Kincaid Garden Update

 Great News!  We have received one of the Keep Cobb Beautiful “Dig’n the Dirt” grants.  These funds will help us repair the garden beds and fill them with soil.  Our Garden Committee will be meeting on Thursday, December 13th, at 9:00 to discuss our spring plans for the garden.  If you are interested in helping please contact Bridget Nastasi, Kincaid Science Instructor.


The kindergarten class visited the science lab last month to learn about living and nonliving things.  They sorted items into two groups: living and nonliving, and learned the characteristics of living things.  Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped out in the lab!

First Grade

The first graders came to the science lab this month to learn about magnets.  They did experiments to see what is attracted to a magnet and learned that a magnet’s force can be felt through different objects like our hands.  They also used magnets to attract and repel toy cars.

first grade magnet lab


Second Grade 

 Second grade spent time in the science lab learning about forces.  They experimented with how pushes and pulls can move an object.


 Third Grade

Third grade used the scientific method to perform an experiment to prove there is iron in Total cereal.



Fourth Grade

Fourth grade has been studying how light can be reflected or refracted. 

4th grade learning about Reflection


Fifth grade

The fifth grade classes have been studying Matter.  They have been learning about physical and chemical changes. 



We have a need for the following items in the science lab.  If you wish to donate any of them please drop them off on the counter in the science lab or in the mailroom with a label “for science lab”.

Thank you!

Science Lab Needs:

matchbox cars

8 count crayons


2 ounce clear plastic condiment cups