November 8

11-7 Second Grade

What a fun STEM Day!  I had the pleasure of floating between the classes that the second grade group was in.  I was able to observe students thinking critically and creatively to solve the problem of transporting 7 passengers.

Question:  Was your idea successful?  If you could make changes to your idea what would you do?

Homework:  None this week

November 6

11-5 Fourth Grade

We learned how to be a flexible problem solver by looking at things from a different perspective.  We continued with evaluative thinking by ranking and ordering words that had something in common.  We continued working in our groups building our bridges.  We are getting ready for the weight challenge!

Question: What is the most challenging part of being a flexible problem solver?

Homework:  Sudoku and Triangle Puzzle

November 2

Fifth Grade

We created postcards to send to other classrooms participating in The Global Read Aloud.  We focused on the UN Goal Poverty by researching  poverty in our chosen country.  We are beginning to collect information for when we represent your country and its stance on poverty for our UN discussion that will take place in a couple of weeks.  We also explored poverty statistics for our own city, Marietta.

Question:  What surprised you most about poverty in Marietta?

Homework:  Continue finding facts, information and statistics on poverty in your country for next week.


October 24

Second Grade

Today we continued practicing judge thinking (Evaluative Thinking).  We ranked and justified our decisions.  We also created a Win-Win situation for the characters in the book Bootsie Barker Bites.

Homework:  Halloween Sudoku

October 24

Third Grade

We had a busy day!  We learned about reflections, rotations and translations using Tangrams and playing Tangram chess.  We also were introduced to Evaluative Thinking and decision making.

Homework:  Research topic on Wonder Web and create a poster to share with the class about new information learned. Be creative with your poster and be ready to share next week.

October 11

Conference Week

During conference week we will still have Target class.  Be sure your child comes to school with his folder or binder on their Target day.

Things to Remember:

  • There are no progress reports given to students until the end of the first semester (January).
  • Only students whose progress is being monitored in Target will receive a progress report next week.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your child and their progress in Target please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to meet during conference week.
  • Our Target lunch time will be 11:00-11:30 am
October 8

Changes to the Target Blog

Beginning today there will no longer be separate pages for each grade level except for First Grade.  Each day highlights from each grade will be posted to the main blog.   Please remember to check your  folder/binder each week to see work that is being done in class.  Don’t forget to review and sign your child’s Target Tally each week.  The tally has changed from last year and you will see a reflective piece that your child will fill out each week.  Our goal in Target this year is to be able to reflect and be a self-directed learner.

September 3

Binders and Target Tally

Review the work in your child’s binder but please keep all papers in your child’s binder.  Most papers are used the following week as review/reflection or need to be completed.   Thank you.

 Tallies began going home last week.  Please review the tally, discuss how your child self-evaluated how they did in class:

What did you do best today?

When were you most creative today?

What still confuses/puzzles you?

What will you work on next week?

And don’t forget to sign each week.  Thanks!