October 2012

Kincaid Garden   

Wow!  I want to thank all of the volunteers who came to Kincaid on Hands on Atlanta day and helped clean up our garden area.  I am very excited to begin a garden project at Kincaid.  I hope to make the Kincaid Garden into an extension of not only the Science Lab but also of all of our other classrooms.  Watch for news for updates on the garden as we begin to plant the garden beds.

Also, a big thank you to all of you who have donated supplies to the science lab!


Kindergarten is returning to the Science Lab later this month for a lesson on Living vs. Nonliving.


    First Grade 

Yum!  We made ice cream this month to learn about how freezing and melting points and changing between different states of matter.


Second grade

Second grade will be coming to the science lab for a lesson on Forces and Pushes and Pulls.


  Third Grade 

In third grade we learned the difference between mold and cast fossils.  We even made our own “fossils” to bring home.  Last week the third grade classes performed an experiment to see if there is iron in the cereal we eat.  Ask them about their results!


Fourth Grade  

 Fourth grade performed an experiment using the scientific method to see how many M&Ms or Skittles are in a fun size bag.  They also learned about the different Simple Machines.


  Fifth Grade 

Fifth graders are learning how to use some of the science equipment in the lab and becoming familiar with metric measurements.