Review Game

Review Game 5 (added some more questions…but still not done…ran out of time)

EXTRA Credit

On Netflix, watch “Last Call at the Oasis” (about water issues) Directions:     a. Write a summary on what you learned from the video     b. Type your summary, 12 point font, Times Roman, double space, 1 page long.     c. Do NOT copy someone else’s summary. It must be your own original work. This […]

April 24, 2014

Pollution Flashcards (Click Here) Directions: 1. CHANGE the footer to YOUR name!       a. In the PowerPoint, click on “Insert” tab at the top       b. Click on “Header & Footer”       c. Change “McClain” to YOUR NAME       d. Click on “Apply to All” 2. Print      a. Click on “File” tab at the top […]

April 21, 2014

Jigsaw Pollution 2014 (Click Here)

April 8, 2014

Peak Oil: “There’s No Tomorrow” Video (Click Here) Watch the video and create an outline for the information provided. Use the following format: I.     Introduction/Peak Oil           a.           b. II  . Energy          a.          b. III.  Growth IV.  Food V.   The Happy Ending Due Monday 4/14 Do your OWN work…don’t […]

Feb. 27, 2014

 Tropical Rainforest (PowerPoint)

Feb. 24, 2014

Climate of Doubt (Click Here for Link) * Watch the documentry “Climate of Doubt” * Answer the following questions in a summary:       1. How has the “doubt”/skepticism of climate change been created in the US?       2. What do you think of their tactics?       3. Do you think the tactics have been […]

January 21, 2014

* Tomorrow, please bring the following:      1. Alternative and Null Hypothesis      2. Sequential Procedure for your lab/experiment                     * Don’t forget to have a control                     * Don’t forget to run several “trials”…run it more than once      3. Bring additional equipment if needed.                  * Temperature: a heat pad & a way […]

Jan. 9 – Teenage Affluenza

Click-Here to watch (5.20 minutes long) the harmful effects of “Teenage Affluenza”. Now define ”teenage affluenza”. Also list and briefly describe 5 ways it is contributing to environmental issues.  We will share your ideas!

Jan.8 – 10, 2014

AP Environmental Science:   Please purchase ASAP!  CliffsNotes AP Envi Sci. Below are possible places to order the CliffsNotes Book: – Click Here Barnes & Nobel – Click Here Ebay – Click Here   Also a 16 GB Jump Drive! AP.E.S. Student Survey:  Click Here AP.E.S. Homework Due Thursday:  Click Here Pacing Guide for Units 1 […]

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