More August Science News

First grade started their first science unit: Weather and Water.  We looked at some weather equipment and talked about what it is used for.  We also learned that the water on Earth is continually being recycled through a process called the Water Cycle.  Students tested different materials to see if they are waterproof in preparation for our mini-STEM challenge.

Second grade practiced using lab equipment this week.  We weighed different objects using balance scales.  We also practiced using pipettes and tweezers.

IMG_0695_VS IMG_0691_VS IMG_0699[1] IMG_0698[1]


Fourth grade is also studying the Water Cycle and Weather.  We modeled the water cycle in the science lab using soda bottles, hot water and cups of ice.  Your student should have brought home a take-home science experiment (The Water Cycle in a Bag).  Ask them to explain the steps of the water cycle they see happening in their “Water Cycle in a Bag” experiment.

Kincaid Garden: Please excuse our mess!  We are taking a gardening break this fall.  The Kincaid Garden will need to be relocated due to the new addition being built to replace the K building.  We will be moving the garden beds, benches, some garden equipment (tomato cages and pots) and transplanting a few plants during Hands on Atlanta Day on October 3rd.  We will need a few strong volunteers to help out.  If you are interested in helping, please let Mrs. Nastasi know by email.

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