February 16th

Today in class we:

  • Government Quiz

HW: Have a wonderful February Break!

February 15th

Today in class we:

  • Simulation Chart
  • GDP Reading

HW: Quiz tomorrow over pages 16-25 in binder.  Topics include: GDP, trade barriers, economic systems, factors of production, vocabulary


February 13th

Today in class we:

  • Economic Systems notes


HW: Quiz Friday



Picture Day is this FRIDAY!


Relay for Life PINK OUT Wednesday 2/14! $1 donations to participate

February 12th

Today in class we:

  • Factors of Production Notes
  • SharkTank activity

HW: Quiz Friday

February 8th

Today in class we:

  • TRADE simulation

HW: None

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February 7th

Today in class we:

  • Test corrections- students will receive one point per *corrected* question – if students did not finish in class, they may come tomorrow morning at 8:15 to complete.
  •  Trade Barriers- vocab

HW: Complete pages 16 (front & back), page 17(front ONLY), and 18 (front and back) in Social Studies binder.

Page 16 (front):

Page 16 (back):

Page 17:

Page 18 front:

Page 18 (back) is on your own! 🙂

February 6th

Today in class we:

  • North Korea video- discussed how government affects economy

HW: None.

February 2nd

Today in class we:

  • TEST – government

HW: Have a great weekend!

*Make up tests will start at 8:15 Monday morning.