Hello Kincaid Families,

I am very happy to be a part of your school.  The Kincaid Foundation has done a fabulous job of setting up the Science Lab in preparation for me to begin teaching.  By now I am sure you have heard from your child some of the fun lessons we have been doing in the science lab.  Here is an update of what has been happening in science this spring.



The Kindergarten classes visited the science lab last month and learned about rocks and soils.  The students got to “pan” for their own rock collection, sort rocks by different charasteristics such as color, shape, and texture, and learn about different soil types.  This month they will be learning about forces and motion.

First Grade         

First Grade visited the Science Lab for two lessons on plants and one lesson on animals.  We learned about the parts of plants and why each part is important to the plant.  The students also learned what a plant needs to survive.  In our animal lesson, we used worms to study reactions to stimulus such as lightness and darkness and touch.

Second Grade       

The Kincaid second graders recently completed a lesson on the steps of the Scientific Method.  Ask your second grader how many drops of water will fit on the top of a penny before they roll off.  You might be surprised at the answer!


    Third Grade

Third grade just finished a lesson on Conservation and Recycling in preparation for the CRCT.  We have a surprise lesson planned for May.  Keep your ears open for news on this special end-of-the-year science lab.


Fourth Grade                            


Fourth grade has been studying Food Chains in science.  They also used the steps of the Scientific Method to do an experiment with paper airplanes to test which design flies the farthest.  We will have a lesson on animal adaptations in May.


                         Fifth Grade

The fifth graders have had various lessons depending on what rotation they were in .  All of them used our new stream tables to study erosion and delta formation.  Many of the classes have had the opportunity to perform experiments to see chemical changes.  Mr. Tartaro’s science class built electromagnets and experimented to see how they could increase the strength of their electromagnet.  This month all of the fifth graders will be visiting the Science Lab for a DNA activity.


Coming soon: Watch for pictures of our many science activities.


      Donation Spot

If you have any of the following items please consider donating them to the Science Lab:

  • empty thread spools
  • plastic hot wheels track
  • cut boards to length for shelves (stop by the science lab or email bridget.nastasi@cobbk12.org for details)
  • dominos – does not need to be a complete set


3 thoughts on “Hello Kincaid Families,

  1. Good afternoon Mrs. Nastasi, my name is Jay Swann and my daughter, Jaidyn, is in kindergarten. We are wondering how frequently the students visit the Science lab, how long they stay during each visit? We are trying to assess the students’ exposure to science in the Science lab to that of the after school program at Club Scientific.

    Thank you,
    Jay and Elizaneth Swann

    • Mr. Swann,

      Kindergarten comes to the science lab about every 3-4 weeks for a lesson that is 45-60 minutes long. The first lesson will be the week of Sept. 9. When your daughter is in first grade she will come to the science lab every other week.

      Bridget Nastasi

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