Welcome Back Kincaid Cougars!

I hope everyone had a fun summer break.  I am excited to begin our first full year with the Science Lab.  As each grade level begins their science lessons we will start seeing those students in the Science Lab.

Here is a preview of what we will be doing during the first 9 weeks.


The Kindergarten classes will have their first trip to the science lab in September.  They will be learning about Motion and Pushes/Pulls.

First Grade         

First Grade will visit the Science Lab for lessons on the water cycle, types of precipitation and “How does a cloud form?”. 

Second Grade       

The Kincaid second graders will be learning about Matter.

Third Grade

Third grade will begin the year studying about Rocks and Minerals.  We will be learning how Rocks and Minerals are classified.  We will also learn about Fossils.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade will start the year learning about the Scientific Method.  They will learn the steps involved in the Scientific Method while performing an experiment to see which of three paper airplane designs flies the furhtest.  They will then be learning about the Water Cycle and Weather.

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders have a large unit on Constructive and Destructive Forces during the first 9 weeks.  They will use our new stream tables to study erosion.  We will also learn about Weathering and Earthquakes.


Donation Spot

If you have any of the following items please consider donating them to the Science Lab:

  • plastic hot wheels track
  • dominos – does not need to be a complete set
  • empty film canisters
  • spinning tops