Week of Dec. 2-6

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Hi Parents,

I am glad each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with family and friends. I can’t believe that we are almost finished with quarter 2. I appreciate the hard work and grit I see in each child. Learning is a process, and all kids learn at different rates with different strategies. I am so proud of the gains I see in each of them. They are designing Power Points to publish their non-fiction writing task, while learning how to use Power Point to present information. As third graders, the concept of research, note taking, writing drafts, and then using the editing process takes a lot of time to master. We will continue to work on this concept throughout the year. This is one particular area where reading and writing go hand in hand. Let’s continue to support and encourage our young writers as the plow through this process.

Thank you to those who supplied items for our edible map project. I’ll post pictures soon. They will have a short quiz on Friday on the rivers, mountain ranges, and a few other short answer questions to check for mastery. They brought home their maps as a study tool today, along with their Georgia Studies Weekly Magazine. The map is a great tool of what the real test will be like. Also, they can read the magazine ahead of time. Just make sure they bring it back for tomorrow’s lesson.

Continue to practice math facts for fluency. We will begin the 3’s, 4’s, & 6’s during 3rd quarter.

Market Day Reminders:

  1. Sign for desk is due Thursday, December 5th
  2. Product should be brought to school on December 6th
  3. Market Day starts at 7:50-8:40
  4. Students should be at their stations at all times. If they sell all their items, then they have permission to buy from other classrooms. Remember to let the students from other classrooms buy products first.
  5. Parents can assist their child, but not run the entire booth. Students should own this experience and have fun!
  6. Parents can help set up their child’s booth between 7:15-7:45. We will start Market Day right after morning announcements.
  7. If you have a raffle, do not forget your raffle tickets. If you have a game, do not forget your prizes.

Dates to Remember:

12/6/19: Market Day for Mrs. Bredickas! We are excited.

12/6/19: Last day of Fall Fact Clubs

12/10/19: Teacher Holiday Luncheon/Trained Parent Volunteers will be with classrooms

12/18/19: Classroom Holiday Party!! All parents are welcome. Get ready for some holiday cheer!

12/19/19: Early Release Day – 12:15/12:30 Dismissal….Also Grinch Day for 3rd grade students…more to come later…keeping it simple

12/20/19: Early Release Day – 12:15/12:30 Dismissal….Polar Express Day… Shhh! It is a surprise.  (all 3rd grade…more to come later on that topic

12/22/19: Hanukkah Begins…Happy Hanukkah to those who observe that holiday!

12/25/19: Merry Christmas!

12/23-1/3: Winter Holiday Break – No school

1/1/20: Happy New Year!

1/2-1/3: Teacher Work days….No students report

1/6/20: School will resume for students

In closing, I am so thankful for you all. Your time, talents, treasures, generous donations, gifts, and

encouraging words mean a lot.






Market Day News – Happy Thanksgiving

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Dear Parents,

Just a moment to let you all know how grateful I am for you all! Spending every day with your child is extremely rewarding. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with family and friends. Enjoy your time with those you love. Below is some important Market Day news for our classroom. A hard copy of this letter went home today (Friday, November 22)

Market Day News

Dear Parents,

The Bredickas Brigade is happy to announce that we will be hosting our first Market Day in December. Our “Market Day” will take place on Friday, December 6th. The students are responsible for bringing in their product on Friday morning. Their sign for their table will be due on Thursday, December 4th. The sign should be an 8 x 10 poster telling the name of their item, the cost, etc. Each child will set up their station with their sign before leaving school on Thursday. The only thing they are to bring on Friday is their product. Remember it must be a product they have made. They attended several other Market Days last month. They came back with many ideas, or a new idea.  Below are some procedures to ensure that our Market Day goes smoothly.


Market Day Procedures


  1. Market Day Proposal sheet is due on Monday, December 2, 2019.


  1. Market Day Sign for Desk is due on Thursday, December 5, 2019t.


  1. Market Day Product is due: Friday, December 6th.


  1. Market Day Schedule


7:15-8:45: Market Day Product Set Up (Parents can stay and help and watch their first actual sale event.


