Veteran’s Day Program

Good Day, Teasley Parents,

We are gearing up for our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration.  Our fabulous 2nd Graders will entertain us with song, dance and spoken word as we honor those who have served our country.  All are welcome to attend our celebration November 2nd at 6:30 in the Teasley Gym.

We would love to recognize moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and family friends who have served in any branch of the military at our program.  If you know of anyone who would be a great honoree, please have them to sign up using the Google Link below.  We are hoping for a great turn out.  It will be an honor to see and shake hands of all who have served.

Deadline for honorees is November 1st.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about our program and we hope that you will join us.


Roxanne Mungin

Ed. S. Teasley Music Specialist

Learning for the Week of October 23-27, 2017


We are working on writing Informative/Explanatory Texts this 2nd 9 weeks. So far, the children have completed a collaborative How To Book about making applesauce that we did together. We used a recipe to make applesauce, and then we used a graphic organizer to organize our thoughts, and then we wrote a paragraph explaining how to make applesauce. Last week, the children worked on writing a How To book about brushing teeth. After watching a BrainPopJr. video about taking care of our teeth, the children used a graphic organizer with illustrations of each step in brushing one’s teeth to guide their writing, and then they were to use the graphic organizers to write a How to Brush Your Teeth text. Our next step is to edit our writing using resources in the room and feedback from peers and the teacher.


We are continuing to work on adding and subtracting within 100 with and without regrouping using strategies. So far, we have learned to use the Base-ten Strategy with and without regrouping. Last week I introduced adding without regrouping using the Expanded Form Strategy. This week we will continue to work with the Expanded Form Strategy to solve addition with regrouping as well as subtraction with and without regrouping. The second grade team has allotted 3 weeks for this standard, but we will continue to work on it throughout the remainder of the year.


This week we will focus on asking and answering questions using nonfiction texts. We will focus on how we can use text features such as the table of contents, photographs, captions, maps, glossary, etc. to help us further understand what we are reading about in the book.

Social Studies

We will catch up on learning about the Cherokee and Creek people who lived in what is now the state of Georgia, along with Sequoyah.

Upcoming Events:

October 23-27th is Red Ribbon Week!

PTA Meeting- 8:00am, Thursday, 10/26 in the Media Center

Dress Down for $1 – Friday, 10/27

Career Day

What a successful and fun-filled Career Day we had on Friday!

Aiden’s mom, Jessica Alexander, taught us all about being an architect. She created a great PowerPoint presentation as well as print outs for the children to share among themselves to give them a close-up view of the PPT slides. She explained all the steps in completing a project. Growing up, she enjoyed drawing and math so much that she chose a career where she can use both on a daily basis. She even brought a hard hat for the children to inspect.                                          

Antwon Walker, a Federal Officer, taught the children all about what he does to help keep us safe. He brought his two bullet-proof vests, which he let some children try on to see just how heavy they are. He also brought his credentials and let the kids pass them around and take a closer look. the children were intrigued!


Dr. Jaha Howard, a pediatric dentist, explained the importance of brushing and flossing every day. The children learned what germs do in our mouths while we sleep, and they were eager to find out what to do to help keep their teeth clean. Dr. Howard taught them a song to sing while they brush. He also used the children to demonstrate how they should floss their teeth before bed.


News From PTA and PAWS

Dear Teasley Elementary Families:

The Teasley PTA and PAWS Foundation are trying to do something we have never done before. This school year, we made it our goal to replace the outdoor “dirt” field that our children play on during P.E., recess, and Field Days with a clean artificial turf field.  The current field was created when Teasley received our building extension through Ed-SPLOST IV funds.  However, the field has never been able to grow grass because of constant use by our students, and the field does not drain properly when it rains, resulting in an unusable muddy field during rainy seasons.  We asked and learned that Cobb County School District does not have the funds to fix the field.


We received an estimate from a highly recommended company to install an artificial turf field and at $4/square foot, it costs almost $46,000.  We are pleased to announce that we recently received a grant of $10,000 toward a new athletic turf field from the Home Depot Foundation.  Thank you, Home Depot!


A few years ago, Teasley parents decided that the PAWS Foundation’s primary fundraiser would the annual Tiger Fund check campaign, through which we ask parents to give a direct donation to support our school.  The initial phase of this year’s campaign raised $22,467.  Donations can be made throughout the year, and we hope that you’ll consider the PAWS Foundation in your year-end giving.  This year, PAWS Foundation funds will go towards our STEM specialist’s salary, STEM resources, IB learner profile books for every classroom, and a portion of the athletic field.  Beyond the Tiger Fund check campaign, PAWS is supported through our community sponsors, spirit nights, ASP enrichments, Birthday Grams, Candy Grams, and the Santa Shop.


The Teasley PTA decided, around the same time, also with parent input, that we would no longer sell items like gift-wrap, chocolates and magazines as our primary fundraiser.  We began partnering with The Get Movin’ Crew to allow our students to reach out to extended family and friends to invite them to sponsor their child as they run the Tiger Trot to support our school.   This year, the Tiger Trot fun run will be on Nov. 10 during the school day.  All students will run the Tiger Trot course along with their class during their specials period and students have been preparing in P.E. with Coach Homansky and Coach Sessions.


