AC Math HW is p. 471 #4-10 and p. 481 #1-5. I will be offering a re-test for Unit 3 tomorrow at 8:10. If you cannot be here at 8:10, you are welcome to re-test during class. However, please understand that if you re-test during class, you are still responsible for classwork from the day.

Math 6/7 will take the Unit 4 test tomorrow. The study guide key is posted under yesterday’s blog entry.


AC Math HW: p. 429-432

Math 6/7 HW: Direct Variation worksheet.  Still struggling with inequalities? Check out the video I posted under math resources.


AC Math HW: p. 405 #22-25, p. 415 #22-26 and 29-31, p. 416 #34-36. Quiz tomorrow on distributive property and combining like terms.

Math 6/7 HW is to watch this video clip to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson on  inequalities: Inequalities  Remember, you do not need to create an account to watch the videos I assign on Learnzillion. Continue as a guest. When it prompts you for your name, just put your first name.


AC Math will be learning about combining like terms and the distributive property this week as we wrap up Unit 3. There will be a quiz on Thursday. HW: p. 403 #4-7 and p. 413 #1-6, 9-12

Math 6/7 will have a quiz Wednesday on one-step equations. We will begin inequalities on Thursday. HW: p. 353 #4-11 and p. 363 #3-6


Math 6/7: I am offering a re-test opportunity on Monday at 8:10 for those who are interested. If you are unable to come at 8:10, you are welcome to re-test in class, but please be advised that you will be responsible for making up missed classwork.

Here’s a link for a video about solving one-step equations: one-step Math Antics