AP Microeconomics 5/16/16

MON-Econ on a Monday, for the last time

Review for test #7; see study guide for what to focus on; scroll down to see it

TUE-Economics Test #7, cumulative microeconomics test, counts as a test, can also replace your lowest test grade

WED-Prepare for government final

Shark Tank?  Stossel?

THUR-Prepare for government final

Shark Tank?  Stossel?

3rd and 4th period exams during regular school day

FRI-Government final exam

“No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher’s dirty looks
Out for summer
Out till fall
We might not go back at all
School’s out forever
School’s out for summer
School’s out with fever
School’s out completely”
-Alice Cooper
Thanks to all of you for a great year.  I appreciate your willingness to participate in this year-long format as we tried it out for the first time.  I wish all of you the best in whatever comes next for you.  You are welcome to stop by anytime and I encourage you to keep in touch.  Mr. T, out.

Honors Government Week of 5/16/16

MON-Watch Governor Deal’s latest state of the state address, identify key issues for GA

Bring books to class; state and local government group work

TUE-Research local government offices and elected officials

WED-Review for final exam

THUR-Final Exam for Government during regular 4th period class

FRI-1st and 2nd Period Exams, you’re done

Thank you for an excellent semester and congratulations, you made it!  I wish all of you the best in whatever comes next for you.  You are welcome to stop by anytime and I encourage you to keep in touch.

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AP Microeconomics Week of 5/9/16

*Wednesday morning:  review session at 7:30 AM in my class; come prepared with questions


MON-With Gross for AP Govt review; I’m out giving AP Biology exam

TUE-You are taking the AP Govt exam; good luck

WED-For those 10 or so of you taking AP Macroeconomics, it’s today, good luck

FRQ practice for microeconomics in class

THUR-Practice multiple choice exam and go over

FRI-Take AP Microeconomics Exam; I wish all of you the best on it

Honors Government Week of 5/9/16

MON-Continue notes on voting, elections, the media, and polling

Look at current public opinion polls

Work on campaign projects

TUE-Complete unit notes

Finalize campaign projects

WED-Test on political parties, interest groups, voting, elections, media, and polling

Unit #4 Vocabulary is due

THUR-Show campaign commercials

Presidential debate

Vote for the winner

FRI-Bring books to class

Group research and presentations on state and local government

Honors Government Week of 5/2/16

MON-Complete executive branch notes

TUE-Test on legislative and executive branches

Unit #3 Vocabulary due

Assign presidential campaign projects

WED-Notes on political parties

Research/prepare campaign materials

THUR-Notes on interest groups

Research/prepare campaign materials

FRI-Notes on polling and public opinion

Research/prepare campaign materials