AC Math: Quiz Friday (long division and decimal operations)

Math 6/7: Finish p. 69-72 if you did not finish in class

Math 6: Quiz Friday (long division)


AC HW: p. 73 #8 p. 74 #10, 11, 14

Math 6/7: Quiz tomorrow on long division, and decimal operations

Math 6 HW: p. 51 #26-29


AC Math will continue to work on decimal operations. There will be a quiz Thursday.

Math 6/7 will have a quiz Wednesday on decimal operations.

Math 6 will have a quiz on long division Friday.


All Classes: Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!!!!!

AC HW: finish the division worksheet from class. Show your answers for the 1st three problems as a mixed number and as a decimal.

6/7 HW: p. 57 #6-8, p. 65 #4-8, p. 66 #11 and 14


Reminder: All classes have a vocabulary quiz on Friday. The words and definitions can be found on page 5 of your MSG.

AC HW: Finish Bargain Shopping. You can use a calculator on this.

6/7 HW: division worksheet….show your answer as a mixed number and in decimal form.

Math 6 HW: p. 49- only the even numbered problems.


All math classes with have a vocabulary quiz this Friday. The vocabulary is on page 5 of the MSG (composition book). There are videos on the Videos & Website page if you need help with HW.

AC Math HW: p. 11

Math 6/7 HW: p. 8 & 9

Math 6 HW: p. 11



I have added a link for the Cobb County Math page to this blog. On this page you can view the parent letters and pacing guides for all math courses in Cobb County. This will provide information about what your child will be studying this year.















I am very excited about the upcoming year and getting to work with each of you. I will be updating my blog daily so be sure to check here often for important information regarding your class.

The supplies needed for Mrs. Harvey’s math class are as follows: pencils, notebook paper, a folder or designated place in a binder for math papers, a composition notebook, glue stick, expo marker, and a very basic calculator. Donations of tissues and hand sanitizer are greatly appreciated.