Eaglenasium – Reading Incentive Program

We are using a new online reading program this year, Biblionasium as part of our school-wide reading incentive program, Eaglenasium.  Biblionasium is similar to GoodReads, in a child friendly format.  Biblionasium is embedded in Destiny, our online catalog. So, students need only login to Destiny to get to the program.    There will be 8 challenges throughout the school year.  Students who meet each challenge’s goal will be recognized on BSEN and receive a small “prize.”  Students who meet the challenges 1-3 challenges will attend a party in December, students who meet challenges 4 through 6 will attend a party in March, and students who meet challenges 7 and 8 will attend a party in May.  At the end of the school year, students who meet at least 7 challenges will be invited along with a parent, to attend a breakfast in May!  To open Big Shanty’s Destiny click anywhere on this page where you see the word Destiny.

Since we started the program midway through August, our first challenge is from August 21 to September 30.  Students have to read AND record 200 minutes in the Biblionasium program to meet the goal.  Subsequent challenges can vary in requirements. For instance, in the October challenge, students will have to pick and read one book from a select collection of books AND write a rerview in Biblionasium to meet the challenge.  Challenges will be designed to meet Georgia Performance Standards.

October 2017 CHALLENGE – Students will read one of the Caldecott Award/Honor books from the list of books in the challenge, using Biblionasium they will log their minutes read AND write a review of the book that includes a brief summary of the book, why they liked/disliked the book, and a comment on the illustrations.  Watch the video below for an explanation of how to complete the challenge.


Q:   My child doesn’t remember his/her login.

A:  His/her login is the same as what they use to login to a computer at school (the school’s network).  The username is their Cobb County Student ID# (7 digits) and is the same as the number they use in the Cafeteria at lunch.  Some students have this jotted down in their agenda.  It they still don’t remember it you can always email Carin Geraci, LC Assistant.

Q: When my child tries to login from the Biblionasium website it doesn’t work.

A:  Students must login in through Destiny.

Q:  Can my child access eBooks through Biblionasium and read online?

A:  No.  However, you can find eBooks for your child to read through Destiny, the school’s online catalog.  Also, the Cobb County Public Library has thousands of eBooks too!  (In the near future ALL CCSD students will automatically have a library card, which means they will be able to check out books both in print and online!)

Q:  Are all the books in Biblionasium available from the school library?

A:  No.  Generally, you can tell if the school owns the book when you see a green “In” or red “Out” banner along left bottom corner of books displayed in Biblionasium.  However, we have found this to sometimes be inaccurate.  The best way to see if our library has a book is to check in Destiny directly.  (When you open Biblionasium through Destiny, Destiny remains open in a separate window, which makes it easy to bounce back and forth between the two.

Q:  My child has been told they have more than one challenge to complete at a time.

A:  The Eaglenasium program is a school-wide challenge.  Individual ELA teachers, can also create challenges for their classes.  Completing a teacher challenge is separate from the school-wide Eaglenasium Reading Incentive Program.

Q:  I have a question that is not addressed here.

A:  For more information about Biblionasium check their website at:  https://www.biblionasium.com/faq or contact Barbara Powell-Schager, Library Media Specialist at: [email protected]