Week of 12-9-19

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Two weeks of school left and the winter break begins!

We have a busy but fun two weeks planned.


Thank you to all who have been so generous donating items for our Giving Bag.  If you would still like to send in a few item, we will be collecting up until tomorrow.

TPV is Tuesday.  Thank you to the parents volunteering!

I could really use some help in our computer lab with the students as we publish our nonfiction text essays.  You do not have to be computer savvy to help.  I will show you exactly what you need to do.  The days and times we are in the lab are below.  Please email me when you can come.

Monday (today) 11:00 – 12:00

Tuesday 10:00 – 11:00

Wednesday 11:00 – 12:00

Thursday 11:30 – 12:15

Friday 11:00 – 12:00


Thursday is our field trip to Pope High School.   All parents are welcome to attend with us.  The show is free.  The students at Pope always put on a great show.  Only our chaperone (Natalie Wallace) can ride the bus and everyone else can meet us at Pope.


Here’s what we are learning this week:

Reading – Nonfiction text structures

Writing – Nonfiction publishing

Math – Continuing division

Grammar – Continuing homonyms, homographs and homophones.

Science – Ecosystems – Did the kids tell you about the project? More will come home today about it.

Week of 12/2/19

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  I missed the kiddos and look forward to hearing about how they spent their week off of school.

Our Giving Bags collection starts today.  This is a chance for us to help children and families right here in Cobb County – specifically our sister school.  There are children whose only meals for the day are had at school. With a two week break approaching, those children will very likely be missing out on nutritious meals.  We can help by supplying our sister schools with a bag of essentials that will sustain them over the holiday break.  There is a list on our Shutterfly site of approved items and a place to mark what you would like to donate.  Everyone is encouraged to choose at least one item (most are under $10) and send it to school with your child.  During the TPV time on December 10th, we will be putting all the donations into a bag and making cards to send to the families receiving our donations.  This is a great way to reinforce our Voyage Character word of the month – kindness.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

FACT Clubs end this Friday.  If your child attends a Fact Club on any day of the week, please send in a change of transportation sheet to let me know how they will go home.  If I don’t hear from you, I will keep them here at ASP (charges will apply) so I know they are safe. You can start sending in the change note whenever you want.  

Our Field Trip is Wednesday!!  Safety Village, here we come.  I love this field trip.  The firefighters and police officers are so great at managing tough topics with the students (stranger danger, staying home alone, fire safety, water safety and so much more). Please have your children wear their red Mt. Bethel t-shirt.  I would suggest a jacket because we will be outside quite a bit.

Here’s what we will learning this week:

Math – Continuing division

Reading – Nonfiction Text Structures

Writing – Nonfiction pieces – conclusions and editing and revising

Science – Ecosystems

Grammar – homonyms, homophones, homographs – quiz Friday

Dates to Remember:

12/4/19 – Field Trip to the Safety Village

12/6/19 – Fact Clubs end (send transportation changes)

12/10/19 – TPV (Giving Bag donations due)

12/12/19 – Field Trip to Pope High School – Natalie Wallace chaperone (all other parents are welcome to attend the play with your child, you will need to meet us there due to room on the bus, but all are welcome)

12/16/19 8:50-9:35 – Class Holiday Party (details to come)

12/19  – Early Release Days (dismissal at 12:10)

12/20  – Early Release Days (dismissal at 12:10)

Week of 11/18/19

Another win for the Dawgs means another happy Mrs. Miller!  Auburn put up a good fight Saturday.

Please read carefully – lots of important information…

Our field trip to the Cobb Safety Village is December 4th.  Permission slips went home on Thursday.  Please sign both the firefighter permission sheet and the Cobb County permission slip and return as soon as possible  If you signed up for your child to receive a Chick-fil-a lunch on our filed trip, please send in $7.00 or pay online through MyPaymentsPlus and send in the order form (even if you signed up online, we still need the form).

We will also have a field trip to Pope High School on December 12th to watch the play “The Wizard of Oz” presented by their drama department.  The permission slip for this trip went home on Thursday as well.  The show is free but we do have to pay for the busses.  Please send in $3.00 and the permission slip as soon as possible.

