Voice and Fluency Resources

What is a voice disorder?

Any vocal production which calls attention to itself by way of any of the following characteristics can be considered disordered:  vocal quality, pitch, loudness, resonance and /or duration.  The student’s age and gender are also considered when making a clinical judgement of vocal disorder.  Before we address concerns about a student’s voice, an examination by the family’s ENT is required.  An ENT or Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (otolaryngologist) can determine whether the voice disorder has a physical cause, and can clear a student to work with the Speech Pathologist at school, if eligibility for services determined to be eligible for services

For more information about voice disorders, check the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website at:    asha.org

Fluency Disorders

Check out the handout attachment to read 5 Facts About Stuttering! Also, see the following helpful weblinks for more information:

5 Facts About Stuttering

Tim Mackesey is a local Atlanta stuttering specialist who often works with Cobb County Speech Pathologists.  His website contains suggestions for parents in working with children with fluency disorders.  The link to his site is:


The Stuttering Foundation is a national  non-profit organization which carries an extensive selection of books, dvds, pamphlets and podcasts which you may find helpful.  Their website is:


The American Speech-Language-Hearing association has information about fluency located on their webpage at: