January 2016

Kindergarten, First and Second grade will be working on STEM projects during some of their science lab time.  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.  Each grade at Kincaid is completing a STEM project.   Kincaid will be having a STEM Expo during the day on February 25th.  During this time, we will be showcasing all of the STEM projects.  Watch your child’s classroom blogs and the school emails for more information about our STEM Expo.  Be sure to stop by and see all of the great projects our students have been working on.

Science in January:

Kindergarteners learned how blubber helps Polar Animals survive in the cold Arctic environments.  We used “blubber” mittens to see how blubber insulates polar animals against the cold.  The students put their hand in a bag that had a layer of Crisco between it and another bag.  They then put the hand in the “Blubber” mitten in cold water and their bare hand in cold water and felt the difference.  The hand in the “Blubber” mitten stayed nice and warm!

Kincaid first graders are learning about Light and Shadows. We experimented with flashlights to learn what is needed to create a shadow and to see how an object can have different shaped shadows depending upon the angle of the light.

IMG_0810 IMG_0812 IMG_0814 IMG_0816

Second grade is beginning the year with a STEM project.  Our first lesson was spent learning about the project, brainstorming ideas, and deciding what materials to use.  Next we will create our projects.  Visit us on STEM day, Thursday February 25th, to see what we have done.

Third grade started the year investigating the properties of Magnets.  They explored properties of magnets to see what materials are attracted to magnets, tested magnets to see that not all magnets are the same strength and did experiments with the north and south poles of magnets.  We then used magnets to perform an experiment to see if there was iron in Total cereal.  We were able to prove there is iron in Total!  Look at our results.

IMG_0819 IMG_0820 IMG_0821

Fourth grade will be studying Light and Sound in January.  First we are learning the differences between concave and convex lenses, using mirrors to study how light can be reflected and experimenting with prisms to refract light.  Next we will be investigating the properties of Sound.  Your child will perform experiments to learn how we can change the pitch of the sound an object makes.

Kincaid fifth graders are studying Cells and Microorganisms.  During this unit all of the fifth graders will be using microscopes.  Our  students will make their our own slides of onion skins and cheek cells to see some of the differences between animal and plant cells.  We will also view samples of pond water to see microorganisms and algae.

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