Earth Day in the Garden

Stop by and see how our Kincaid School Garden is growing.  In celebration of Earth Day, we had a garden work day on 4/18 and 4/19.   Some of the 2nd-5th grade classes spent time in the garden working throughout the two days.  Home Depot (Shallowford Road) donated many plants and sent volunteers to help us with our gardening.  Thank you Home Depot!   Also, thank you to all of our parent volunteers!  Our garden would not be possible without you.   Other contributions to our garden were made by Keep Cobb Beautiful, Queen of Hearts, Pike Nurseries, Lowes, Hummel Landscaping, and Wild Birds Unlimited.

As part of Earth Day, we created an area in our garden in memory of Bea T.  Pink butterfly bushes and pink flowers were chosen since pink was Bea’s favorite color.  We also moved soil and mulch, weeded, planted the remaining garden beds, filled some pots with herbs and flowers, created a perennial garden, and planted some bushes.  Below are pictures of some of our students hard at work.  





















And the results of everyone’s hard work:









Fourth 9 Weeks


The kindergarten classes came to the science lab to learn about rocks.  They sorted rocks by different characteristics and saw that rocks can be very different from one another.  They started their own rock collection by “panning for rocks.

We also thought like Galileo and did experiments to learn how gravity affects how objects fall.

First Grade

First Grade has been learning about animals this 9 weeks.  We observed earthworms to learn how they respond to their environment.  Ask your first grader “What do all animals need in order to survive?”. 



Second Grade

The second graders are studying life cycles.  We learned the four stages of a butterfly life cycle and made a model of the butterfly life cycle.  All of the second grade classes have butterfly larva in their class rooms.  They will observe the caterpillars pupate and turn into butterflies.  We can’t wait to see what color the butterflies are!  We will release the butterflies into the Kincaid Garden in May.

Third Grade

 Kincaid third graders have been doing experiments to learn about magnets and heat energy.  Ask your third grader to explaing what happened in this experiment.


Fourth Grade

We modeled food webs and food chains this 9 weeks.  Next, the fourth graders learned about animal adaptations.  Here are some of the students “Eating Like a Bird”.

Then we studied forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion using balloon rockets.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade has been learning about Classification of Living Organisms and Heredity.  We used what we learned about the parts of animal and plant cells to go through a process to extract the DNA from bananas.  In May, we will get the microscopes out again and obsere pond water to see what microscopic organisms we can find.