Week 24

Welcome back! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Our field trip to the Booth Museum is quickly approaching (Feb.9th), so if you still are planning on chaperoning and haven’t sent in your money, please do so quickly.

Six Flags reading logs are due Friday, February 9th. It is an easy way to earn a Six Flags ticket for doing the reading you already do every night.

We will be having Super Specials on Thursday.


This week we will be learning:

  • the suffix “est”
  • finishing our final drafts of our first opinion writing piece
  • exploring idioms, visualizing, and making inferences
  • labeling and locating fractions on a number line
  • making travel guides for the GA regions/Habitats


Looking Ahead:

2/5-2/9  Candy Gram Sales

2/9   Booth Museum Field Trip

2/12-2/16  Used Book Drive Collection

2/19-2/23   Winter Break


Let’s have an amazing week!


Week 23

Another successful week of learning…check! It’s hard to believe how quickly the weeks are passing by this school year. In a few more days, it will be February and getting closer to winter break. It feels like we have already had winter break with last week’s snow days.

Please remind your child to wear a jacket each day to school. With the GA weather changing so quickly from day to day, it’s important for your child to always be prepared for cold weather outside.

Our habitat project papers did not make it home today, but I will make sure they make it home on Monday. Also, be on the lookout for a Valentine’s Day paper coming home. We will be doing a card exchange, and your child will be able to bring in a Valentine’s Day box in on February 14th.


This coming week we will be learning:

  • comparative suffix “er”
  • starting our rough draft for our opinion piece of writing
  • exploring fractions using a fraction flipbook and fraction tiles
  • comparing and contrasting characters and story elements of texts
  • finishing up our habitat research and using our research to create group travel guides for each habitat/region


Looking Ahead:

1/31 Science Fair Projects Due (3-5 Grades)
2/5- Candy Gram Sales Begin

2/9- Booth Museum Field Trip


Have a great weekend!


Week 22

Welcome back everyone! It sure has been a wild couple of weeks with all of the snow days and holiday. This week we had Jump Rope for Heart on Monday. The students had fun while giving their heart a good workout!

Our Booth Museum Field Trip is quickly approaching! We will be leaving school at 9:30 on February 9th. If you would like to chaperone, please send in $10 for the entrance fee; otherwise you will need to pay at the door.

We have a GA Habitat project coming up. I will be sending home more information on Friday about your child’s project. The due date is 2/12/18.


This week we have been focusing on:

  • suffix “ful”
  • starting our opinion writing
  • working on comparing and contrasting characters traits, settings, and themes in similar texts
  • continuing to work on finding area of complex figures
  • exploring GA habitats/regions and beginning our research locating this information


Looking Ahead:

1/26   Hat Day
1/31   Science Fair Projects Due (3-5 Grades)

2/5-  Candy Gram Sales Begin


Let’s have a great week!


Week 21

The week has certainly flown by quick having off Monday off, but we had some great learning take place over the past few days.

We learned all about the suffix “less”, continued practicing finding the perimeter and area of figures, comparing and contrasting characters and story elements in picture books, wrote about our holiday break, and started learning about Ga regions and habitats.

We also discussed Martin Luther King holiday and why we celebrate it. I hope you all have a wonderful day off on Monday, January 15 to celebrate MLK holiday.

Don’t forget that next Friday is our Jump Rope for Heart day during specials. All money should be turned in by 1/19/18.


Have a great weekend!

Week 20


Welcome back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break. I can’t wait to hear all about what everyone did over the break the next 2 days.

With winter in full force, please be sure that your child wears a coat to school everyday. Your child must wear a coat during recess.

We are so excited to announce a partnership with the Cobb County Library system that allows all students to utilize the library using their Student ID#! Students can check out books, dvds, and other resources without a library card, all you’ll need to know is your student id#! The direct link to the PASS page is http://www.cobbcat.org/librarypass/

Has your child been utilizing Type to Learn at home? An informational flyer went home before the holiday break with information on how to access this FREE program to help your child learn important typing skills. Bonus – most kids actually love the program.

Report cards will be coming home on Friday, January 5th. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know. Also, please sign the envelope and have your child return it on Monday.


This week we will be learning:

Over the next 2 days, we will be doing some goal setting for the 3rd nine weeks, completing our Math Touchstone for the 3rd nine weeks, completing our Math Inventory, and finishing up any work we did not complete by the end of the nine weeks.


Looking Ahead:

1/15     NO SCHOOL
1/18    Five Guys Night
1/26    Hat Day
1/31    Science Fair Projects Due 3-5 Grades


Let’s have a great week back!

Week 19

Wow! It’s hard to believe we have officially completed our first half of the year. We finished up learning all about erosion, weathering, finding area, and finding the main idea and supporting details in our reading. We did not take a spelling test last week or this week. We will use week 18 words for our first spelling test when we get back from the break. Report cards will be coming home shortly after we come back from our break.

Our Holiday Party was a huge success. Be on the lookout for some special gifts coming home that your child made. Thank you so much for all the thoughtful gifts and tasty treats you gave me! I know my family will love snacking on them over the break.

I hope everyone has a wonderful break! See y’all in 2018!


Week 18

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their day off and got to have a little fun in the snow over the past few days. My family was very fortunate to have power over the weekend and very minimal ice/snow on the streets in our area.

Winter has officially arrived! Now that the weather is getting colder please help me remind your child to wear their jackets/coats every day. I know many of them don’t necessarily like to but if we’re going out for recess they must have one on.

Who would you love to see dressed up as a reindeer for our annual REINDEER DASH?! Cast your vote for only 25 cents each all week from 7:15-7:50 in the front lobby!

I’m so excited that our class holiday party is coming up! We could really use YOU to help make it extra special! Please click the link below for more information. We’d love for you to come hang out/help us (please scroll all the way to the bottom)!



This week we will be learning:

  • the suffix “less”
  • continuing to work on our rough draft for our informational topics
  • finding the area of compound figures
  • finishing up main idea and text features
  • exploring weathering and erosion


Looking Ahead:

December 11-15 Reindeer Dash Collection
December 18 Reindeer Dash
December 19-20 EARLY RELEASE
December 20 3rd Grade Holiday Party 8-9:30am
December 21 – January 2 HOLIDAY BREAK


Let’s have a great week!