Your student ID now works like a Cobb County Public Library card!

It’s your very own Library PASS!

Are you looking for a good book to read? Do you need help finding information to finish your homework? Maybe you want to listen to an audiobook or stream a video. Well, you can do all of this as a student attending a Cobb County Public School, you already have a Library PASS (Public Library Access for Student Success) account. That means you have access to all of the Cobb County Public Library’s awesome resources, including 93 online databases, 18,659 eBooks, 7,270 eAudiobooks, and 430 streaming videos as well as over 600,000 books and other items.

A flyer with login information will be going home in Thursday’s folder.  For more information click HERE.


    • ELA:  Character Traits (compare and contrast)
    • Adaptations: Using Nearpod students will learn about Plant and Animal Adaptations
    • Math/STEM:  Enter birding data in eBird (Cornell Ornithology Lab database) then graph with paper and MS-Excel
    • BIRD RESEARCH SHARE:  Choose between one of the following ways to share the bird research:
      • Green screen / Flipgrid
      • Chatterpix or Tellagami
      • Print / slideshare (using MS-Word)
      • Shadow Puppet
      • ThingLink
    • STEM: Pollinator Garden Research
    • ELA:  Nonfiction Text Evidence
    • ELA: Charts and Graphs
    • STEM: Snap Circuits: student practice basic electricity concepts by building a working circuit that makes a sound, lights a light, etc.
    • World War I: Students learn about primary sources and explore what it was like to be a WWI soldier through an interactive site using the iPad:  INTERACTIVE SITE:
    • ELA: Figurative Language: Using Nearpod students will work in pairs learning about personification and idioms.
    • ELA: Nonfiction Text Evidence: Students will learn how to locate text evidence to support their opinions

Big Shanty Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team Rocks!

A team of 10 students from Big Shanty Intermediate competed at the Cobb County Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl this past Saturday (1/14/18) at Campbell High School.  There were 29 Cobb elementary schools representing all vying to be recognized as the BEST READERS and fastest buzzers at the tenth annual Cobb Reading BowlOur students worked very hard getting to school at 7AM every Monday morning even on those super cold ones.  They read the books, wrote questions, practiced, and competed.  Although we did win the competition all of our team members are winners…because readers are leaders!


The Bowl was started by Helen Ruffin, a now retired DeKalb County media specialist. In an effort to motivate the students at her school to read more, she decided to capitalize on their competitive natures.  Thus, the idea for an academic competition was formed.  High school students read the nominated books for the Georgia Teen Peach Book Award.  Middle and elementary students read the nominated books for the Georgia Book Awards. In six rounds of competition teams compete against each other. Factual questions about the books are asked. Using game show style buzzer system the first student to buzz in, responds. If he/she answers the question correctly their team earns 10 points. Thus, speed and accuracy is the name of the game!  Winning teams are those that earn the most cumulative points.  Due to the round robin nature of the competition, it is impossible to know who will win until the closing ceremony.  The Cobb County Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl is organized by a volunteer committee of Cobb County Library Media Specialists.  For more information:



Welcome back to school. We have some new things for the new year. First and foremost a monthly STEM Challenge!  Students may come to the LC with their teachers to permission to work on the challenge.  January’s challenge is:

Image result for paper airplaneJANUARY 2018 STEM CHALLENGE: BUILD A PAPER AIRPLANE.  Students will research “paper airplane” using netTrekker in Cobb Digital Library. Then they will be given 2 pieces of standard 8.5″x11″ paper. First to build prototype and second to perfect their plane. At the end of the month the student whose plane flies the farthest will be featured on the Big Shanty Eagle News show!

EAGLENASIUM CHALLENGE #5: Oh My Science! Image result for biblionasium   In this challenge students must read one of the  books from the list of science books. They will need to log the book in Biblionasium and mark it for the challenge.  For detailed instructions on how to complete the challenge watch the instructional video from our Eaglenasium page.



Eaglenasium Party:  On December 8th the 35 students who had completed at least 2 of the first 3 challenges attended a Hula Hoop Party!  These students were quite creative at building geodomes with the hula hoops. So, they weren’t just good readers but STEM leaders!  Way to go.

Eaglenasium Challenge #4 JOY! is now underway.  Students need to read and log 300 minutes in Biblionasium from books that brings them joy!  The challenge lasts until January 3, when we return to school.

Library Lessons

    • Bird Data: Students will analyze our eBird account data and get to graph their bird observations using MS-Excel and with paper and pencil.
    • Holiday Story: Students will listen to a holiday story. If a Hannukah story is chosen, they will play the dreidel game.
    • Nonfiction Text Features: Students will explore nonfiction text features and how they help them learn by either facilitating locating information, or chunking it, or drawing attention to it.
    • Holiday Story.
    • Nonfction Text Structure: Students will learn techniques for identifying the text structure and willl play a matching game.
    • Holiday Story.


Our Eaglenasium #4 Challenge is now OPEN!  It is entitled “JOY” to match the season!  To meet this challenge you simply read books that bring you JOY and log the minutes in Bibionasium.  You will need to read 300 minutes to complete the challenge.  I know that sounds like a lot of minutes, but you can start today, November 29th and you have through Winter Break, January 3rd, which is over 4 weeks.  If you read 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, that’s 100 minutes a week.  So, potentially, you could be done by December 20th!  So, join me today and earn the challenge. 

Need instructions on how to complete the challenge? Watch this short video:

The most important thing you do is READ, because EVERYTHING you need to know and do, you can learn by reading.  So, become a better reader TODAY!

Eagles Rock and Readers Rule!

Read and spread JOY  this holiday season!

 Mrs. Schager


Library lessons for the rest of 2017 are:


  • SS/ELA: Explorers: research, then create an essay or Chatterpix
  • Math/STEM:  Enter birding data in eBird (Cornell Ornithology Lab database) then graph with paper and MS-Excel
  • HOUR OF CODE: Learn to code using multiplication
  • – Bird Watching Part 1 – Students will learn how to identify birds using size, shape, and color pattern.



LESSONS, Eaglenasium, and more


  • Third Grade:  Bird Watching and Bird Research – as part of the third grade yearlong STEM project, students are learning about native birds of Georgia through research and bird watching.  We are also citizen scientists collecting data for eBird!  Want to learn more at home? – Check out eBird and All About Birds, two amazing websites by the Cornell Ornithology Lab.
  • Fourth Grade: Nonfiction Text Features – students learn about the nonfiction text features in print and online. The culminating activities in playing an online matching game using SMART software.
  • Fifth Grade: Project WET – as part of the fourth grade yearlong STEM project (Watershed Wonders) students are learning important concepts and terms related to watersheds.  Also, using an “Enviroscape” students will get to experience how different materials (chemical and organic) make their way into the watershed.


Challenge #2:  The 25 amazing students who completed this difficult challenge got to select a poster as their reward.  This was a very difficult challenge in that it required students read AND write a review on a Caldecott Award book using the Biblionasium program.

CURRENT Challenge #3:  Thankful / Kind:  This challenge began on November 6th and ends on November 30th.  It requires students read and record in their Bibilionasium  reading log that they read and completed the book.  Instructions for how to complete the challenge can be watched at:

STEAM CLUB – is having lots of fun finishing their “READING INCENTIVE PRIZE” buttons and making origami Yodas and Darth Vaders based off Tom Angleberger’s “Origami Yoda” book series.