in and bring for your class, feel free! We have LONG classes on Monday. 🙂

week of April 15-19

Honors Geometry:

Mon: Points of concurrency (centers of triangles) today. HW was 2 worksheets.

Tues: Day 2 practice with pts of concurrency (triangle centers)

Wed: Quiz  over centers of triangles and constructions.

Thurs: EOC Prep Unit 1. HW is Unit 1 Touchtones (we will enter answers tomorrow)

Fri: We entered answers into IRespond for Unit 1 Touchtone. We worked a review packet for Unit 2 and HW was Unit 2 Touchtone. We will input them into the Ipads on Monday.

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Test over Logarithms and Exponentials. We will talk about it tomorrow 🙂

Tues: Test corrections and review for test recovery for some. Report to my Hoya Block: recovery will be averaged with your previous grade regardless if it is higher or lower… so  come prepared!

Wed: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences 6.1 NOTES-1g6o9p4    6.1 KEY SEQUENCES-2i46y4g If you are absent, be sure to watch Matt’s Math Labs videos on the topics you missed. 

Thurs: Series. HW is WS#2 6.2 KEY WS#2 SERIES-2dm4bqn

Fri: Review for quiz Monday! Rework your HW problems and examples from class, as well as our review problems from today. You should already have the answers since your group brought them up to me to check.

week of April 8 – 12

Honors Geometry:1 Unit Plan S19 updated-2f6wtn1

Mon: Review for midterm

Tues: Review for midterm continued. Here are several review keys… we did not do them all.KEY MIDTERM Review 2-187qqry Key Unit 4b Cumulative Review-1k624hk Key Unit 5 Cumulative Review-wz141i

Wed: Midterm Exam. If you are buying your own compass, you will need it tomorrow 🙂

Thurs: Constructions with compass and straightedge. HW is one of every type of construction we learned today… on your plain white paper. Here is a simulation of constructions (be sure to scroll all the way down the page to choose what you want to see constructed.  https://www.mathopenref.com/constructions.html

Fri: Constructions project with compass and straightedge.

Honors Algebra 2: 1 Unit 5 Calendar Spring 2019-2onyz8h

Mon: Properties of Expanding and Condensing Logs. HW is WS#5. If you were absent, watch Matt’s Math Labs on properties of logarithms in unit 5. 5.5 WS#5 KEY LOG PROPS-23kwr24

Tues: Solving Log and Exponential Equations.  HW is WS#6 odds  (#19 challenge). 5.6 KEY WS#6 EQNS-24jc53n

Wed: Solving Log and Exponential Equations day 2. After the warm up, we did a “quick check” for a daily grade then went into the hall for the scavenger hunt. HW is to finish the evens from WS#6 AND WS#7 the BACK page equations (NOT inequalities…we will learn those tomorrow).  Even answers were posted yesterday.

Thurs: Inequalities. HW is WS#7 Applications problems 1 through 8, the inequalities attached (we did some in class), and log inequalities problems 26 through 32. 5.7 KEY APPS INEQ-1qrj8dh These are not all of the answers… we will check the rest in class.  If you were absent, be sure to watch Matt’s Math labs videos for exponential and logarithmic equations and inequalities. Link is on blog. Be sure to rework your old quiz and previous homework problems. 

Fri: Review for test Monday. Attention 3rd period: We didn’t get to review Inverses… see my detailed answers for #1-4. Switch x and y and solve for the new “y”. Inverses of exponentials are logs, and inverses of logs are exponentials. Be sure to rework your quiz problems and HW problems.5.9 review QUICK CHECK KEY-1vmyoqs Here is extra practice for inverses and graphs along with answers. 5.9 Extra_Practice_Inverses_Graphs-10xboek


week of March 25-29

Honors Geometry: 1 Unit Plan S19 updated-2f678d6

Mon: Independent/Dependent events HW is pages 13-14 in your HW packet. Quiz tomorrow over Venn Diagrams and Mutually Exclusive/Inclusive events/probability.  2 KEY INDEP DEP HW-2bq9cfu

