6th Periods Thursday Assignment

Time to get ready for that final exam on States of Matter!  You guys are now expert teachers of the States of Matter!  Really pay attention to these things so that you can ACE the final exam.  All of the links should work very well.  You need to make sure that you click on EVERY link and do what it asks you to do so that you can pass.

Complete the following activities: (They are videos and online quizzes.  Nothing that you need to write down.)














7th Grade Embedded Assessment

We have been preparing and working on the Embedded Assessment, which is just a writing test in SpringBoard for about two weeks.  Your child has been able to work on this at home by simply bringing their journal home and typing their embedded assessment into Word online in O365.  Their embedded assessments are due complete this Friday.

Here is what you need to check to see if your child has done:
1.  They have written a personal narrative about a choice they had to make in school.  It must have an incident, response and reflection.  (They all should know what this is because we taught this in class.)
2. I gave them a handout that shows them how to revise their personal narratives.  They MUST make revisions.  They can not just say they like it the way it is already.
3.  They have to write an essay reflecting on the revisions that they made in their personal narrative.  Here is the outline that I wrote on the board that shows them how to write that essay.
I.  Introduction
II.  How did you revise the beginning?
III. How did you revise the middle?
IV.  How did you revise the ending?
V.  Explain why those changes made your personal narrative better.

Log into O365
[email protected]
password:  the password that they log into a computer with

I have a substitute tomorrow, and the students have all logged in to the ipads, I have checked with all of them, and they know what needs to be done.  There should be NO excuses for not having the embedded assessment complete.

STEM Classes Pen Pal School Sign up

  1. Click on the link below


2.   username  – firstinitiallastname  (You may need to add a number if it says that your username already exists.  Make sure that you write it down in your journal because you will have a different username.)

password –   Barber12

3.  Click blue button STUDENTS SIGN UP

4.  Put in the code

3rd period               ei5lq9

6th period              ejvkdn

Click I am not a robot and then identify the picture that they ask you to identify.

Then click NEXT

5.  Fill out the information and click the SAVE button to go to the next section.  Do not skip any section even if you are given the option.

Take the pledge and choose at least 2 times a week.

Then click on the blue button.  Then click continue to lesson.

If you need to, write your username and password into your journal.

We will be writing to penpals when we return back from break:-)





States of Matter Videos

Types of Hover Crafts/Boards

You will not have the battery packs and wires like some of the examples do, but I want you to look at the designs. Try to come up with an original design that will work with the balloon.


Thursday STEM Activity

In order to scientifically be able to understand what is going on with your Hover board when you make it, we need to really know all Three of Newton’s Laws.  You must watch all videos to help with your understanding – they total 37 minutes and 26 seconds.  You will then complete the graphic organizer to be turned in at the end of class. Your example has to be different than the ones in the videos.   Please remember to write in complete sentences and use correct grammar as well as spelling.

STEM Update


I usually communicate through Bloomz, but now all of you have signed up yet.  I will put the information below to help you sign up.

Students will only have homework each not, if they do not complete the work that we do in class.

I have them write in their agenda if they need to finish at home, but not students are doing this.


7th Stem Grade (Students that have parents that signed up for Bloomz will receive GEMS on Friday.)

2017 – 7th Grade STEM_en-1fy6fit

8th Grade  Stem

2017 – 8th Grade STEM_en-11j7pbs