Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school!  All grades will be coming to the science lab on a regular roatation every 2 weeks for hands-on lessons that complement the science units they are studying in their classrooms.

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While all of us have been enjoying our summer break the Kincaid Garden has been growing and thriving.  There have been lots of tomatoes and herbs growing throughout the summer.  The sweet potato plants look great and there are some pretty sunflowers.   Later this fall the second graders will help to harvest the sweet potatoes.

We have started a new program, “Try It”, to promote the vegetables grown in our garden and locally in GA.  On “Try It” days we will be serving samples of foods made from some of the same vegetables growing in our garden in the cafeteria during lunch.  Last May we had our first “Try It” day and served dip made with some of the herbs from our garden and vegetables that we were growing in the garden.  We will have several “Try It” days during the school year and then post the recipes on the blog.

"Try It" Herb dip, carrots, and radishes.

“Try It” Herb dip, carrots, and radishes.