LESSONS, Eaglenasium, and more


  • Third Grade:  Bird Watching and Bird Research – as part of the third grade yearlong STEM project, students are learning about native birds of Georgia through research and bird watching.  We are also citizen scientists collecting data for eBird!  Want to learn more at home? – Check out eBird and All About Birds, two amazing websites by the Cornell Ornithology Lab.
  • Fourth Grade: Nonfiction Text Features – students learn about the nonfiction text features in print and online. The culminating activities in playing an online matching game using SMART software.
  • Fifth Grade: Project WET – as part of the fourth grade yearlong STEM project (Watershed Wonders) students are learning important concepts and terms related to watersheds.  Also, using an “Enviroscape” students will get to experience how different materials (chemical and organic) make their way into the watershed.


Challenge #2:  The 25 amazing students who completed this difficult challenge got to select a poster as their reward.  This was a very difficult challenge in that it required students read AND write a review on a Caldecott Award book using the Biblionasium program.

CURRENT Challenge #3:  Thankful / Kind:  This challenge began on November 6th and ends on November 30th.  It requires students read and record in their Bibilionasium  reading log that they read and completed the book.  Instructions for how to complete the challenge can be watched at: www.schooltube.com/video/06cae2cdf94147058693

STEAM CLUB – is having lots of fun finishing their “READING INCENTIVE PRIZE” buttons and making origami Yodas and Darth Vaders based off Tom Angleberger’s “Origami Yoda” book series.

WOW! Wild West Book Fair and MORE!

EAGLENASIUM READING CHALLENGE:  153 students PLUS our fabulous Assistant Principal earned their first badge in our Eaglenasium – Read 200 challenge.  Wow! What a tremendous success!  We are so proud of all our readers!  Our second challenge, Eaglenasium – Caldecott, has gotten off to a slow start as we navigate our new technology, Biblonasium.  However, it is now up and running.  The criteria:  Students must read one of the Caldecott Award or Honor books from their grade level list AND write a thoughtful review that includes a brief summary of the book (without giving away the ending!). It should also include something about the illustrations, since the Caldecott Award is given to the best illustrated book.  Here is a short video explaining how to use Biblionasium to complete the challenge.  (Reminder, books for the challenge can be checked out of the LC, public library, classroom library, or any other source.)  For more information about our Eaglenasium, our reading incentive program click here.

FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE STEM PROJECTS: This is has been an exciting few weeks.  With Fourth and Fifth grade students starting their research of Bees and Watersheds respectively as part of their grade level yearlong STEM Projects.  Fourth is learning about the importance of bees to our ecosystem and survival in light of Bee Colony Collapse Distress (CCD) and what we, at BSI can do to Bring Bees Back!  Fifth grade is learning about the importance of understanding watersheds and their importance of improving and supporting the health and well being of all living things within a given watershed.  Fourth grades current research is to find out which bee is best suited for us to attract to the BSI campus.  Fifth grade is researching what is a watershed, which one do we live in, and ways to test the health of our watershed, thus researching both in the Learning Commons and out in the field.

BIG SHANTY BOOK BISTRO:  Students of all grades have been enjoying “tasting” some of the most delectable overlooked books from our shelves during a 45 minute book tasting resulting in lots of unique book checkouts including many poetry and nonfiction selections.




AMERICAN INDIAN RESEARCH: For the remainder of September third graders will be researching different American Indian tribes.  The library has many books on individual tribes and subject specific encyclopedias to use.  Below are some excellent websites too:

Annenberg Learner Interactive map: http://www.learner.org/interactives/historymap/indians.html

USED BOOK SALE – was a huge success.  Thank you for donating and shopping.  We raised $  .  This will be added to the proceeds from our other fundraisers (Fall and Spring book fairs) to purchase iPads.  Also, the unsold books will be donated to MUST Ministries, benefiting less fortunate children then our BSI Eagles.


SEPTEMBER LIBRARY LESSONS:  See previous post for list and description of Library Lessons.



Used Book Sale, one more week / Library Lessons

Used Book Sale Flyer

LIBRARY LESSONS for Late August/Early September

    • Destiny Catalog: Students will learn how to find books, ebooks, and websites. Then narrow how to their search by Lexile and Format. Also, how to look at the Call # and Location so they will know how to find the books they want.
    • American Indian Research: Students will use Cobb Digital Library (CDL) to conduct research on Georgia Tribes. Students will create a Shadow Puppet presentation to share what they have learned.
    • DestinyGO: Students will learn how to use Destiny to search for books, ebooks, and websites. Then narrow their searches by Lexile, format, and other criteria.  They will also learn how to locate a book on the shelf. Using skills taught, students will work in pairs to find the Pokemon cards hidden in select books.
    • Text Evidence: Students will learn how to read to find answers and the evidence in the text that supports their answer.
    • DestinyGO: Students will learn how to use Destiny to search for books, ebooks, and websites. Then narrow their searches by Lexile, format, and other criteria.  They will also learn how to locate a book on the shelf. Using skills taught, students will work in pairs to find the Pokemon cards hidden in select books.
    • Scratch Computer Programming: Students will learn basic Scratch coding which they will then use with Makey-makey kits to create a simple game.

Welcome Back!

Hi, Big Shanty Students and Families,

We have lots of exciting things happening in the Learning Commons this year! First of all we will be having a USED BOOK SALE August 22-31st.  So please help us by donating your old books!  The class that collects the most books will get 10 free books for their classroom library, shop before any other class, AND get a 50% discount!  See the FLYER for full details!

EAGLENASIUM – NEW READING INCENTIVE PROGRAM: We are using a new online reading program this year, Biblionasium. It is similar to GoodReads, in a child friendly format.  Biblionasium is embedded in Destiny, our online catalog. So, students need only login to Destiny to get to the program.  We are using it as our incentive program, aptly named, Eaglenasium.  There will be 8 challenges throughout the school year.  Students who meet each challenges goal will be recognized on BSEN and receive a small “prize.” Students who meet the first 3 challenges will attend a party in December, students who meet challenges 4 through 6 will attend a party in March, and students who meet challenges 7 and 8 will attend a party in May.  At the end of the school year, students who met at least 7 challenges will be invited along with a parent, to attend a breakfast in May! 

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR WINDOWS10 STUDENT PASSWORD. This is for student logins while they are at school.

We hope you are as excited and happy to be back at Big Shanty as we am!  See you soon.

Mrs. Schager & Mrs. Geraci


Keep your brain turning to mush…READ over the summer.   How? With the County’s Library Media Education Department and the Cobb County Public Libraries awesome reading opportunities. (A letter with login information went home in Thursday folders on May 18th.) Click here Cobb Public Library Summer Events details.

Click COBB SUMMER READING RESOURCES for thousands of eBooks, logging Summer reading, fun online activities, and much more.

To learn how to use these great resources watch this video



We are still collecting books for our used book sale, which is scheduled from 7:15-8AM next week as follows:

  • Tuesday 5/9 and 5/16 – for THIRD GRADE
  • Wednesday 5/10 and 5/17- FOURTH GRADE
  • Thursday 5/11 and 5/18 – FIFTH GRADE

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN event…Our children get “new” books to read over the summer, all proceeds benefit the Learning Commons, and unsold books will be donated to MUST Ministries.  Thank you!


“Log’s Life” – Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers

As a mashup of language arts and science, we read “Log’s Life” with fourth grade classes.  The nonfiction story focuses on the life of a tree and all the other life that it sustains.  Throughout the book we looked for producers, consumers, and decomposers in the food chain and also ONOMATOPOEIA words that were liberally used throughout the book.  After which, students created word clouds