7:50-8:00: Class visit


8:00-8:10: Class visit


8:10-8:20: Class visit


8:20-8:30: Class visit


8:30-8:45: Last visitors and clean up


Parents you may come between 7:15-7:45 to help your child set up and see the great experience of our first class coming to buy our products. You may leave by 8:30 or 8:45. If you purchase an item please only buy one thing so other students have the chance to buy product. This is going to be a great experience for them. If you have any questions, please contact me at Lisa.Bredickas@cobbk12.com I will try to answer questions as quickly as possible. The students should not make a sign using poster board. The poster board is too big. They need to use smaller pieces of construction paper.


Thank you,


Week of Nov. 18-22

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Dates to Remember:

  • November 22: STEM Day
  • November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break
  • December 6: Fall FACT Clubs End | Bredickas Market Day 7:50-8:45AM
  • December 13: Cobb Parks & Recreation In-School Field Trip (Fossil Exploration)
  • December 18: Bredickas Class Holiday Party – 12:30-1:15PM
  • December 19 & 20: Early Release – School Dismissed 2-Hours Early
  • December 23-January 3: Winter Break

OG – We will discuss reptile and rabbit words

Grammar – We will form irregular past tense verbs and use them in partner conversations and in writing.

Math – We will relate area of a rectangles to multiplication; multiplying length times width (or number of rows times number of columns).  We will continue practicing to understand the distributive property of multiplication.  We will be “breaking apart” arrays to “see” why 3 x 6 is equal to (3 x 2) + (3 x 4) or equal to 3 x (2+4).  The distributive property is a difficult concept to understand.  We will start with manipulates, progress to drawing pictures, and end with using only numbers and mathematical symbols.

Students are working through various tasks, using multiplication and division, to solve word problems in situations.  They are using taught strategies: equal groups, arrays, drawing pictures, patterns, applying properties of operations to solve real-world problems.

We are chorally skip counting by 2’s, 3’s, 10’s and 5’s, moving forward and backward stopping and starting at varying numbers.  Great practice that you can do at home or even in the car.  Don’t forget XtraMath!

Reading – Readers use different ways of reading for different text structures.  They begin by identifying the type of structure a nonfiction text follows, and use this information to help them organize their understanding of the text.

Readers recognize the important details that contribute to the overarching storyline and learn how to synthesize secondary details and storylines into the larger story.

We will investigate various text features in nonfiction texts as well. (cause/effect, description, compare/contrast

Writing – We are researching facts and ensuring text accuracy, reusing and recycling in the revision process, and creating introductions through researching mentor authors.  We will include a summary to conclude and expert vocabulary to our glossary.

We are moving toward publication.  They will review their information writing using a checklist and then make a plan for revisions.

Social Studies – Students will learn about the the landscapes of America from the mountains, lakes, rivers and landforms across the country.

Students will learn about different types of maps and globes and what they are used for. They will learn that explorers didn’t have maps to help them find their way around and had to make their own maps as they went.

Week of November 11th-15th

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Happy Veteran’s Day to our most loyal fans, our Veterans! Mt. Bethel did an amazing job honoring our veterans, hosting a Veteran Breakfast, and watching our Veteran’s parade through the halls of Mt. Bethel. It was a wonderful feeling to watch our students honor those who have served, still serve, and those who sacrificed their lives for their country.


Next, thank you so much families for giving to the FOUNDATION PATRON DRIVE. The money collected will serve our students well at Mt. Bethel! Thank you Foundation and PTA for all the wonderful opportunities you provide for both the staff and students of Mt. Bethel.

Last, thank you FOUNDATION for funding the KAGAN WORKSHOP for the teachers. I so much enjoyed learning the different Kagan Structures that support cooperative learning, empower kids to use their VOICE when learning, and most importantly strategies that promote mastery of content, high student engagement, and loads of fun. When you see your kid this week, ask them to tell you about, QUIZ, QUIZ, TRADE, RALLY ROBIN, THINK/PAIR/SHARE, RALLY COACH, and FAN & PICK which we will learn next week.

Curriculum Corner:

Reading: Genre…Non-Fiction Text … Students are learning to read with power and make connections as they learn about new things. We are learning Text Structures such as: Compare/Contrast, Main Idea/Deatails, Cause/Effect, Problem/Solution, Pros/Cons. This week and next, we will focus on the structures of compare/contrast, main idea/detail, and cause/effect. Look for these structures to come home as homework in the next few weeks.

