Fall Fun

Here is what is happening in the Science Lab this month:


The Kindergarten classes will come to the science lab for the first time this week.  Their first lesson involves using motion toys and magnets to learn about the different ways objects move and Pushes/Pulls.

First Grade         

First Grade will visit the Science Lab for lessons on the water cycle, types of precipitation and “How does a cloud form?”.

    Second Grade       

The Kincaid second graders had their first trip to the science lab this week.  They did experiments to learn about the three States of Matter and how Matter can change.  Ask your 2nd grader to tell you how we made popcorn kernels float.

Third Grade    

Third grade has had two lessons on Classifying Rocks and Minerals.  We saw how not all rocks and minerals look alike.  They come in all different colors and textures.  We even saw a rock that could float.  The third graders tested several minerals to see what number hardness they were on the Mohs hardness scale.  They will be studying Fossils next.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade started the year with a lesson on the Scientific Method.  We made several different paper airplane designs and then flew the paper airplanes to see which design flew the farthest.  Here is a link for the airplane designs we used http://srel.uga.edu/kidsdoscience/sci-method-planes/airplane-designs.pdf

This week the fourth graders learned about the water cycle.  Each fourth grader will be bringing home a “Water Cycle in a Bag” to perform a water cycle experiment at home.

Fifth Grade    

The fifth graders are studying Constructive and Destructive Forces during the first 9 weeks.  We had fun using graham crackers and frosting to study the different types of fault lines.  Afterwards we ate our fault lines, YUM!  They also used baking soda and vinegar to make a “volcano” erupt. Ask your fifth grader what the “Ring of Fire” is.  Next week fifth grade will use stream tables to learn about erosion.


Donation Spot

If you have any of the following items please consider donating them to the Science Lab:

  • Jolly Rancher candy
  • plastic hot wheels track
  • dominos – does not need to be a complete set
  • empty film canisters