Tues: Quiz over Venn Diagrams and Mutually Exclusive/Overlapping probability. Conditional Probability. HW is pages 6 – 10. Use your formula on page 10. Sometimes you are looking for a different value. 4 KEY CONDITIONAL PROB-209fxc3

Wed: Working backwards. HW is Using Formulas to Work Backwards WS  5 Working Backwards Key-1689a3f

Thurs: Review all  probability.6 KEY REVIEW-17k2mj9

Fri: Test over Probability. Have a wonderful spring break! Remember you have a Midterm extra credit assignment on Deltamath.com. Create an account if you haven’t already and my # is 275204. You can add up to 5 points on your midterm which is the Wednesday after spring break. 

Honors Algebra 2:  1 Unit 5 Calendar Spring 2019-2on9djb

Mon: Exponential growth/decay/ and interest word problems. HW is WS#1 problems 7-14 and WS#1 continued problems 1-9 (omit 7).  5.1 KEY WS#1 EXP APPS-1n7119n

Tues: HW is WS #2 on graphing exponential functions.  5.2 KEY EXP Graphs-1mg799d We will work the last 2 problems in class tomorrow. 

Wed: HW is WS#3 Converting exponential and logarithmic functions. 5.3 KEY WS #3 REWRITE LOG_ Exp Evaluate-1b22vie

Thurs: HW is WS #4 Graphing logs and finding inverses. Quiz tomorrow!  5.4 KEY GRAPHS LOGS-1xxnov45.4 KEY INVERSES-u72lhk. I will be available for extra help in the morning at 7:30.

Fri: Quiz over first 4 lessons. Remember you have a Deltamath.com extra credit assignment (daily CW grade)  over log/exponential functions. You need to create an account if you do not already have one and use my # 275204. It will end at midnight April 7. It will be VERY helpful when we continue our study of logs and exponential functions. Have a wonderful spring break! 🙂

week of March 18-22

Honors Geometry: Unit Plan S19-wb105y

Mon: Proving Quadrilaterals in the Coordinate Plane. 63 – KEY Proving Quadrilaterals on the Coordinate Plane-27i99db

Tues: Plant the flowers review game for our test WedREVIEW PRACTICE TEST-y97da2 One of the questions partitioning a segment is more challenging, in that is has decimals. We can go over it before the test.

Wed: Test over Connecting Alg & Geo in the Coordinate Plane. 

Thurs: Set Notation and Venn Diagrams. New packets today! 1 Key Venn Diagram Homework-2e7scq5 1 Key Venn Diagram Practice-199omch 1 NOTES key-2no8io1

Fri: Mutually Exclusive events.

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Finding equations given the graphs and describing characteristics of graphs. HW is WS #3/4 problems 18-29 and Unit 4B Review problems 1 – 8. 4.4 KEY GRAPHS CHARACTERISTICS-1in4byu4.4 NOTES graphs characteristics eqns-2522pgu

Tues: Plant the Flower review game using Unit 4B review4B REVIEW-1xfx6fq

Wed: Test Unit 4B Radicals

Thurs: Review old tests and quizzes for midterm exam. #37 the only way to get the “.33” is to calculate the max/min with your calculator. Midterm REVIEW key-20syzr5

Fri: Midterm Exam Units 1 through 4 (all multiple choice AND you can use a calculator).


week of March 11-15

Honors Geometry: Unit Plan S19-wao1n3


Freshman Parents: The Harrison Science Department will be hosting a Combo Chemistry Program Open House on Monday, March 25, 2019. The open house will offer parents and students in the Class of 2022 the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of a year-long approach to advanced placement chemistry. The open house will begin at 6:00 PM in the Freshman Building Dining Hall.