If you would like to be a chaperone on either of these two field trips, please let me know.  Selections will be on a first come first serve basis.  We need two for the Cobb Safety Village and one for the Pope field trip.  Please send me an email if you are interested.  

STEM Day is this Friday.  The kids get an hour to make a contraption out of specifically designated materials.  We are in need of your empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes.  Please send them in as you empty them.  The more we have the better our projects can be.  

The last day of FACT Clubs is December 6th. New Fact Clubs will be available in January.

What we are studying this week:

Math – beginning division unit

Reading – Nonfiction text structures

Writing – Writing our introductions and conclusions to our informational essay

Science – Continuing stars and planets.  Test Friday.

Vocabulary – Unit 8 – Test Friday

Grammar – Continuing frequently confused words (past, passed; aloud, allowed; lie, lay; will, would) – Test Friday on all the frequently confused words up to this point.

I know this is a lot of assessments for one day.  I promise there will not be much other homework this week (other than vocabulary practice).  Putting assessments off until after a week long break is not going to benefit the students.  I would like to get them all taken care of before Thanksgiving break.


Week of November 11th

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend.

Happy Veterans Day and a huge THANK YOU to all of our military that served and continue to serve to keep us safe and free.

We have a field trip to the Cobb County Safety Village coming up.  More details will come, but I need to get a lunch count ASAP.  Will you all please click on this link and fill out your child’s lunch choice for our field trip day? LUNCH FORM

I think everyone enjoyed our “Sleepover” celebration on Friday.  The students were all snuggled up watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate.

Thank you to Mrs. Wallace for being our mystery reader on Friday.  It is always neat to see your child’s reaction when you walk in the door!  If you haven’t signed up, please do.  It really is a special moment and the students love to hear other people read to them.

Thank you to our volunteers (Mrs. Fujiwars, Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Thigpen) on Friday for making our Veteran’s Day display look amazing!

Here is our curriculum for this week:

Reading:  Continuing our nonfiction reading using Story Works to identify text features and nonfiction structures.  We will also continue reading Three Times Lucky.

Grammar – Continuing frequently confused words – (your, you’re; then, than, affect, effect, its, it’s)

Math:  The students need a bit more time with 2 digit multiplication so we will be rsiting 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication and adding in word problems.  I will retest on Friday to only those that did not receive an A on the assessment last week.  For those that have already mastered the standard, I will be moving them on to 3 digit by two digit and three digit by three digit.

Science – Continuing Stars and Planets – Comparing and contrasting stars and planets and looking at how advancements in technology have allowed us to know more about our galaxy.

Writing – Continuing our nonfiction pieces – writing an introduction and conclusion and picking nonfiction text features to add to our pieces.

No vocabulary this week.

Dates to Remember:

November 11-15  Fifth Grade Acts of Kindness Week
November 15  CCYA Pajama Day – $1 (or more!) donation
November 22  STEM Day
November 25-29  Thanksgiving Break



Celebration tomorrow

Because the students have earned 10 compliments from other adults in the school, we have earned a celebration.

It is a “sleepover” celebration.  We are all going to snuggle down in our jammies, with our pillows and blankets and lovies (stuffed animals) and drink hot cocoa and watch a movie.

So, tomorrow…it is perfectly fine for the students to come to school in their pajamas.  (School appropriate of course)  They can wear slippers if they want to because we do not have PE.  They can bring a pillow and a blanket and any stuffed animal they would like.  However, If they can’t carry everything on their own, maybe think about dialing back a bit.  🙂

The kiddos have earned this and I am pleased to be able to reward them.  They make me so proud everyday.

Week of 11/3/19

Go Dawgs! A big win for my team this weekend.  I hope your team was successful as well.

We have our Cobb Youth Museum field trip tomorrow.  Please have your child wear their red Mt. Bethel t-shirt.  We will eat lunch before we leave so there is no need to send in a special lunch.  If you haven’t sent in the permission slip to attend the field trip, please do so tomorrow morning.  If I don’t have permission for your child to go, they will have to stay at school.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween.  I can’t wait to hear about it from all the kids.

There is no school Tuesday, November 5th due to election day.

