December 2, 2019

Friday, December 6 is the second grade field trip to The Nutcracker at the Cobb County Civic Center (part of Cobb County’s Performing Arts Program). We will be gone from 9–12 on Friday and having lunch when we return. Please send your child to school in a nice outfit (something you might wear to Church or Synagogue) or the class t-shirt and nice pants. 

SPIRIT OF GIVING  –  The PTA is putting together a beautiful program to aid a few very needy families in our sister school community. The Students will have the opportunity to help create “caring bags” by bringing in specific donations and making cards.  How can you help? Look at our class’ Shutterfly site for a list of items to sign up for and send in with your child. If all the items are signed-up for, you can always purchase a $5 or $10 gift card to Target or Publix. Thank you, PTA for encouraging us to help others!

In the Classroom…

Math –Measurement word problems with inches, centimeters, feet, yard, meters and decide the best measuring tool to use for different situations  

Reading –Author’s point and finding evidence of that point in the readings. Also, poems to see how the author uses rhyme and pattern

Writing – Non-fiction continues.  Students will edit their work for capitals and punctuation and revise paragraphs for opening, main idea, details, and closing.    

ELA/OG – suffixes – es, s, & ing. Also reflexive pronouns:  myself, itself, herself, himself, ourselves, themselves

Social Studies – Economic unit and making holiday surprises

Important dates:

12/6 – LAST day of FACT Clubs

12/6 – Nutcracker Field trip 9 – 12

12/16 – 2nd grade Winter Holiday Party 12:15–1:00 pm—  you may check your child after

12/19 & 12/20 – Early Release TWO hours early

12/21 – 1/5 – Winter Holidays

Thank you to:

Our families for constant encouragement, help and support!

The parent volunteers who share their time with in our classroom!


November 1, 2019

Thank you to all who donated to the MBE Foundation! 

You help to make Mt. Bethel the awesome school that it is!

There are 2 fabulous instructors in the STEM Labs thanks to the Foundation and the Ipads are purchased by the Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation, teachers are being trained in the Orton Gillingham phonics and math programs, also the Kagan Cooperative Learning program. The wonderful turf field was purchased by the Foundation and those are just a few of the many things provided by the MBE Foundation.

In the Classroom…

Native American Day is Monday, Nov. 4th. Students have returned their shirts and will wear them over long sleeved shirts with jeans or pants.

The second grade classes will rotate through 8 stations with hands-on activities to learn about life as a Creek Indian long ago. 2 or 3 parent volunteers from each room will be helping with the activities.

For the rest of November-

Math– addition and subtraction for 2-step word problems within 20

Jody had 18 pieces of candy. She gave 7 pieces to Buffy. Then Mr. Dee                   gave Jody 5 more pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy does Jody               have now?

-Strategies for adding and subtracting within 100

Reading– non-fiction and practicing “reading to learn”

Writing– nonfiction writing about the Creeks and Cherokees and adding non-fiction text features to it

Social Studies– the Creek and Cherokee Native Americans

Important dates…

10/31- Foundation Patron Drive ends

10/31- Happy Halloween

11/2- PTA Fun Run

11/4- Native American Day for 2nd grade

11/5- Election day – No school

11/8- Breakfast with Dad

11/11- Veteran’s Day celebration

11/22- Foundation STEM DAY

11/25-11/29 – Thanksgiving Vacation