Thank you!

Big Shanty Families are AH-Maze-ING!

We had a great book fair and a great Books and Breakfast event.  Thank you so much for your support.  We take the proceeds from the book fair and purchase great books so we can keep the students reading!

October has had a lot going on!  We have our October reading challenge happening right now.  It is due to me by October 31st and you get a special treat!

We have had some great lessons on nonfiction this month also.  Nonfiction Text Feature Bingo, Nonfiction Text Structure Escape the room, and Nonfiction Jeopardy!  We will continue this for November since most grades will still be reading and writing nonfiction.

Thank you for your support and keep reading!

Mrs. Borg

Off to a great start!

Greetings from your LC~

We are off to a great start here in the Learning Commons!  The students have learned how to check books in and out with our self service procedures and we have had all the orientation lessons!

We had 10 wonderful students attend the Summer Reading Reward Party.  We had pizza, the students all got a t shirt and a GOLDEN SHELF MARKER!  oooohhhh ahhhh.  These students read 1500 minutes over the summer!  Way to go!

A new challenge has been issued!  400 minutes for the month of September….I’m taking it easy on them!  Log your minutes in Biblionasium and it will count automatically!  It is super easy to sign in at school and for the directions on how to sign in at home, click on the Biblionasium tab!  I will also be providing the “corrected” directions to the students, so they have it in their Daily folder.

That’s all for now, keep reading!



Mrs. Borg


I am super excited to start the new year!  I really do miss my co workers, students, and the BOOKS!

We will be starting lessons and checkout on 8/12/19.  All classes will have the orientation scavenger hunt before checking books out.

The next nine weeks or more we will be focusing on Library Skills.  How to find a book, how to use Destiny and Biblionasium, different genres, and how to research.  These are life long skills that will be carried on through the student’s education.

Battle of the Books will start September 10th!  We are super lucky to have the Reach for the Stars program helping with our club!  They will be buying our books, providing new buzzers, and supplies for our activities!  Since this program is run through ASP, students need to be registered for ASP and when we meet will need to pay the $7.00 ASP charge.  This also helps with security when picking up your student.

Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, you can email me at


Mrs. Borg

Come see the books over the summer!

Awwww…summer is finally here!  What better time than to catch up on your list of books you wanted to read!  Days at the pool, riding in the car on a trip….read a book!

Our summer reading challenge is up on Biblionasium!  1500 minutes and you have until the end of the first week of school to finish.  If you don’t have access to Biblionasium, write it down!  Include the book and the number of minutes you read it.  For those students that complete the challenge, we will be having a pizza party!  If you need a refresher on Biblionasium, click the link at the top of this page for more info!

I couldn’t leave you hanging over the summer with no books!  Come see me on the following dates and check out a book.  I will also have technology goodies out to play with.  No dropping off, must have a parent or someone watching you when you come.  If parents need wifi access I’ll have that available also!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

9:00AM – 12:00PM

June 4th, 18th, 25th

July 9th, 10th, 16th

March is here!

This year is flying by!  We had a great February and are looking forward to an awesome March in the Learning Commons.  Did you know that we have bikes in the Learning Commons?  Yep.  Stationary bikes that the kids can use WHILE they are reading! 

This month I am most excited about our Biblionasium Reading Challenge!  Are you ready?  TEACHERS VS. STUDENTS!  The participation in our reading challenges has been really sad.  I know the excellent students are reading, here at Big Shanty, they just need to log their minutes or pages so I can recognize them.  Hopefully some healthy competition between teachers and students will spur them on!  If you want more information on the challenge or how to log in to Biblionasium, just click on the Biblionasium page above! 

We are also going to start looking for a READER OF THE MONTH!  The student we pick will be an avid reader and a great example to our students.  For the accomplishment, the proud parents, guardians, aunt, uncle, grandma…whoever, will have a yard sign to display proudly in front of their home! 

Thanks and see you in the Learning Commons!

Mrs. Borg

Happy February!!

We are rolling along in the Learning Commons.  The students are enjoying our “centers” we have set up, Tanagrams, origami, checkers, and drawing.  We have an excellent display of Valentine and Black History Month books on display, along with all the new addition titles!

Lessons this month are a continuation of last month, we have created a great variety of donuts for persuasive writing and a lot of classes have learned how to use Goosechase, a digital scavenger hunt.  We are using Goosechase for Westward Expansion and Early European Explorers.

Thanks and see you in the Learning Commons!!!

Mrs. Borg and Mrs. Geraci

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody!  We ended the year with a bang!  We made ornaments for our tree that was “Grinched” and had fun during our lessons.  One of the lessons used math and the Twelve Days of Christmas!

January will be more fun!  We will be having a house color competition to see who is reading more books!  We will also be incorporating Beebots, Flipgrid, and Quiver.  I can’t tell you have incredible it is to be able to work with this students.  I am a lucky person!



Things are going great in the Learning Commons!

This month we are featuring nonfiction text features and structures in a lot of our lessons.  If you want to try our “Escape the Locks” activity, go to Library Learning Skills and click the first link!  We also offered a math lesson this month, The Case of the Terrible Turkeys”!  The students are very engaged and have enjoyed the activity.

We have a Biblionasium Challenge going right now.  Read 1100 minutes before November 30th!  On the last challenge the three students that read 900 minutes got a free pizza, free Menchies, and a nice blanket!

I hope everyone has a great break and enjoys some relaxing time with your families!

Thanks,  Mrs. Borg

Thank you!

We just want to say THANK YOU! We had an amazing book fair and loved seeing everyone at the Books & Breakfast event.  We had so much help from students, parents, and staff!  Thank you, Thank you!

This week we will resume normal checkout and lessons.  

Students are learning about writing with their senses by sticking their hands in some boxes to feel around, looking into spooky containers, smelling things they have never smelled before, listening to strange noises, and tasting some familiar treats!  

We are also learning about text evidence using Disney Villains!  Students pick a villain and read a quick biography.  From there they decide on what charges they will bring against their villain and find the text evidence to support the charges.  Then they create a Chatterpix and state the charges and evidence!  Look for some of those to be posted, they are super fun!

We look forward to seeing everyone in the Library Learning Commons this week!

Mrs. Borg

The Book Fair is coming!

We will be hosting an Enchanted Forest Book Fair October 15th-19th.  This will be during conference week, so you can come before or after your conference! 

Monday: 8:00-4:30

Tuesday: 7:15-4:30

Wednesday: 7:15-5:30

Thursday: 7:15-4:30

Friday 7:15-8:00

Friday will be our Breakfast -n- Books event from 7:15-8:00.  Bring your family member, enjoy a light breakfast, and some books!

If you are interested in being a volunteer to help during the book fair, CLICK HERE.