Writing: Genre…Informational Writing…students are learning to write about what they are an expert at doing or particular interests they may have with hobbies, people, places, or animals. They will research topics, write to inform, and publish some of their pieces using technology to enhance their writing projects. The projects we will work on is a topic of their choice, favorite season or holiday, and possible a autobiography about themselves. (through poetry)

Math: Concepts being learned: Area (L x W), Multiplication/Division Patterns, strategies, & relationships, and word problems involving multiplication/division/area

Math Fact Quiz: Friday, November 15th (on 2’s, 5’s, 10 facts) Make sure your child is practicing their (x, -/-, +, –) facts on a daily basis. This will only benefit them as they grow older.

Math Area Quiz on Thursday, November 14th (small assessment to see what needs to be reviewed or retaught)

Science: Fossils, Weathering, Erosion…...Social Studies: Next Week-Map skills of US Rivers, Mtn. Ranges, cardinal directions, etc. The students will learn that certain land forms and bodies of water were a great resource to the Native American Tribes from the past. This will kick off our unit in Social Studies for the next 4 weeks. (Native American Cultures)

OG/Grammar: Reptile Words/Verbs

Reptile Words: Quiz on Friday-Students have a list of 15 words.  I will choose 10 of them and then select others for their OG quiz…see agenda for word list. (other skills being evaluated are different rules…floss rule, c vs. K, __ck, blends, suffixes such as es, ed, ing, doubling consonants, etc., capitalization, punctuation

Verbs: Students need to recognize, identify, speak, read, and use verbs in oral and written language.

Dates to Remember:

11/14/19: Math Assessment on Area, Wear Blue in honor of National Diabetes Day

11/15/19: OG Test, Parent Informational Target Meeting in Learning Commons

11/15/19: Pajama Pants challenge for CCYA (The Center for Children and Young Adults) Donate $1 and you can wear your pajamas to school

11/22/19: Stem Day for school

11/22/19: Thanksgiving Break begins at 2:25

11/25-29/19: Thanksgiving Holiday….No School for staff or students

In closing, I just love spending time with your kiddos. Every day I am amazed with their many talents, acts of kindness, persevering spirit, and their courage.

Well done ROOM 206,

Mrs. Bredickas

Fact Club Dismissal Form

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ALL FAMILIES MUST FILL OUT Fall 2019 FACT Club Dismissal Form regardless if your child attends FACT Clubs or not this Fall!

FACT Clubs begin on Monday, September 9th.  Make sure you complete the form below by 9/6/19 so I know which first session FACT Club(s) your student will attend and their transportation after each first session club.  This form is for Bredickas’ class only. You must fill out a separate form with links from the HOMEROOM teacher for each child. Please remember to complete the form whether your student attends clubs or not.


Thank you for your cooperation!


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Hi Parents,

Thank you so much to those who have read, logged their minutes, and given a donation for the READ-A-THON. If you haven’t had the chance to log or make a donation, there is still time. Log those minutes. Mrs. Bredickas would love to see 100% participation, especially for logging minutes. As of this past Tuesday, there was a 3 way tie for first place. Our class was one of the three. We sure would love a Yogli Mogli Party, or a $25 gift card for our classroom.

Also, kuddos to our Foundation for sponsoring the “The Voyage Character Education Program” that will be implemented this year at Mt. Bethel. We had staff development on our early release day this week to kick off the program. It will be a very beneficial program, and I look forward to watching each child grow in their character. Again, thank you foundation for two wonderful programs (KAGAN, VOYAGE) that you provided training for. Your generosity toward our staff development does not go unnoticed.

Last, I will be out tomorrow. (Friday) I will be traveling to North Carolina to take my father to the doctor. The students know, and they should be on their best behavior. I have confidence they will.

I hope each of you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy the gift of family.


Mrs. Bredickas


Week of August 19-23

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Dear Students and Parents,

With two weeks of school behind us, I must say that Room 206 has it together. The students are hard at work learning new rules and procedures for third grade. Also, they are realizing that the pace of third grade moves a little faster than last year. This year Mt. Bethel is implementing the Kagan Methodology to incorporate more Cooperative Learning experiences for the students. Room 206 is doing this daily, and we want to say THANK YOU to our FOUNDATION for providing the funds and training. 

