1st and 2nd Period Acworth Field Trip

If your child is planning to attend the 1st and 2nd period field trip to Acworth Elementary with me on the 14th of February, they need to have their permissions slips turned in no later than Tuesday of next week.  I need to make alterative placements for them if they are not attending.  

We are going to Acworth to help the elementary students with their STEM lessons.

Cobb Regional Technology Competiton Winners

1st Idong 6th Grade Animation
1st Marelly and Natalia 6th Grade Graphic Design
1st Sophia and Breanna 7th Grade Graphic Design
2nd Trevor and Logan 6th Grade Animation
2nd Kiki 7th and Sienna Grade Animation
2nd Maddox 6th Grade Audio Production
2nd Sam M. 7th Grade Digital Game Design
2nd Ellie and Mariam 7th Grade Graphic Design
3rd Umar 8th Grade 3D Modeling
3rd Audrey and Zoe 7th Grade Device Modification
3rd Graham 7th Grade Mobile Apps
3rd Nicolas C. 7th Grade Video Production


CRTC Video

Cobb Regional Technology Competition

It is that time!!!!  Students that are presenting tomorrow, need to wear the orange Barber competition t-shirt.  6th grade students will get theirs tomorrow.  

Students that are presenting Saturday, also need to wear the orange shirt.

Please go over their presentation with them.  They have to show that they are confident in the project that they created.  They need to stand up straight, be still, have eye contact with the judges and speak so that the judges can understand them.

They need to introduce themselves, explain what they did with the technology, and give the story of their project.  I have them practicing in class; they know that they can not read off of their papers.

Cobb Regional Technology Competiton

It is this Saturday!!!  I have been pushing them to complete their projects and write what they are going to talk about to the judges.  I am going to try to get their projects into their OneNotes so that you can see them and encourage them.  Some have one more day to prepare and others have two.  Please encourage your children to their VERY best.  They need to realize that events like this, if they stay in it long enough, could allow them an opportunity to get college scholarships.  

You should be there 20 minutes before your presentation time to check in, get your t-shirts and make sure all projects are working.  I will be there all day and you can call me with questions and concerns at my cellphone that is on Bloomz.

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