Look what we have been up to in the Science Lab

The first graders had fun making homemade silly putty.  If you would like to try it at home, here is the recipe:

  • Mix three parts Elmers glue with one part water.  Fill half a 5 oz Dixie cup with the diluted glue.
  • Add 3 drops of food coloring to the glue and stir with a wooden craft stick.
  • Dissolve 2 tsp of Borax laundry powder in 1 cup of water.
  • Pour some of the Borax solution on top of the glue and stir it into the glue.  The mixture should begin to stick to the craft stick.
  • Remove the “silly putty” from the cup and squeeze all of the water out until it is rubbery.
  • You are done!  Have fun playing with your silly putty.  Store it in a plastic ziploc bag to keep it soft.
  • Note: The silly putty will stick to paper.

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Fourth grade has been studying Forces and Simple Machines.  To learn about levers we designed catapults and launched marshmallows.  Congratulations to Group #6 in Mr. Long’s class for launching the marshmallow the farthest distance!

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In fifth grade we made Borax crystal snowflakes and figures to study physical changes.  Here are some of our creations.

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