AC Math HW: complete the 10 question worksheet on translating verbal expressions into algebraic expressions. Quiz Thursday.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 301 #1, 2, 4, 6 and p. 303 #21, 22, 24, 32, 33. Quiz Wednesday

Math 6 HW: complete the Percent Conversion Practice Worksheet that was glued on page 40 of your MSG.


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Reminder: The re-test for 1st, 2nd, and 4th periods is tomorrow at 8:15.

AC HW: p. 351 #7-10 and p. 352 #15

Math 6/7 HW: p. 267 #3-5 and p. 268 #9, 11, 13



AC Math HW is p. 343-344. The re-test is Thursday at 8:15. Start working on the USA Test Prep if you plan to re-test.

Math 6/7 HW is p. 257 #27-32

Math 6: If you are re-testing, you must return the signed purple sheet and turn in your remediation work. Bring earbuds on Thursday.


***I WILL BE DROPPING THE LOWEST FORMATIVE GRADE ON THURSDAY. I turned the feature off temporarily so parents can see the true average.

AC Math HW: READ and complete p. 347-349. I will offer a re-test for Unit 2 at 8:15 Thursday morning. You must complete the assignments in USA Test Prep to be eligible to re-test.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 252-253

Math 6 HW: p. 203 #6 & 7 and p. 205 #16 & 17. I will offer a re-test on Thursday morning at 8:15. You must complete the remediation packet to be eligible to re-test.


Math 6 (4th period) will have the opportunity to re-test on Thursday. The optional re-test will replace Friday’s test grade. There will be a required remediation packet if you would like to re-test. Ideally, you will re-test before school at 8:15. If you cannot come in at 8:15, you can re-test during class, but you will be responsible for making up what we do in class that day.


AC Math: Complete the study guide for HW. We will check over it tomorrow. Test Monday. Here’s a link for an optional practice test:   (it takes about 30 sec to load)  Practice Test

Math 6/7 learned how to write an algebraic expression. HW is the Writing Expressions worksheet handed out at the end of class. Reminder: the re-test for Unit 2 is tomorrow at 8:15. You must complete the assignments in USA Test Prep in order to be eligible to re-test.

Math 6: Test tomorrow on writing ratios and solving problems with equivalent ratios.


AC Math HW: p. 245 #14-17 and p. 246 #19-20. The unit 2 test will be Tuesday.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 239 #2, 3, 9, 10 and p. 240 #15

Math 6: Finish the study guide. Test Friday.