AC Math has a quiz tomorrow on rates/unit rates. Six word problems were assigned for HW. Some students finished this in class. Want more practice for tomorrow’s quiz? Click on the links…..           Rates on the Coordinate Plane    Unit Rate Problems   Comparing Rates

Math 6/7 checked the study guide and reviewed for tomorrow’s test.

Math 6 learned how to find equivalent ratios. HW is p. 243 #1 & 3 and p. 246 #19 & 20


AC Math learned how to use unit rate to determine the better buy. HW is p. 228-230. Quiz Friday on Rates.

Math 6/7 HW is to complete the Unit 2 study guide. Test Friday.

Math 6 continued to practice writing and simplifying ratios. No HW


AC Math worked through an interactive lesson on rates. Here’s the link: Rates Lesson  HW is p. 200-202  There will be a quiz on Friday.

Math 6/7 worked on a problem solving task titled “Reaching the Goal.” HW is p. 207 #6-12 and p. 215 #3-6

Math 6 learned how to write and simplify ratios. HW is p. 193 #12-15 and 17


AC Math HW: p. 219 #1-5 and p. 220 #9 & 10. The students learned about rates and how to plot rates on a graph.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 204-205 and p.212-213. Students learned about percents today. They were given 3 handouts to glue in their MSG.

Math 6 HW: none. Student were introduced to ratios. They took notes while watching a series of video clips.


AC Math will learn about rates and unit rates this week. Please bring earbuds/headphones Tuesday. There will be a quiz Friday.

Math 6/7 will learn about percentages this week. There will be a quiz Wednesday and a test on the entire unit Friday.

Math 6 will learn about ratios this week.


AC Math HW: p. 194 #18-21, p. 210 #1 & 2, p. 212 #10  Quiz tomorrow on ratios. The re-test for Unit 1 is tomorrow at 8:15. You must complete the USA Test Prep work to be eligible for re-takes.

Math 6/7 completed a scavenger hunt to help prepare for tomorrow’s rate/unit rate quiz. If you need extra help, see these video links Rates    and    Application of Ratios .

Math 6 began working on an open notes, summative performance task. If you are finished, please bring earbuds tomorrow.

No Tutoring on 9/13

I will not offer tutoring Thursday due to a personal conflict. Thanks for understanding.

AC HW: p. 191 all and p.192 #10

Math 6/7 HW: Tasks 2 & 3

Math 6: There will be a summative performance task tomorrow. It will be open notes.


Here is the power point I went through at open house: Open House-1xueatl

AC Math HW: p. 188-190 There will be a quiz Friday on writing ratios & equivalent ratios.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 161-164 There will be a quiz Friday on solving problems with rates.

Math 6: Quiz tomorrow GCF/LCM



AC Math HW: go to www.learnzillion.com and watch the 3 videos from the front side of the note sheet I handed out in class. Remember, you will sign in as a guest. There will be a quiz Friday on Ratios.

Math 6/7 HW: p. 188-190 There will be a quiz Friday on unit rate.

Math 6 HW:  There will be a quiz Wednesday on LCM/GCF. Finish the study guide that was given out last week. If you have lost yours, here’s a new copy: CCm6u1StudyGuide-1ic5nbc 


AC Math: Test tomorrow!

Math 6/7 HW: READ and complete p. 145-148. Bring earbuds tomorrow. Re-test at 8:15 tomorrow. Make sure to complete the 4 USA Test Prep quizzes.

Math 6 HW: p. 166 #1, 2, 4, 6