Honors Economics Week of 3/7/16

MON-Receive USA Test Prep assignments:  due 3/15

Quiz on exchange rates and currencies

Work absolute and comparative advantage problem

Complete notes on trade organizations, protectionist trade policies, trade deficits/surpluses, current account, etc.

TUE-Video quiz on international economics videos

Go over quizzes

Begin notes on personal finance economics

WED-Test #4:  International Economics

Unit #4 vocabulary is due

Unit #4 problem set is due (will grade in class before test)

Continue notes on personal finance

THUR-Final quiz on the Tipping Point:  Chapters 7-8

Continue notes on personal finance

Go to computer lab to work savings, credit, and mortgage calculators

FRI-Complete notes on personal finance

Complete computer lab assignment on personal finance

*USA Test Prep Assignments due Tuesday 3/15 by start of class

*EOC 3/15 and 3/16:  20% of grade in class

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