October 31

Target Update

Testing for Gifted Eligibility will begin the week we return from Thanksgiving Break.  The last full week of Target will be November 13-17th.  Testing will take place thru December.  When all testing is complete and classes can resume you will be notified by email.  Full Target days will resume in January.

October 23

Target Tallies

Please continue to sign target tallies each week.  Please note:  The top portion of the tally (Prepared for class, Behavior and Work and Study habits) will be completed by the teacher in order to give a more accurate account of the day.  Students will continue to assess themselves on their performance in the class that day.  Additional comments about their assessment and/or observations from the day will be noted on the side or at the bottom.

October 16

Target Progress Reports

Target progress reports will not be given out until the end of the first (January) and second (May)semesters.  This change began last year.  Quarterly reports will be given only to those students that need improvement in specific areas.  First quarter reports will come home during conference week.

August 28

Target Kindness

The Fifth Grade Target group shared their talents with the school by creating kindness rocks to spread kindness around to the staff and students.  The group placed their rocks around both playscapes for the children at Blackwell to find.  Once a rock was found students could admire it, share it and even hide it again!  It was so fun being out with other grade levels and watching the excitement on students’ faces when they found a rock!

We decided to create a basket for the teacher mail room.  Teachers were encourage to share with one another as well.

Well done Fifth Grade!