Mon: Equations of Circles HW is pages 7-8 in your packet.  2 KEY EQUATIONS OF CIRCLES-1iywgfq

Tues: Intersection of circles and lines and Distance/Midpoint formulas. HW is page 9 and 10 all and page 12 #1-8 only on the distance formula. 

Wed: Partitioning a Segment and Midpoint formula. HW Finish page 12 and do all of pages 14-15. 4 KEY DISTANCE MIDPT PART SEGMENT-243zrzqYou also have a practice quiz for your quiz tomorrow. 🙂 Remember PI day is tomorrow!  KEY PRACTICE QUIZ circles dist midpt-2co0m41

Thurs: more Partitioning a Segment in 2D. QUIZ. 5 KEY PARTITION SEGMENT-18g7goi

Fri: Area and perimeter in the coordinate plane. HW is “Area and Perimeter in the Coordinate Plane” ws (not in your packet).KEY AREA PERIMETER-1ibh0z9

Honors Algebra 2: 4B unit plan Spring 19-2bas74v

Mon: More review for our test. We played “Fill the pot of gold”. >>>4.10 Review 2 KEY-2efpb1i

Tues: Test over Unit 4A Rational Functions.  No HW. Good Luck 🙂

Wed: Radicals and Rational Exponents. HW is WS#1 NOTES: 4.1 Rewriting Rat’l Exp Radicals NOTESKEY-sgisac HW key:4.1 KEY WS#1-2ifobxxPI day is tomorrow!  PS If your test grade in student vue is “missing” and has a “0”, you need to come see me ASAP for a question about your test or to take the calculator portion on the gold paper. 

Thurs: Solving radical equations and inequalities. HW is WS#2 the first 2 pages ONLY #1-22 . 4.2 NOTES Radical Equations Ineq-2eo9d7m    4.2 KEY EQNS INEQU RADICAL-25xknx7

Fri: Graphing radical functions. HW is WS#3. 4.3 GraphingRadicalsNOTES-2nuyhyd     4.3 KEY GRAPHING RADICALS-13qb9ti

week of March 4 – 8

Honors Geometry:

Mon: HW is pages 16-18 Finding volumes of prisms and pyramids.  >>>KEY VOLUME PRISMS and PYRAMIDS-10gn0k5 

Tues: HW pages 19-23 on Composite figures and Cavalieri’s principle. >>>KEY COMPOSITES CAVALIERI-1vkm7ce

Wed: Review all circles/segments and volumes. HW review key >>>10 circles segments review-1s9d1lw

Thurs: Test over Circles/Segments and Volumes. HW was a “Completing the Square” ws to prepare for our next unit. >>>TEST DAY HW Completing the Square-2ekxzpb

Fri: Here is Unit plan for “Connecting Alg & Geometry in the Coordinate Plane”.  Unit Plan S19-waiks7  HW is page 1-4 multiples of 3 and pages 4-5 all. 

Honors Algebra 2:

Mon: Solving inequalities with rational expressions. HW is WS#6 in your packet. There are 2 of them… at least do the first one and problem 6 on the second one. You also have 2 puzzles you can finish for extra practice for the quiz tomorrow. 🙂 Be sure to practice your “Quick Check” problems you may have missed. 4.6 KEY WS#6 Inequalities-1zs1ogz

Tues: Quiz over equations and inequalities containing rational expressions.  HW is WS#7 problems 1 through 9 on parent graphs and transformations.

Wed:  HW is WS#8 Graphing rational functions (asymptotes and holes only) ATTN PERIOD 3: When you are finding the HOLE, substitute your x into your SIMPLIFIED fraction (I should have told you this in class). We will fix tomorrow. >>>4.8 KEY WS 8 graphs-2a50xnp More practice on all graphing and asymptotes tomorrow.

Thurs: HW is WS#9 Graphing rational functions. >>>4.9 KEY WS #9 GRAPH RATIONALS-1vmwjkw

Fri: Review all of Unit 4A for test on Monday. >>>4.10 reviewKEY-1cp0u9t