Here is what we are learning this week:

Reading:  Continuing Three Times Lucky and Nonfiction Text Features

Writing:  Informational writing, body paragraphs 2, 3, and 4.

Vocabulary:  We started unit 6 last week but didn’t have much time to work on the words in class so I postponed the unit to this week.  We will continue with this unit with our test on Friday.

Math:  Double digit multiplication conclusion – word problems using double digit multiplication.  Test on Thursday.

Science:  Beginning our unit on Stars and Planets

Dates to Remember:

November 4 Tijuana Joe’s Spirit Night 5:00PM- 8:00 PM
November 5 Election Day- No School REMEMBER TO VOTE!
November 6 PTA Board Meeting
November 7 PTA General Meeting and Principal’s Chat 7:00AM
November 8 Breakfast With Dad 6:30-7:15 AM

Week of 10/28/19 Halloween Week

A new weeks brings new opportunities for your children to shine. 

*Patron Drive – Our foundation does so much for our school, and they wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of our wonderful families. Each family is asked to donate $125 per student. This money pays for instructor salaries, professional development for teachers, updated technology, and important STEM Lab and classroom instructional materials. Please donate today! The Patron Drive ends on 10/31 and our goal is to have 100% participation!

*Walton Cluster Family night – No homework -Wednesday, October 30

*Idiom Dress Up Day October 31 – Don’t go overboard!!!  Each student needs to dress up as their favorite idiom and display the phrase somewhere on their person (ex: a small sign with a string around their neck).  They will not have to wear the costume all day.  If they are comfortable and want to remain in their costume it is certainly OK but if their costume is cumbersome or uncomfortable, please send in a change of clothes and they can change after the activities.

*Cobb Youth Museum Field Trip November 4th

Thank you to Christina Reilly for taking pictures of our class for the yearbook.  I am sure they will turn out super cute.  She will also be back to take pictures for Idiom Dress Up day.


Curriculum this week:

Math:  Continuing double digit multiplication – ask your child to show you three different ways to solve the same math problem

Reading:  Text Evidence using Story Works Magazine

Writing:  Continuing research for informational essays and nonfiction text features

Grammar:  Sentences versus non sentences, simple sentences, compound sentences.

Social Studies – Battles of the American Revolution Assessment Tuesday – study guide will come home Monday.


Thank you for sharing your children with me.  They are the greatest little humans around.  🙂



Week of 10/21

What a great week of conferences!  I truly enjoyed getting to spend time with each of you to share your child’s progress so far in fourth grade!  You all have amazing children and I am so thankful I get to be a little part of their journey.

* Patron Drive – Our foundation does so much for our school, and they wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of our wonderful families. Each family is asked to donate $125 per student. This money pays for instructor salaries, professional development for teachers, updated technology, and important STEM Lab and classroom instructional materials. Please donate today! The Patron Drive ends on 10/31 and our goal is to have 100% participation!

*STEM Fair this Tuesday, October 22 at 5:30

*Idiom Dress Up Day October 31

*If you would like access to online text books, here is the link: http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/learningresources/digitaltextbooks.aspx

Username is firstname.lastname
Password is 123

*If you have not returned your signed permission slip to go on our field trip to the Cobb Youth Museum, please do so this week.  Our trip is coming up soon.  We have a chaperone for this trip already scheduled.  We have three more field trips that we will need chaperones for so look for these opportunities as they arise.  Chaperones will be selected on a first come first serve basis.  I wish I could take all that wanted, but space does not allow me to do that.



Math – beginning two digit by two digit multiplication (heads might be spinning just a bit :0 )

Reading – Continuing Three Times Lucky and we will study a nonfiction story from our StoryWorks magazine titled Our Beautiful Ton is Gone.  Students will read the article and identify key details that help them understand what people experienced during and after a devastating event.

Writing – We will be picking our nonfiction essay topic and begin gathering resources and conducting research on our topics.

Grammar – From now until Christmas Break, we will have an emphasis on grammar skills.  This week will be subjects and predicates as well as noun/verb agreement.

Social Studies – Finishing up battles of the American Revolution (Battle of Yorktown) and reviewing for our assessment which is FRIDAY.  I would suggest studying a little bit each night as to not overwhelm your child on Thursday evening.  A study guide will go home on Thursday.