This year our classroom theme is “ROOM 206…Our Happy Place!” As I said numerous times at Open House, I want your child to love coming to school. It’s been stated that, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” It’s the best kid of make-up you will ever wear. As Room 206 grows together, we will learn to harmonize. When one falls, we all offer a helping hand…When success is achieved, we all cheer triumphantly for one another. With two weeks under our belts, I must say we are a very HAPPY bunch.

Thank You, parents, for the generous classroom donations, the encouraging emails and letters, and the gift of your time. Some wonderful things are being purchased to make learning challenging and fun.


*Mt. Bethel READ-A-THON starts today. (August 19-25) Your child came home with information on Friday and today. Please read everything closely and carefully. Make sure you read and log those minutes. Homework this week will only be READING!!! Make sure students have some interesting books or magazines to read at home. (Starting Tuesday)

*REMEMBER every minute read and every dollar donated goes to our FOUNDATION, which means more money for our school and students.

*Mrs. Bredickas would love to see 100% participation. So log those minutes!!

Curriculum Update:

Reading: Lucy Calkins Curriculum…Building a READING LIFE! We are learning to level up our reading. We want to read like “BOOKS ARE GOLD!” We will dive into comprehending what we read and why characters act the way they do.

*Our read aloud book: Third Grade Angels                                                                                                                                     *Lucy Calkins Mentor Text: Stone Fox

*My Monday group, along with Target students are reading, A Long Walk to Water.

 Writing: Lucy Calkins Curriculum…Personal Narratives. The students will learn the powerful art of  “Show-Don’t Tell” in their writing. They will be engaged in writing personal stories about the people, places, and events that have happened in their life.


OG: We are reviewing the following rules: Open/Closed syllables, –ck rule, floss rule, short vowel sounds, blends (These have been repeatedly taught in k-2nd grades)

Dictation Test: Thursday, August 22nd….(Format: dictate sounds/rules, spell words, spell phrases, write dictated sentences) We will practice this format in class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Grammar: Nouns (Concrete/Abstract/Singular/Plural/Proper)

Mathematics: Place Value (Number Forms, Number Order, Greater Than/Less Than, Rounding) Also, we will begin some new addition strategies this week.

Math Practice Test: Wednesday, August 21

Math Unit Test on Numbers and Operations: Friday, August 23

Social Studies: We are learning about our Government, and how beliefs, conflicts, and citizenship help make our country stronger. Also, we will learn about the 3 branches of government and their duties which help the citizens of the United States.

Dates to Remember:

8/19/19: Mt. Bethel Read-a-thon begins

8/21/19: Math Practice Test on Numbers and Operations

8/22/19: OG Dictation Test

8/23/19: Numbers and Operations Unit Test

8/25/19: Read-a-thon ends

8/27/19: Walton Cluster Family Night (No Homework…Enjoy dinner out with other families)




Welcome to Room 206

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Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to school! The hallways of Mt. Bethel are busy again with curious learners. I am so thrilled to have your child in my classroom this year. It was nice meeting all of you at Meet and Greet. Thank you for attending, and most importantly I was able to meet the most fabulous group of 3rd graders. What a class! Each child is such a gem. Thanks you again, for dropping by. I look forward to a fun-filled day of team building (Kagan Strategies) and learning the expectations of 3rd grade. Below are a few reminders before the first day of school.


  1. Complete the critical information form (some have done this already)
  2. If any changes to dismissal on first day, please inform me.
  3. Bring supplies to class if you haven’t done so.
  4. We will organize supplies together so do not open anything
  5. Get ready for a fun-filled place and make Room 206 your HAPPY PLACE!
  6. Please subscribe to my blog. It is located on the front page of my website.
  7. My email is: Lisa.Bredickas@cobbk12.org

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of WONDER!—–  E.B. White

Mrs. Bredickas

(Watch video together from Kid President)

Mrs. Bredickas



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Market Day Guidelines

Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Location: Mrs. Bredickas’ Classroom

Time: 12:50-1:50 (There was a time change due to Milestone Testing and different schedules for Friday)


Product Sign Due Date: Thursday, May 2nd (This sign is for their desk inside classroom. We will set up our classroom Thursday evening.)

*Your child can make extra signs to advertise in the hallway if they choose.

Product Due Date: Friday, May 3rd



You may come in the afternoon if you like. It will be similar to the first Market Day we had in December. Remember no food due to allergies within the school! Market Day will end at 1:50. Feel free to take your child if you plan on coming that day. Make sure your child has all they need to set up and promote their product.