AC Math: Unit 7 Study Guide due Monday. Test Tuesday.

Math 6/7: Finish the classwork from today if you haven’t. 887 #2, 4, 5, 9; p. 889 #26, 27, 29, 30, 32; p. 897 #2, 5, 6 ; p.905 #2, 3, 5, p. 915 all; p. 922-923

Math 6: Finish the Unit 1-5 Review from class.


AC Math: Quiz tomorrow on absolute value and negative numbers. Here’s a link with videos and practice quizzes. Negatives and Absolute Value The quiz will not cover the coordinate plane. I will offer a re-test tomorrow in class for the statistics unit. You must complete the USA Test Prep work in order to be eligible.

Math 6/7: If you did not finish the worksheet in class today, finish it for HW. Distributive Property Combining Like Terms Practice Algebraic expressions quiz tomorrow. Here’s a link with videos and practice quizzes on algebraic expressions. Algebraic Expressions

Math 6: No HW


AC: Bring earbuds/headphones tomorrow. Reminder to work on USA Test Prep if you plan to re-test on Thursday. There will also be a quiz on Thursday over absolute value and comparing/ordering rational numbers.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 857. Quiz Thursday on algebraic expressions.

Math 6: No HW


AC Math: I will offer a re-test on Thursday for the Statistics unit. You must complete the USA Test Prep assignments in order to be eligible to re-test. Reminder: you are limited to one re-test per quarter. There will be a quiz Thursday on integers and absolute value. Bring earbuds or headphones tomorrow.



AC Math continues to work on a summative task, “Fast Food Frenzy.” I will provide a study guide tomorrow. The unit test will be Thursday.

Math 6/7: The unit 8 tests were returned today. If you would like to re-test, you will need to complete the remediation packet that was provided. The remediation packet is due Wednesday. The re-test will be Thursday at 8:15.

Math 6: Quiz on Volume tomorrow.


Math 6/7 re-test opportunity will be Thursday. I will provide a remediation packet on Monday. The packet will be due Wednesday.