Tiger Trot packets will be going home with your child on Monday.  We have fun incentives planned for classrooms with 100% participation (every child contributes at least $1), and for classes raising the most money.  Our goal for the Tiger Trot fundraiser is to bring in $40,000 to support the PTA budget and pay for the remaining cost of the athletic turf field. The PTA budget supports school areas including all specials, clinic, teacher grants for classroom supplies, scholastic magazines, and so much more.  For more information on how PTA funds support Teasley, go to We are excited to raise the rest of the money for the athletic field!


Thank you for enriching the lives and education of all of our children by supporting the Teasley PTA and PAWS Foundation.


Irene Wong                                                                       Linda Trocano

President                                                                           President

Teasley Elementary PTA                                                Teasley Tiger PAWS Foundation


Learning for September 13 – 22, 2017


We have been learning about different kinds of nouns: common, proper, collective, plural, and irregular plural. We will continue to review what they are, practice identifying them in sentences, and use them in our narrative writing.


This week we are adding money to our problem-solving focus. The children have been solving basic addition and subtraction word problems using the Problem Solving Checklist and the Adding in Chunks and Subtracting in Chunks strategies anchor charts. Some of the word problems will involve counting amounts of pennies, nickels, and dimes.


We will continue to describe how a character in a story responds to a major event or challenge. The children will also review describing the overall structure of a story, by using a graphic organizer to identify what happens in the beginning, middle, and ending of a story they have read.

Social Studies

This week we will finish our study of the 5 regions of Georgia, along with the Chattahoochee, Flint, and Savannah rivers.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 19th –  Teasley Spirit Night at Willy’s 5-8 pm

Fall Break – September 25-29, 2017

Learning Week of September 5-8, 2017


The children are working on using what they learned last week about writing quotes to make their narratives even better. They have enjoyed learning how to show that someone is speaking, and now they are giving characters in their stories a voice.

We are also working on recognizing parts of speech. We discussed nouns yesterday and the children practiced identifying them in a text, and then they wrote their own sentences and identified the nouns they used. Today we are going to discuss Proper Nouns and practice identifying them in texts and using them in sentences


This week we continue learning how to solve word problems. Our focus is on subtraction problems with an unknown ending number. We are using small numbers so the children can focus on the mechanics of solving a word problem without getting hung up on working with larger numbers; that will come later. The children use a Problem Solving Checklist to help them solve a problem systematically. They also have anchor charts of the addition and subtraction strategies that they can refer to anytime they need to see how it works. These resources are on the wall in the classroom as well as being in a Math Folder I made for each student that they keep in their desks. The strategies are also in their Take Home Folders so they can use them to complete homework.

Whenever the children don’t have physical homework to complete, please have them work on MobyMax. The MobyMax site assesses the children to determine their strengths and weaknesses and then tailors activities to meet their individual needs.


In reading, we will talk about how a character reacts to a major event or challenge in a story. being able to recognize how a character changes in response to a major event deepens the reader’s understanding.


I have assessed each individual child on their phonics knowledge. Last week I tried sending home spelling words that met their individual needs in phonics. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t very effective, and that is why I haven’t sent home any spelling words this week. I think time would be better spent working on spelling

I think time would be better spent working on spelling High-Frequency words, and I will work with the children to develop and strengthen their phonics knowledge in small groups at school. Beginning next week, Spelling homework will strictly focus on words from the Dolch High-Frequency Words list. These will be words that the children see most often when they read and words that they need to be able to spell when they write. Many of these words are sight words because they don’t follow any of the spelling rules, their spellings just have to be memorized.

Social Studies

We are continuing to learn about the 5 regions of Georgia. We are focusing on their locations and features that are unique to them. We will also learn about the Chattahoochee, Flint, and Savannah Rivers. The children will be able to locate them on a map and identify how they are used by the people living in the regions through which they flow.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 19th – Teasley Spirit Night at Willy’s 5 pm-8 pm

Fall Break – Spemtember 25 – 29th

Learning for the Week of August 28 – September 2, 2017

Writing Workshop

The children have been doing a wonderful job writing a narrative based on a photograph of a dog playing with a ball at the beach. The photo was simply a way to get their creative ideas flowing, and they have been making up stories based on what they see in the photo combined with their own creative imaginations.

This week we will discuss how to add quotations to our narrative writing pieces. We will practice the mechanics of using quotation marks to show someone is speaking, and then the children will decide where they would like to add quotations to their stories and what the characters will say.

Math Workshop

While we will continue to talk about Place Value, this week we will move on to solving word problems. The children have already been exposed to a Problem Solving Checklist that they will use to guide them through solving word problems step by step.

On Monday, I will send home the weekly assessments the children have completed so far. The purpose of these is to see how well the children understand what we’ve been covering so I can plan for instruction. My goal is to send these home each Monday following their completion the previous Friday.

Reading Workshop

We will continue to focus on asking and answering questions before, during, and after reading to further our comprehension. The children will work on this independently as they read to themselves, and when they work with me in guided reading groups. As they read to themselves, the children can use a graphic organizer to identify the questions that were answered in the beginning, middle, and ending of the story. They can also make a prediction about the book they are reading and tell whether it was correct or incorrect and why.

Social Studies

This week we are turning our attention to the 5 Regions of Georgia: The Appalachian Plateau, Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge Mountain, Piedmont, and Coastal Plains. As we learn about the location and features of each region, I am going to ask the children to choose the regions they think they would like to live in based on what we learn.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, August 30th – Early Release at 12:20

Friday, September 2nd – Dress Down for $1

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